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The Cydonia Objective
Sakmyster David
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In this pulse-pounding, mind-expanding conclusion to the Morpheus Initiative trilogy, psychic Caleb Crowe must locate the ancient Spear of Destiny—the one item with sufficient power to destroy the Emerald Tablet—before those who stole it can unlock its power and use it eradicate all life on the planet. It’s a quest that will lead Caleb and his team through history, even viewing events beyond the Earth, where ancient enemies started a war that has yet to end. From the caverns under the Sphinx to ancient ruined cities in Pakistan, and then on to a secret government project in Alaska, the Morpheus team will ultimately track the Spear to the Statue of Liberty, along the way encountering new psychics, deadly enemies with abilities to block their visions, and mysterious ancient...
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The Cydonia Objective :