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New and…Improved? & Andrew in Excess
Shalvis Jill
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NEW AND…IMPROVED? by Jill Shalvis (Makeover Madness) – - GOING FROM GEEK TO GODDESS AIN'T EASY! – As far as Kent Wright was concerned, Becca Lewis was just fine the way she was. A little mousy, maybe, but a sweet friend and a darn good chemist. So why did she have to go and wreck it all by having a makeover? Now she looked like some sexy siren out of a lingerie catalog, and when it came to chemistry… there was only one kind on Kent's mind!ANDREW IN EXCESS by Jennifer LaBrecqueSHE'S GOT THE BABY BLUES…Teacher Kat Devereaux was free spirited, unorthodox… and had a little problem with excess. And right now, her biological clock was ticking excessively loudly. What she needed was a temporary husband – one she couldn't possibly fall for. Andrew Winthrop III was stuffy,...
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New and…Improved? & Andrew in Excess :