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A Year In Provence
Mayle Peter
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Amazon.com Review Who hasn't dreamed, on a mundane Monday or frowzy Friday, of chucking it all in and packing off to the south of France? Provencal cookbooks and guidebooks entice with provocatively fresh salads and azure skies, but is it really all Cotes-du-Rhone and fleur-de-lis? Author Peter Mayle answers that question with wit, warmth, and wicked candor in A Year in Provence, the chronicle of his own foray into Provencal domesticity. Beginning, appropriately enough, on New Year's Day with a divine luncheon in a quaint restaurant, Mayle sets the scene and pits his British sensibilities against it. 'We had talked about it during the long gray winters and the damp green summers,' he writes, 'looked with an addict's longing at photographs of village markets and vineyards, dreamed of...
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