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The Dragon’s Mage
Lucille Kelly
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A Fantasy Menage (MFM) story with elements of shapeshifting. A Dragon always recognizes his mate. When a young dragon is betrayed and left to die among the humans, and a pretty mage in hiding sacrifices herself to save her family, both end up in the hands of the magnull. Morgan is drawn to the sick young man and recognizes he is dragon in human form. Determined their captors would not kill such a creature she hides what he is until she can give him what he needs: The magic in her blood. The dragon does escape but he takes Morgan with him. Fearful of taking his frail human mate home while his betrayer is still masked, he decides to call on the help of their most dangerous Dragon. After a Dragon has reached adulthood very little can kill him except loneliness and Despair. This...
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The Dragon’s Mage :