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Heart of a Dog
Bulgakov Mikhail
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This hilarious, brilliantly inventive novel by the author of The Master and Margarita tells the story of a scroungy Moscow mongrel named Sharik. Thanks to the skills of a renowned Soviet scientist and the transplanted pituitary gland and testes of a petty criminal, Sharik is transformed into a lecherous, vulgar man who spouts Engels and inevitably finds his niche in the bureaucracy as the government official in charge of purging the city of cats. Review Bulgakov’s (The Master and Margarita) 1925 satire of the Russian Revolution and the utopian socialist vision of the ‘New Soviet Man’ tells of a surgeon who transplants human body parts into a dog, which results in the dog turning into an uncouth, narcissistic, and ill-mannered lout of a human being. British actor Roy...
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Heart of a Dog :