happy slug. 'I've never seen you so hard!' she said, running her lips down the side of my dick. 'Leisure agrees with you, I think.'

'Shut up and suck,' I told her. Vinnie stood behind Peggy as she bent down over my dick. His beady eyes were fixed on her ass, crawling up her pussy and anus, and his hand was a blur along his stiff cock. 'And you!' I yelled. 'Don't you have anything to do? Can't you polish the car or something?'

'I waxed the goddamn thing three times already,' he said, without taking his eyes off Peggy's ass. 'What do you want me to do, take it back to the metal?'

I muttered something and tried to get my mind back on what Peggy was doing. That wasn't hard. Her nimble tongue lapped at my dick with quick, short thrusts, stimulating every part of it in no time at all. Then, taking my head between her lips, she lowered her face so that all of my cock disappeared. It was one of her best tricks. Eight inches of rock-hard meat were swallowed like they were an hors d'oeuvre! She drew back slowly, all the way to the end, and there it was again, towering, wet, light brown with a pink knob. It quivered in the air for a second before Peggy took it down her throat again. She started to move her head up and down more quickly, fucking her own face with my dick, and all I could do was moan and take in more air to keep up with my rising passion. Her whole mouth seemed to be pulsing and quivering around my cock, all of the soft tissue and the warm spit in motion to regale my staff with the finest sensations. And whenever she went right down on me her throat muscles pulsed about my knob as though they wanted to swallow it. I couldn't take this for very long, and Peggy knew it.

'Let me come in your mouth!' I said, driving my cock deeper into her face. 'I love it when you swallow it all.'

'Only if you fuck me first,' she said. She sat up and patted my cock patronizingly. 'That's fair, isn't it? Here, have a drag on this, that'll help to make up your mind.' She lit another joint, drew half of it down into her lungs, and passed the rest on to me. I didn't want it but I smoked it to get on her good side. Peggy could be a real bitch if she felt like it. But she was determined not to suck me off all the way, and so there was nothing for it but to let her squat on top of me. It wasn't a bad substitute, really. Her cunt was surprisingly tight for a woman who fucked day and night, and when it was right over my cock she moved her muscles inside so that my cock got her pussy confused with her mouth.

I held her by her magnificent buns and helped her as she bobbed on top of me. Her full tits swung from side to side, she bit her bottom Hp, and both hands rested on my chest as she worked her cunt up and down my dick. It looked good from any angle. My cock looked white next to her deep brown skin, and it pushed into her hairy maw bravely each time she came down over it. Then, when her hips rose, it reemerged, a little oilier, a little harder, and ready to dive into her warm body again.

'How's that?' she said, grinning at me. 'Isn't that better than getting blown? I like it when you fuck me, Joe, it means you care about me.'

'Like hell it does.' Strange things were happening inside me. The more I fucked her the more I wanted to fuck her. It wasn't enough to be lying on my back and holding still for her to go through the motions. I wanted to plant it up her, plow and rut, and I wanted to do it right away. Without warning I grabbed her around the waist and pushed her to one side so she toppled off the couch. She cried out but before she could say anymore I was on top of her, mounting her from behind like a horny goat; and when my cock drove deep into her slavering pussy she became quiet again. That felt better. I was on my knees behind her, pushing my cock in from a low angle so I could see her pink, ragged flesh splaying to let me in. Her black asshole peered at me cyclopically, so I poked a finger up it Peggy gave me an ovation for that. My index hooked up inside her back passage and tickled the strange, warm and moist configurations in there, which caused her to buck wildly. I was in a daredevil mood for some reason. Having plugged both holes I wondered what to do with my free hand. Eventually I decided her cunt could take more, so I shoved a finger in alongside my cock to finger and fuck her simultaneously.

Now she was really pretty to watch. With so much meat up her ass and cunt she seemed to be torn between running away from it and sliding back over it Her strong, broad-shouldered back flexed and twisted in indecision, and now and then she looked around to make sure I wasn't about to add more to her erotic burden. After a minute or so she started to get the hand of it, no more ambivalence, just straight lust. 'Fuck me, Joe, finger me, fuck me, shove another finger up my ass-oh, that tickles, but don't stop! You should feel how it tickles! Oh my God, I can't be coming again… no, no,nooooooooooom oh Christ, Joe, ravage me!! Yes, yes, aaaaahyessssssss…'

She faded away and I was left dangling from her orifices like an unwanted appendage. To fill in the time I kept on fucking and fingering her as before and it wasn't long before she revived. I removed my fingers and just let my cock ride in and out of her distended pussy, content to feel her flesh brush along the taut skin of my cock. There was no hurry, no rush for the finish. I felt good all over, my body was in tune, I wanted to fuck for the rest of the day. Peggy didn't do anything to discourage me. She kept her ass cocked up at me and her legs apart, even reached back and pulled her cheeks away from each other so that her cunt hole would to too big to bring me undone. We were teasing each other at this point, just shadow-boxing, but what contact there was excited us beyond the ordinary. I closed my eyes and let my body take over, switching over to automatic pilot in order to let the sentient part of me concentrate on the subtle delicacies of her cunt.

And then, when I was least expecting it, something snapped in my balls and I found myself hunching over, grunting, tearing into her with a wild lust that must have been lurking inside me the whole time. I couldn't stop, I was about to blow the works and my sole desire was to do it on the grand scale. Peggy began to yell, she knew what was coming, and her hands released her buns so that they clamped down over my cock and provided it with that extra bit of friction. That did it. With a loud yell I let her have it.

'In my mouth!' she cried. 'Quick, put it in my mouth!'

I'd forgotten all about that. She pulled away from me and dove down on my cock just as it released its second series of dollops. She caught them neatly on her lips and licked them off to swallow it all. Before I could spill any she took my cock deep inside her mouth and sucked on it to bring every last drop up from my balls.

'And you don't get stoned,' she said when it was all over. 'Jesus, Joe, if you only knew what grass does to you.'

'I don't feel it,' I said stubbornly. In fact my head seemed to be a little askew and I wasn't too sure of the rest of my body. I got up and Looked at Vinnie. He had deposited his feeble ejaculation on the carpet and stood over it holding his raw cock in his hand, looking up at me as if waiting for the same old reproach. For some reason he looked very funny, and I started to laugh. It was the kind of laughter that propagates itself. Once I'd started there was no way of stopping, and pretty soon I was rolling on the floor, pointing at him and laughing myself silly. Peggy joined in, then Vinnie saw the humor and began to cackle.

Luckily the phone rang or we might have done ourselves an injury. Peggy struggled to her feet and answered it. 'Joe, it's Mrs. Van de Kut's secretary. She wants to know if you can see her this afternoon about a case. What will I tell her?'

'Mrs. Van de Kut? Say yes,' I said. 'Jesus, I could use a job right now, especially when a millionairess is asking.'

'Mr. McCanoczek is free this afternoon. Three o'clock? Very well, I'll tell him when he comes in.' She put the phone down and grinned at me. 'It sounds like a big one,' she said. 'That secretary had the shakes!'

'I don't care if they want me to find their pet poodle,' I said, 'as long as they pay and it keeps me busy. I'm going crazy just sitting around the house with you two perverts.'

'You love us both,' said Peggy. 'How long have we been working for this uptight asshole, Vinnie? Must be near on ten years, right?'

'Must be, Peggy,' said Vinnie. He had tucked his cock back into his pants and almost looked human as he sat down on the couch beside her. 'He's just an uncut marshmallow, that's my opinion.'

'Ten years! I must be crazy. Anyway, don't go taking me for granted, I'm a man of many moods. You could be fired any day. Nobody's indispensable.'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' said Peggy, impatiently, 'now go on up and shower. It's two o'clock already.'

Half an hour later Vinnie drove me to the exclusive section of Beverley Hills, the part where only multimillionaires are allowed to live. The car swept by palm trees and sprawling mansions, rolling lawns and vast flower beds being tended by small, swarthy gardeners, sprinklers cast thin streams of water far and wide, everything was peaceful and prosperous. One day I wanted to be able to afford a house here, a place to loll about in and hobnob with the smart set. But for the time being I had to be content with my status as a private dick at the $200-a-day with-expenses level.

Mrs. Van de Kut lived in a palace that had been disguised by a plain facade to fit in with the general condition

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