The Boudoir No. 6



[Translated from the French.}

Continued from page 183

I got so fond of this delicious method of procuring emission, that hardly one of our interviews took place without F. making me enjoy it.

I had alopted for this joy a favourite position. I would recline in a large easy chair that I had purposely placed in my boudoir, with my thighs open, and thrown over the arms of the piece of furniture; my lover, on his knees before me, did a delicious 'minette,' as he called this way of spending, and when I wriggled and twisted in the paroxysm of pleasure, pressing his head to my belly, gently pulling his hair and ears, and slapping his cheeks, he would drag himself from my grasp, plunge into my cunney, and, enlaced together as one, we spent, till we almost lost our reason.

Sometimes, I would kneel on the sofa, and receive his tonguing offering from behind, my lover glueing his face between the cheeks of my bottom, and finding the delicate spot that received him with joy.

One day, after a rather long separation, my dear F. was able to find me alone. Alas! a monthly obstacle rendered our usual pleasures impossible. I could see he was suffering and looking at my hand in a supplicating way. I was quite disposed to accord him this means of relief, when a mad idea crossed my brain! I remembered the last scene between my aunt and Monsieur B. in the 'pavilion' of the park. The

situation was identical, I wished to reproduce it in every detail and easily induced F. to honour me. I made him get up, placed him in the same position, and proceeded to do exactly the same as Bertha. I even succeeded, as I distilled the pleasure, to make my lover utter the same words as Monsieur B. He spurted out his dew afar, and I gathered the last few pearls in my handkerchief.

When he had done, I could not help laughing.

He asked me the cause of my merriment.

'Nothing,' I answered thoughtlessly, 'it reminded me of something,'

I saw his face change, and quickly guessed the mistake I had just made and what suspicions were gathering in the mind of my lover. Not wishing at any risk to cause him the least shade of vexation, I made him sit close to me, and sure of his discretion I told him all that had happened to me before marriage. The story amused him greatly; he made me enter into the most minute details… When I told him how I was led on to procure sweet pleasure for myself, he exclaimed: 'Ah, darling! what would not I have given to see you FRIG your delicious little CUNT?'

He asked me a lot more questions about my solitary habits, and I went so far as to tell him that on the day of our interview at Madame D.s, I was so full of thought of him that I had done it that very evening.

'By Jove,' he answered, 'this is truly curious! Confidence in return for confidence, dear angel, to know that the same night and probably at the same hour, we were exchanging our souls in mutual spending!'

'What do you mean?'

'Listen. I went home, madly in love with you, I wanted you directly I had seen you. I could not yet believe that I should be happy enough to possess you, but all my efforts tended to that desired end. I went to bed and thought only of you! I was in a fearful state,… you can guess how!

I put out my light, and, conjuring up your image, covered your face with imaginary kisses. Then I did what you were doing, and the pleasure was so great that I am sure we emitted at one and the same time…'

'What! Can men frig themselves, as we do?'

'Certainly. Why should this natural means of relief be denied to them? What your pretty hand has just done for me, my ugly paw performed for my solitary gratification.'

'Really? Well, I should like to see that!'

'Nonsense! Do you want me to…'

'Yes. You must show me how you do it?'

'But you know very well how. I do it like you…'

'Oh, I pray you! Grant me this little pleasure!'

So saying, I disclosed his instrument, which excited by our conversation had once more shot up in its most splendid condition. I took his hand and placed it upon it.

'No, really, this is rank folly!'

'No, sir!'

'But I would sooner have your fingers, or your beautiful bubbies, if you will only lend them to me.'

'But me no buts! I command you to make haste and do it to the very end, or I will no longer love you.'

My dear lover could refuse me nothing, and after a little more hesitation he said: 'I consent, but on condition that you in your turn shall give me as soon as feasible a representation of your girlish pleasures.'

'To that I consent, but do what I want at once!'

He began, and leaning over him, I followed his convulsive shaking with a singular feeling of pleasurable curiosity. I soon took pity on him, however, and unlacing my stays I knelt down before him, and made him finish between my breasts.

Shortly after this caprice of mine, my dear F. had his revenge upon me. He reminded me of the promise I had made, and despite a certain amount of shame, I stretched myself on the sofa, and prepared to satisfy him.

'No, not like that,' said he. 'You placed me as you liked; let me do the same.'

'What do you mean?'

'You shall soon see; get astride of that chair.'

I obeyed.

'Yes, that will do nicely. Now show me your little CUNT, and FRIG yourself with your left hand.'

Again I obeyed, wondering greatly.

During this exercise F. unhooked my dress body and stripped me to the waist. I now wanted to spend fearfully. My lascivious instincts began to blaze. The operation that I had begun jokingly to perform, only to please him, had become serious in the extreme, when I felt that F. was behind me, with his trousers down, and pressing the upper part of my body, in a state of nature, to him, had insinuated his organ under my right arm. The originality of this fantastical idea inflamed my imagination more than ever. I bent my head, and avidly contemplated the beautiful tool, the head of which appeared and disappeared at each stroke of my dear lover, who kept his eyes fixed on my left hand, that was frigging away for dear life.

Soon we mingled our rites, we warned each other that the end was nigh and our double discharge took place simultaneously!

A few delicious months went by in like manner!

Our love increased daily, instead of becoming feeble or worn out by the frequency, the subtlety and the complete liberty of our connection! The precautions we so carefully took assured us perfect secrecy, and once only, we were almost caught in the act.

We thought that we were certain not to be interrupted, as my husband was away from home and all the servants out.

After a chat and a few caresses, I had, by a well-known sign, made my lover aware of what I wanted. He placed me as he desired, my body reclining in the large easy chair, my legs stretched asunder, and he had begun his adorable, lecherous licking.

I was just about to spend in his mouth! My eyes were closed and I was wrapped up in my enjoyment, tasting every one of the thousand delicious sensations that his tongue conjured up, when suddenly we heard footsteps and

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