her back on the table and shove it into her all the way, and I might have if she hadn't anticipated me. Suddenly she was on her knees, this naked nymphet, and her mouth was around my cock again, and just as suddenly I lost the urge to fuck.

She licked my dick all over and then pursed her lips around it and slithered halfway down my cock. Her little hand closed around the base of my stalk and started to jerk me off in time with her steady sucking. For a girl her age she was very expert at blowing. In no time at all my cock started to throb ominously, my hips began to jerk back and forth, and I kept forgetting to breathe. My hands were on her shoulders, clutching at her flesh while my cock pushed deeper and deeper into her mouth. She couldn't swallow it all, not like Peggy, and so whenever I pushed she moved her head back. But she made up for it by licking my cock with love and moving my knob around her mouth so that her tender flesh brushed past it and cajoled it into blowing.

Sperm burst from my balls. I couldn't hold it back any longer. With a last reserve of strength I grabbed her head and poked my cock down her throat. Martha was so busy swallowing and sucking that she hardly noticed. The little girl had disappeared. Now there was a rapacious woman at my dick, whose mouth resembled a vacuum cleaner and whose hands raked along my ass in, convulsions of pleasure. She sucked and sucked until there was nothing left, and even then she wasn't satisfied. I expected her to withdraw and give me a break, but no, her mouth kept a firm grip on my dick and her lips started to pulse around it like before.

'You're expecting too much from it,' I cautioned her. Martha shook her head and when I went limp she just swallowed all of me and suckled it passionately. Warm spit flowed around it, her tongue lapped at my knob, her teeth closed around the stem to tease and threaten me, and before long new pulses of fife ran through my cock. I had to sit down. She followed me on her knees and she held my dick between her teeth to warn me not to escape. Once I was in position she rested her arms on my thighs and got down to some serious sucking. Her pleasure was evident. While she had my cock in her mouth her eyes shone and she moaned and wriggled about in her private ecstasy. All she wanted me to do was sit and take it. I was up for that

It took her longer to bring me off this time. My cock was less sensitive, my balls had to be replenished; but that only made Martha work harder. She kissed her way up and down my cock, licked my balls, swallowed them, ran her tongue along the insides of my thighs, and when she had to take a breather she closed her little fist around my cock and jerked me off until she was ready to eat more. No one could withstand such a determined assault. I could feel my toes tingle and curl, and then the rest of me became very warm, sweat broke out on my brow, my hips got the twitches again. Martha sensed it, too. She took my cock in her mouth and moved her head up and down rapidly, jerking me off with her lips now. 'Yesssss!' I hissed, running my fingers through her golden locks. 'That's the way, very good, very good, here I come now, watch it uunnnnhhh!' The shell slipped into the breach and was projected against the roof of her mouth, small stuff, the last of my virility. Martha swallowed it happily and stayed down on me in case there was more to come.

'Listen, we really ought to be getting back to the house,' I said when it became clear that she had no intention of giving up. 'Your mother will wonder where we are.'

'Oh yes, her,' she said, releasing my cock at last. 'She's always spoiling my fun. Will you come back, Joe? We could have such a good time together. Perhaps you could visit me at night, in my room. Wouldn't that be nice?'

'I'd like nothing better,' I said, 'but let's find out what your mother has in store for me first, shall we? Will you look what you did to my cock. I think it died!' My dick dangled between my legs like a piece of old meat, completely drained. Martha giggled proudly and patted it. 'No, don't touch it, I'm afraid it'll fall off.'

When we were both dressed and respectable again we sauntered along the lawns and admired the flowers to make our excursion look like one of an horticultural nature. Lucky for us no one had noticed our absence. I got back into the waiting room without Samantha's noticing it. And five minutes later the regal private secretary announced that Mrs. Van de Kut would see me.


Martha led me through the stately home, up to double walnut doors, where we stopped. She knocked once and a strong voice told us to come in. 'You go,' she whispered, and ran down the carpeted corridor. I squared my shoulders and entered. Mrs. Van de Kut stood before tall windows through which the sunlight flooded, giving her a clear view of me but giving me nothing more than a silhouette. Nothing was said for a moment. Then she came closer and inspected me with a frown on her face. She was a most attractive woman, over six feet in height, icy blue eyes, chestnut hair piled on her head, a massive bosom and full hips pushing at a long gown, and she quite intimidated me. I did my best not to show it

'Sit down, Mr. Mac… Mac… oh, I'll just call you Mac,' she said brusquely.

'Thank you Mrs. Van,' I said. She looked at me sharply but overlooked my familiarity. Terms were discussed most cursorily. Mrs. Van sat on the couch next to me. If it hadn't been for her regal demeanor I would have sworn she was trying to seduce me. One of her hands rested lightly on my shoulder and whenever she wanted to make a point clear she leaned toward me so that her lips were far too close to mine-for comfort, that is. I started to respond to her sensuality even though my cock was a ragged, limp bit of meat that had done its duty four times in quick succession, and now wanted only rest.

The man for this job must be trustworthy,' she said in softer tones,' stroking my chest nonchalantly. 'He must be of strong moral fibre, a man with inner strength. Are you such a man, Mr. Mac?'

'You've described me to a tee,' I grinned weakly. Her hand was closing in on my cock. Every part of me was aroused except that pitiful member. There was nothing I could do about it, so I feigned indifference to her advances and tried to listen to what she was saying. Her preamble went on and on, just as her hands did. She caressed my cock openly now and weighed my balls from outside my pants. A little later she undid my zip and reached into my briefs to get at my cock. I was flushed with shame. How could I explain to her that her daughter had blown me twice in a row and had drained me utterly?

'Perhaps I'm not your type,' Mrs. Van said suddenly, more to herself than to me. She pulled away from me and tugged at a length of cord dangling from the ceiling. A moment later a maid walked in. She wore the uniform of the house, black on black with a little white apron, black panty hose and black shoes. Underneath the trappings of a maid pulsed the body of a beautiful woman, that much was clear. I eyed her with interest, just as she eyed my wide-open fly. 'Lorraine, would you close the door and take off your clothes for this gentleman, please. I'd like to see his response.'

As if this had happened a thousand times before, the maid nodded and carried out the woman's orders. She unbuttoned her dress once her apron had been unpinned, and neatly draped both garments over a nearby chair. Then, wearing only a bra and panty hose, she removed the little hat she wore in her hair, and approached us. Mrs. Van put her hand back over my cock and squeezed it slowly as we both watched the maid take off the rest of her clothes.

My interest mounted by the second but that was all. Her big tits pushed out at me, white and bulbous, capped by pink nipples set in wide pink rings, and when she was sure she had all of my attention, she shook them from side to side. Seeing tits is one thing, seeing them in motion quite another. The sight of so much feminine wealth made me shake with lust. My face literally ached to dive in between those vanilla puddings, to smother myself and savor the smoothness of her flesh. She certainly gave me a chance to do it but the limpness of my cock made me defensive. 'Very nice,' I said with an approving nod, and I crossed my legs and lit a cigarette.

The maid gave Mrs. Van a questioning look. The dowager nodded for her to go on. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panty hose and began to shimmy out of it. The way her hips rotated was delicious, and the dark, triangular intimation of pubic hair under the stretch fabric set my blood coursing through my veins. And still my cock played dead. Would it ever rise again? Every inch of me was hard and hot except for that abused member! The pantyhose slid down her hips, inch by inch, revealing more white, smooth flesh, more than I could take! Now her brush of hair emerged, further down, the deeper shadow of her slit appeared, I could see it, I could taste it! But I couldn't do anything about it. She had only to call my bluff and the jig would be up.

Finally she stepped out of the garment and paraded before me stark naked. Each time she turned her back on me my hands itched to dig into those heavy masses of flesh that made up her ass. With every step her buns twisted and flounced, shook with sensual power, and then, as if that wasn't bad enough, she liked to bend over a little so that the dense bush covering her cunt sprouted out from her inner thighs, further still to make her cunt part and

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