Untangle Me

Chelle Bliss

There are so many people that have supported me on this journey and are worthy of praise and my thanks.

First, to my loving boyfriend, thank you for sacrificing some of our time together over the last few months for me to fulfill my dream. Thank you for showing me the love and passion that I had only been able to read about, but could write from personal experience because of you… you’re priceless and my Kayden.

I want to thank my amazing beta readers that have held my hand and pulled this emotional story out of my mind. My fantastic beta readers in no particular order – Deb Schultz, Mandee Migliaccio, Chris Letts, Krystyn Katsibubas, Melanie Lowery, Antionette Smith, Janet Breton, Angie Johnson, Tonya Mabe, Michelle Jeston, Nikki from Blissful Bookblog, Vicki Jones, Christina Omar, and Jacqueline Russell. I love all of you hard.

Thank you to my fabulous cover designer—Stephanie Mooney for the sexy image that captured so much attention… I love you and owe you the world.

I want to thank my wonderful editor—Brenda Wright for helping me last minute and being so supportive. I couldn’t have brought it to fruition without your help.

Thank you to the amazing ladies that organized my blog tours: Angie from Twinsie Talk Book Reviews and Ing from As The Pages Turn. Thank you to both of you for keeping me out of a padded cell and believing in me enough to offer your time and support by organizing an amazing tour for Untangle Me.

I could never have achieved the amount of attention I did without the help of the amazing bloggers. Thank you for showing me love and helping me spread the word about my debut novel. In no particular order: Blissful Bookblog, Twinsie Talk Book Reviews, Promiscuous Book Blog, Sassy Mum Book Blog, and all the incredible bloggers that signed up to help spread the word.

Thank you to Pepper Winters and Skye Callahan for helping me through the crazy journey that is writing. I enjoyed every moment I was able to join your writing sprints and the moral support. I adore you girls.

Thank you to Black Firefly for the beautiful headers and graphics contained inside this book. I love them and help give the book that polished edge.

I know I’ve missed someone, and if it was you, I’m so sorry. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you or you aren’t important in my world, it means my mind is overused and almost broken. I love you too and wouldn’t be where I am today without you

This book is dedicated to the

three most important people in my life.

To my parents for always being there

& loving me… Sorry for the crazy ride at times.

To B, the love of my life, for giving me the inspiration, the courage,

believing in me, and sacrificing our time together

to make my dream come true.

My heart hammered against my chest so strong, I thought it would explode. I clutched the steering wheel and concentrated on navigating through the streets of New Orleans.

“Stay right in a half mile, Interstate 610 west. Take exit one, West Napoleon Avenue and turn right. Your destination is one mile ahead on the right,” the GPS stated.

One mile?

Butterflies filled my stomach, sweat beaded on my face. I increased the air conditioning trying to cool myself off.

Get it together.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m just trying to figure out where I’m going. There are so many buildings.” I looked around trying to see an address amongst the numerous apartment complexes.

“I’ll guide you,” he said in a calming voice as I looked for him amongst the throng of cars.

“Do you see my car?”

“You just passed up my building. Do a U-turn and turn by the black gate.”

“Shit.” Sweat trickled down my temple.

I stopped the car in the middle turning lane, and wiped the sweat from my face. I studied my face in the rearview mirror. It was shiny, but otherwise looked unfazed by the long drive.

“I’m coming now.” I blotted my face with a napkin left on the passenger seat and applied powder to smooth my complexion. I sat for a moment and took a deep breathe.

Calm down, he’s just a guy. I gripped the wheel and turned back towards him, the man I had thought about constantly for weeks.

“I see you,” he said. I looked around quickly, trying to catch a glimpse of him. My eyes stopped dead when I spotted a gorgeous man sitting in a truck with the door open. He was smiling at me and my heart skipped a beat. I had seen him in pictures, but they didn’t do him justice.

“I see you now, too. Be there in a second.” I hit the end button.

Yes, he’s beautiful, but you’re not a hag, he’ll like you. He’s told you a million times how beautiful you are. You can do this. Calm the fuck down.

I tapped the steering wheel with my index finger as the gate opened painfully slow. I stole a glimpse in his direction. He stood near an empty parking spot, waiting for me. I studied him as I drove towards the parking spot. His body was muscular and lean covered in a pair of white knee length shorts and a blue t-shirt. The only visible hair on his body at a distance was a goatee that framed his smile. As the space between us closed, I could see his sage eyes dancing in the sunlight.

His smile had been a mystery to me. He didn’t like to show his teeth because of a gap that was never fixed. It finally filled my vision and it mesmerized me. The display made my heart melt, his teeth were imperfectly beautiful.

He motioned to the open spot. I parked my car in a haphazard fashion and turned it off. My heart rate increased and I felt an ache in my chest. I clenched my hands into a ball and closed my eyes before reaching for the handle.

I slowly climbed out, leaving the door open, and stood in front of him.

“Hi,” he said in a longing voice as he reached for me. Before I could respond, he embraced me. His heart was pounding as rapid as mine, and our heartbeats were responding to one another.

Thank god I’m not the only one nervous.

I inhaled deep with my face buried in his neck. A sweet masculine scent filled my nostrils as I closed my eyes. His scent was like none I had smelled before. He was free of cologne and the scent was purely unique,

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