Pleasures and follies

Chapter One

I was born in a village which lies near Reims where I was familiarly known as Cupidonnet. From earliest childhood I had a decided weakness above all for prettily turned feet and cunning little shoes, in which predilections I bore a resemblance to the Grand Dauphin, son of Louis XIV, and to Thevenard, the actor at the Opera.

The first girl to get my youthful stem up was an engaging peasant who used to take me to vespers. With one hand posed on my unclothed bum, she was wont to tickle my wee ballocks and, feeling me rise, would kiss me upon the mouth with an entirely virginal impetuousness, for, although well- behaved, she was also hot- blooded.

The first girl upon whom I in turn laid my hands, in consequence of my enthusiasm for pretty footwear, was the youngest of my sisters, Genovefette. In all, I had eight sisters, five older than me and by a former marriage, and three who were younger. The second- born of the earlier crop was as pretty as can be; I' ll have a great deal to say about her. The hair upholstering the trick of the fourth was so silken and fine ' twas all by itself a delight; the rest were ugly. But each of my three younger sisters was more of a provocative little minx than the others.

Now Genovefette, the most voluptuously attractive, held first place in my mother' s preference, and, returning once from a trip to Paris, my mother brought back an exquisite pair of slippers for her. I watched Genovefette try them on, and the sight caused me to get violently erect. The following day – it was a Sunday – she donned some new sheer white cotton stockings, a corset which drew in her waist, and with that luscious ass of hers. Although she was still of tender age, she must have made my father' s prick stand up, for he bade my mother send her from the room. (I had hidden myself under the bed so as the better to see my sister' s shoe and lower leg.) Directly Genovefette was gone, my father had at her (my mother) and there, upon the bed below which I lay concealed, set the clapper to ringing the bell, the while saying; ' Oh, I tell you, keep an eye on your beloved daughter, she' s going to have a devilish temperament, I warn you. But she' ll have to compete fiercely, for I fuck like a steer, and look at the rewards I have for my trouble – cunt juice – you' re squirting it out like a princess.' I noticed that the door was half- opened and that Genovefette was watching and listening to what was happening. My father was right: that pretty rascal was handselled by her confessor and thereafter fucked by virtually everyone. But today she' s all the wiser for it.

After dinner Genovefette came into the garden, where I chanced to be by myself. I stared admiringly at her, and lo! up soared my device! Having stepped close to her, without saying a word, I squeezed her waist, touched her foot, her thigh, fondled as pretty a cuntlet, as superb a cuntlet, as ever there was. Genovefette was silent too. I had her get down on all fours, on, that is to say, her hands and knees. In imitation of the manner of dogs, I wanted to plumb her thus, whining and snapping and jerking with all my strength the way a dog does.

Powerfully clutching her groin with both hands, I made her arch her flanks so that two holes were equally well at my disposal; therewith I closed in and poked the end of my stem between her lips, beseeching her to raise her ass: ' Get it up so that I can get in,' I repeated several times.

But, and the truth of it was only too plain, so youthful a crack was not readily able to accommodate a prick whose foreskin had not yet reached the back- slipping stage (what I needed was a well- beaten path, and I obtained one shortly afterwards). I could do no better than pry open her cunt' s shutters, but there ensued no discharge, for I was still a little fellow and very new at the sport. Unable to encunt her, following the example of the creatures I had chosen to emulate, I set to licking that infinitely delectable gap.

Genovefette experienced, no doubt, an agreeable titillation, for she showed no sign of tiring of the game, and when at last I got back to my feet she kissed me a hundred times over. Then she was called back to the house and ran off.

As her breasts had not yet begun to develop, she promptly – the next day – outfitted herself with false bubs, probably because she had overheard praise spoken of my mother' s or some friend' s.

I perceived these latest accouterments, had her put on her new shoes and, having placed her upon her bed in a suitable posture, we fenced away for a good two hours. I believe she did indeed ejaculate, for my cunt lickery induced her to writhe and thrash like a small demon. Two days later she was packed off to Paris to begin an apprenticeship. There, in the capital, she lived up handsomely to my father' s predictions.

Of the younger sisters left to me, one was properly behaved and kept me at bay (since those days I have fucked both her daughters in Paris), and the other sister was still too young. The first, with whom nothing availed, was a superb creature of eighteen. I had to fall back upon the child when it became evident that Cuthos, Genovefette' s twin, was unapproachable. Ever since having had one within reach, I absolutely could not do without a cunt near at hand. I put Babiche through her preliminary paces; at last one Sunday, when she was dressed in her best and after my mother had given her a bath, we had a sucking spree.

' Twas during that enjoyable operation that I was surprised by the ardent Madeleine of the silken- haired cunt, she had spent a long time quietly observing us before interrupting our antics, and, remarking that the little one was in the throes of pleasure, she was herself tempted to go under the tongue. When she broke her silence, we two who were at grips separated in keeping with decency. Madeleine said almost nothing at all, only asked Babiche to leave, then hazarded a conversation with me. Our gossiping lead to teasing, and it was not long before she had thrust me into the hay (I had led Babiche into the barn' s loft). As I lay sprawled on my back, she tickled me, covering me with her body, straddling me, one leg to this side, one leg to that. By pure accident I reached my hand beneath her skirts and found there that admirable silken- haired cunt. That divine fur sealed my passion for her and I straightway went mad over Madeleine' s cunt; I besought her permission to kiss it. ' Why, then, little rascal,' said she, ' wait a moment.' She went out to the well, drew a bucket of water, fetched it back up to the hay loft and squatted above it. That done, she returned to me and we prattled some more. Inflamed, beside myself, in my youthful erotic fury I exclaimed to her: ' I' ve got to lick that little hole!' She lay down on her back, her legs spread wide; I licked; the lovely Madeleine elevated her ass: ' Drive your tongue inside, dear little friend,' said she, and I inserted it and she raised her fur; I burrowed furiously in! She all but screamed from pleasure' s onslaught. My member was as stiff as a Carmelite friar' s, and as I had not the capacity to discharge, none of my ardor deserted me; ' twas surely on that account she adored me. Obliged to leave me, Madeleine gave me some cakes as a present, and I ate them in Babiche' s company.

' Cupidonnet,' said my downy- cunted sister one evening, ' that dear little prick of yours is always hard when you lick me. It seems to me that were we to get together in the same bed, you' d be able to insert it into that little muff of mine which you so like to suck and whose fur is so soft. I' m certain that would give me all sorts of pleasure, and you too; come visit me tonight.'

When everyone in the house had retired, I slid into my elder sister' s bed. ' Once,' said she, ' I saw Father, just after he' d done caressing our sister Marie,' – Marie was the lovely one who had left for Paris-' run straight to Mother, his stick as long and tough as a rake- handle, and pop it straight into her fur – I' ll show you how he went about it, you' ll do the same thing he did.' ' I also saw him do it.' ' Did you really? So much the better.' She arranged herself, situated me atop her, told me to thrust and then to retire and thrust again, but she was a maid, and although I was in strong martial form, I was unable to introduce the weapon, and succeeded only in hurting myself. As for Madeleine Linguet, I dare say she discharged, for she began to pant and came near to swooning away.

Oh how I regret that pretty silken- haired cunt I licked and prodded for six fine months! My father, Claude Linguet, to whom I bore no resemblance in this matter, sent his daughters away as soon as their vicinity aroused him significantly… It was even claimed that Madeleine had attempted to get herself stuffed by him. However all that may be, she departed for Paris three days after the charge was leveled, and in Paris our dear ecclesiastical brother found her a governess' place in the household of a rue de Saint- Honore canon. That beggar wasted no time determining what her talents were. There was a hidden door – about whose existence only he knew – which opened into the apartment occupied by his governess, whom he used to pass the night exercising. But never had he set eyes upon a cunt to match Mademoiselle Linguet' s silky- haired article; he went repeatedly to stare at it. Its beauty enthralled him, and he knew he would have neither rest nor peace until he had fucked it. One night as she

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