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The Matchmaker's Medium
King Laurel
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Amber has an odd talent (she’ll call it a curse). She can see—and sometimes communicate with— ghosts. Bored but resigned, Amber thinks she has finally found a good rhythm for her life – helping those in need by using her psychic-medium gift to find a missing family heirloom or speak to their ‘dearly departed’ Aunt Matilda. All with the help of her ghost assistant, of course. When a young man is murdered, everything changes for Amber. Her investigation leads her to Esteban, the tall, golden, easy-smiling Puerto Rican with ropy muscles and a twinkle in his eye. Esteban hears her story about the newspaper boy, and decides that – even with a crazy story like this one – he’ll go against his own rules of “no love, just dogs” for Amber. Amber and Esteban seem perfect...
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The Matchmaker's Medium :