afford me a glimpse of pink. I was trembling all over, pulling at my cigarette and breathing in great lungs full of smoke to steady my nerves.

'Remarkable self-control, Mr. Mac,' said Mrs. Van. 'Yes, I would say you're the man for the job. Anyone who can resist Lorraine is definitely not red-blooded. Sometimes I wish I wasn't, because I can never resist this tasty wench. Come over here, dear, and massage me.'

I expected the maid to grab hold of Mrs. Van's shoulders but instead the naked woman kneeled down before her mistress, lifted the hem of her long dress, and stuck her head under it. She moved her face right up to the matron's crotch and clearly put her all into this oral massage. Mrs. Van sat back and closed her eyes, letting out a deep sigh and now and then, but she was immobile for the rest. Lorraine did all the work and by the sound of it it was a labor of love to her. Her head moved from side to side and up and down under the dress, wet noises and smacking sounds abounded, and Mrs. Van seemed to melt into a puddle of contentment. I felt very peculiar. Lorraine's big, delicious ass was sticking out at the world in general, anyone would be welcome at that point. And there I was, next to my prospective employer who was getting her pussy eaten, with a vacant cunt going begging, and all I could do was sit there and chain smoke! It was the unhappiest half hour in my life.

'Oh dear!' I heard Mrs. Van say suddenly. 'Stop, Lorraine, that's enough now, oh my goodness, oh, oh stop, stop, oh-oh-ooooooooohhhh Lorraine, no more, ooohh yeeeessssssss, unh, unh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, lovely.' Brisk, businesslike, she lifted her skirt, let the maid crawl out, and resumed the conversation. 'Let me feel,' she said, sticking her hand through my open fly and squeezing my cock. 'Just as I thought, not a reaction. Good, Mr. Mac, you're hired.'

'This is a very unusual procedure,' I said in a quavering voice.

'I'm sure. However, your job is to go to a girls' boarding school to find out who kidnapped my daughter, Laurel. I wouldn't want a satyr to take on that job, for obvious reasons.'

'I see.' Wow, that was a lucky break! A girls' boarding school! I could just see Vinnie's face when he heard the news. And I could just see my face, too. Quickly I pulled a serious expression over the gleeful one and said: 'But if your daughter has been kidnapped, why don't you contact the police?'

'Nothing is certain in this case,' said Mrs. Van with a disdainful smirk. 'No ransom notes have been delivered, all I know is that she's missing and I want you to find her. The headmistress, a Miss Parsons, will be notified of your arrival and she will find room for you to stay while you conduct your investigation.' The maid had dressed and left the room to fetch us coffee. 'You see, Laurel is the sole heir to the family assets,' said Mrs. Van in a hushed voice. 'She may have been persuaded to elope or something dreadful, and in that case I don't want to bring the police into it and alarm the news media. She would only get a reputation that would attract other fortune hunters. You understand this case calls for discretion, of course?'

'My specialty,' I assured her. She supplied me with photographs, names, and a generous down payment. An hour later I was back in the office briefing my assistants. Vinnie almost jumped through the ceiling. Without further ado he loaded the back of the car up with his snooping equipment and as soon as he was done he positioned himself behind the wheel. Peggy and I still were far from ready but Vinnie wanted to be sure that not a second was wasted on account of him. When we drove away I had to slow him down several times.

It was late in the evening when we arrived at the Moorehead School for Young Ladies. The gatekeeper pointed the way to Miss Parsons' cottage and we drove through dark, tree-lined paths to get to it. All about her cottage were large, square buildings with lighted windows. The sound of girlish laughter wafted through the peaceful air now and then, and we heard dishwashers operating in the basements. Some dim, slender forms strolled by the buildings, chattering, carrying books. I thought Vinnie was going to jack off right there and then. Luckily Miss Parsons came out to meet us.

She was a tall, angular woman with a lantern jaw, gold-rimmed glasses, and a tight bun at the back of her head. When she spoke her lips hardly moved. There was something bloodless about her and it was a testimony to my recuperation that I found myself wondering what it would be like to fuck her. 'Good evening,' she said, 'won't you come in. It's awful about the Van de Kut girl and I want to assure you that I will help all I can.'

We entered her immaculate cottage and drank tea with her while I tried to find out what she did know. The result was nothing. The headmistress wanted to be helpful but she was far more worried about something else.

'Look here,' she said, 'while you're conducting your investigation I wonder if you could do me an enormous favor. You don't have to, entirely up to you, but there seems to be a plague of criminality among the girls. I don't quite know how to put it… but rumors have reached my ears that there's considerable self-abuse in the dormitories. If you would provide me with a list of names of the perpetrators I would be ever so grateful.'

She said it in deadly earnest. Vinnie's hands flew to his crotch and Peggy covered her face to stifle her laughter. I kept a straight face and said I would do my best to get the facts on that. 'Of course we may have to extend our investigation a. little,' I said delicately. 'I will need your permission to spy on the dormitories at all hours and all that sort of thing.'

'Oh, permission granted!' said the headmistress, slapping her skinny thighs and standing up to offer me her hand. 'Complete freedom, Mr. McCanoczek, absolutely!'

'Now if you'll show us our rooms,' I said. Miss Parsons nodded and led us to one of the large buildings. The staircase led up to the third and top floor, passing corridors that rang with girlish voices, the odor of soap and shampoo and the sound of rushing showers, along with a few glimpses of girls in robes or in partial undress. I kept a tight grip on Vinnie all the way to our rooms. At this stage of the game I certainly didn't want him blowing it for us.

The rooms were on the same floor as the girls' rooms. The senior girls had their own cabins, as Miss Parsons called them, and the juniors slept in twenty-bed dormitories. It struck me as strange that the headmistress would put us in with her charges, especially since we would have to use the same shower and toilet facilities. I didn't question it, figuring she was too otherworldly to know about sex. Much later I would discover that the opposite explanation was true.

'So, here we are,' I said to Vinnie and Peggy. Our rooms were connected by side doors. Peggy took the middle room, as usual, and we stored the equipment in my room because I had a wardrobe that could be locked. When we were settled in we met again in my room and started to discuss tactics. A knock on the door interrupted us.

'Hello, hello, hello!' said Vinnie when he opened the door to find a lovely eighteen-year-old at the other side. 'What might you be looking for, my pretty!'

'Down, boy,' I told him. The girl gave Vinnie a withering look and came right toward me. She had on a robe that had been securely tied about her willowy body. Long, blond hair fell over her shoulders, still damp from a recent shower. Blue eyes peered into mine crossly.

'May I ask what you are doing here?' she asked imperiously.

I explained it to her in as few words as possible, meanwhile taking in the intimation of firm tits under her terry cloth robe. She would do for an entree. The proximity of so many young girls excited me. Not that I seriously intended to chase after them. No, I had a job to do. But it titillated me and then there were always surprises inherent in such a situation. 'Perhaps you could give me a lead on Laurel's disappearance?' I said.

'Miss Parsons must be going mad,' was all the girl said. She turned on her heel and left the room.

'My goodness,' Peggy commented, 'what is this, a school for apprentice princesses? Have you ever seen such a snotty little bitch, Joe?'

'I hope they're not all like that,' I said, a sentiment that Vinnie was quick to second. 'Anyway, I'm going to take a shower.' I stripped and wrapped a large towel about my hips, slipped into a pair of thongs, and walked down the corridor toward the showers. At once dozens of heads popped out of doorways and I found myself the object of everyone's curiosity. Giggles, whispered comments, a few rude suggestions, followed me along the corridor. I felt myself blushing. When I reached the door to the bathroom I opened it a crack to check if anyone was inside. All was silent 'Fore!' I yelled, just to make sure. No response. At last I walked inside and after a thorough check of the cubicles I let the towel drop and turned on the water. I was hard as a rock for the whole time under the shower. Anticipation, fantasies of girls entering the shower and removing their clothes before they saw me, and just the knowledge of being in the thick of teenage pussies kept me that way. Yet, as long as I took over washing myself, nothing happened.

Before I could venture out into the open again I had to run cold water over my stiff cock to get it down, and only then could I wrap the towel around me again. This time no one was watching. I peered into a few of the open

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