Selena Sexton

One Dirty Mesmerizing Medieval Love Story

It was an unusually hot summer in the year 1602. Antoinette Burgess, the eldest of five Burgess sisters stood in line to court with the handsome Prince Thomas who's family had just become the next royal family on the island of what was later to be named New Zealand.

Prince Thomas was an avid reader of the classics of the day. He was a fan of the New Literacies and frequented the latest sonnets of Shakespeare, reciting them to various women that he met, hoping to win more than just a wave of the hand or the proper curtsy as they passed by him.

Apart from his reading, he was a lonely fellow who would sing in the meadow behind the castle and wait for the sun to set. He was rather quiet with his family and ate his dinner in sulking solitude. He knew that it would be quite uncustomary for him to fall in love with and marry a young Princess far outside of family ties. He just kept reading and singing Shakespearian Sonnets to the young court girls who wore bright bodices and crochets. All were pretty during this time, dolled up in the most makeup, of whose lips the handsome and radiant Prince wanted to kiss and embrace. He was almost crying on their shoulders and pining for them with his lips puckered, just waiting and ready to receive a girl who longed the same way as he was to get out of cultural norms of the time.

One day, Prince Thomas was out on his courting expeditions when a young, red-haired girl came upon him. Her name was Antoinette, the eldest of the five Burgess sisters. A spark went off in her eyes as she listened to him sing sonnet after sonnet. She loved his beautifully interpreted lines and couplets. His lovely voice just transcended her love and her appearance. After Prince Thomas's second song, she could not help herself. She was smitten by the gentleman, much to what would have been counterculture for the time. The two of them weren't to care in this regard. He looked at her. She looked at him. Both stood with the glimpse of tears in their eyes and for the first time, it was as if their dreams had finally been conquered. They leaned in for a long and mesmerizing kiss. They twirled and danced around the marketplace as they kissed, not wanting to leave each other's side. After a big, hour-long kiss, they walked out past the castle and stood in the tall grass where they couldn't be seen. Slowly, Antoinette began to unbutton the collar of the Prince’s wool button-down shirt, exposing the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. Once his shirt had been taken off, she stood there for more than a few precious moments rubbing her hands and fingers up and down his smooth chest. As the massage became less heavy and she switched to her fingertips doing the work, he started breathing much heavier, his lower extremities tensing up. Prince Thomas starts to quiver with every passing stroke, going up and down. Antoinette's fingertips are infinitely mesmerizing and gold. On the Prince’s chest, goosebumps start to form. With every stroke of the tips, he breathes heavier and heavier, soon to be hyperventilating and almost falling into a plot of mud beyond a whipping wave of the tall grass that shields the couple from being seen and accused of being a traitor. For a second, the Prince’s eyes dart upward into the sky. There's not a cloud in it. His eye's glance to each side, hoping they wouldn't be spotted. A few more seconds, and no. The coast is clear…

The Prince breathed a heavy sigh of relieve, half by reassurance and half by the medial pleasure of Antoinette's cold fingertips. As time goes on, Antoinette takes off her bodice and her blows. Now, they are both topless, pressing each other's barren chests against one another. They can't contain themselves. They sit in the sunset next the tall grass. Antoinette slumps up against the Prince, who is continuously worried that they will get caught on their very first unofficial courting. They snuggled up and with each close breath, they fell deeper in love. They hugged each other, kissed, and then put their tops back on and played little chase game throughout the tall grass, totally forgetting that the guards closed the gates at dusk. They would be left out in the tall grass for the night, sleeping in cold dirt and mud. After five minutes of the chase, the Prince thought the latter would be a good idea, but for now, he didn't risk it. With a quick kiss and a gentleman's 'good night,' he ran back through the tall grass to the castle and she went the other way home, back across the island.

From then on it was made a pact that when the two got in contact with one another, they had these little impromptu sessions of lovemaking and affection for one another. Both were of just ripe enough age to want to rebel and find someone that they truly loved. Each time they met in the tall grass, the situations got more intense. First, Antoinette would disrobe the Prince in her usual style, taking off each layer of his top half one at a time and then rubbing him with those cold fingertips, a few times, nearly bringing him to a shuttering and explosive orgasm. Antoinette, herself got the courage on their fifth meeting to completely undress there in the grass and make love to the Prince, after he examined her extensively from head to toe, which was an engrossing and hardening experience in itself. They were like the Prince and the Princess in Cinderella, finding love at first sight and running off in sneaky, blissful abandon from their parents and the whole caste system that they were forced to adhere to. The lovemaking got so intense that moaning could be heard from afar in the tall grass, as the two wrapped each other in kiss after silky kiss and roughly tumbled each other over in gestures of love as they threatened not to stray apart from one another.

They were on it on the double. In a quick move, the Prince slipped off hi noble pants and courted her in a much different way, through intercourse. They laid there, humping and circling each other, wrapping each other in a long-lasting, tight hug and kiss that was deeper than any kiss they gave each other any of the previous times they made love. The tumbled and turned through more grass, getting mud all over their naked bodies. They didn't care, however. They were so stuck in love, kissing, licking, biting and giving each other the moist, tender love of a lifetime as the sunset glowered over them and dusk had sprung up not too far away.

One day however, they met out in the field as usual to make love before dashing off for the evening when a grounds onlooker saw the folding of the tall grass and went closer to it, until he was within two, tall folds of grass. He happened to see the pants of the Prince and the shadow of the dress of an unknown girl on the premises. As he got closer, he saw the two, crouched beautifully naked, kissing, humping, deep in the lovemaking process. The intruder just sat there watching him with a mysterious glare in his eye. A slight grin had formed on his face. I've caught the Prince in the act and his parents will never live it down. While the Prince is giving his girl a double whammy, going deeper into her and kissing her small, erect nipples and making her pine for him even more, Antoinette looked over at toward the open bit of grass, precisely where the intruder stood. She made eye contact and recoiled away, slightly hiding her immensely naked body in a bit of tall grass. The Prince looks up at him and recoils. The intruder gets scared and runs away with the news that the royal Prince has fallen in love with the eldest Sister Burgess and that he is not to be heir to the King.

Shaken by what had just happened, they scrambled to get back through the tall grass to tell the king about the obstruction of what happened. By the time they ascended the steps of the castle, a bellowing voice calling the Prince forth signaled that his cover had already been blown. He was in for it. As he walked in the double doors, the King called to him.

'Son, get over here!'

The Prince came over.

'Is it true that you have been hiding out and making away with this fair lady,' he asked, looking her up and down and then going back to the Prince, waiting for an answer.

'Father, I do have to confess that I love her. I love her so, and I would love to marry her. I just knew that you wouldn't like whoever I picked out.

The whole room seemed to pause. Everyone stopped in awe. They waited for the Prince or the king to speak again.

'What? You thought that I wouldn't like your selection? Why, my boy! She's the prettiest thing that I've ever seen. Of course, you should marry her! I'm not going to punish you for this, but why did you hide it from me?

'Father, because, I told you, that I thought that you wouldn't like who I picked to fall in love with.'

'Well, like I said the choice on who you want to marry is up to you. Make your choice accordingly.'

'Well, I choose her,' the Prince said, looking dreamily at her, with a gleam in his eye. He was ready to kiss her again, one long death-defying, rule-breaking kiss. What's more, the king allowed and almost delighted in it.

The Prince went up and kissed her right then and there, long, hard and passionately, not letting her go away from him for a second. Everyone fell into awe as this sight and the king announced from the throne, 'Let it be final that my son, Prince Thomas is to fall in love with the grand Antoinette Burgess, a real gem, and that they shall be heirs to the thrown.'

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