Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and the region of Palestine. Ashanti/Akan/Twi-> Ashanti is the most popular and predominate of many dialects spoken in Ghana. The Ghanan language is generally refered to as either Akan or Twi. Assamese -> language spoken in the state of Assam, India Bassa -> language spoken in Africa Batak -> language spoken in the northern Sumatra province of Indonesia Bavarian -> language spoken in the state of Bavaria, southern Germany (actually a German dialect) Bemba -> language spoken in Africa Bengali -> language spoken in the state of West Bengal, India, as well as almost all people of Bangladesh Betazed -> Spoken in Star Trek on planet Betazed Bicol -> dialect spoken in the Philippines Braille -> The alphabet represented by patterns of raised dots. It is 'read' by touch. Basque -> language spoken in the Basque region of Spain Cajun -> French dialect spoken by people who migrated from Acadia, Canada, to the Louisiana, USA, area. Acadia is in an Atlantic province. Catalan -> language spoken in a region in the north-east of Spain named Catalonia. It is also spoken in the Balearic Islands, in Andorra and in some small villages of Sardinia and the south of France. Cebuano -> language spoken in Philippines near the town of Cebu Central Yup'ik -> language spoken by the indigenous Eskimo people of southwestern Alaska Cherokee -> North American Indian tribe Cheyenne -> North American Indian tribe, part of the Apache Nation Chichewa -> language spoken in Malawi, Central Africa Chickasaw -> North American Indian tribe (southeastern Oklahoma) Chinese Amoy -> language spoken on Taiwan, an island off Fukien Province in southeast China, and Singapore Cantonese -> language spoken in the region around Guangzhou including Hong Kong and also in Malaysia Mandarin/ -> The official language of China Putonghua litterally 'common language' also spoken by native Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia Wu -> language spoken in Jiangsu Province Creol -> French dialect spoken by people from Haiti. It is basicly French with a little English and German. Dhivehi -> language spoken in the Maldives and in the Minicoy Island of India Dusun -> language spoken by the Dusun tribe, one of the largest in North Borneo Dutch -> language spoken in the Netherlands and the provinces of East- and West-Flanders, Antwerp, Limburg, and Flemmish-Brabant, Belgium Esperanto -> The International Language. An 'artificial' language. Farsi -> language spoken in Iran. Dialects of Farsi spoken in Pakistan and Afghanestan. Farsi is sometimes called Persian. Fijian -> spoken by native Fijian people in Fiji Franconian -> German dialect spoken by the citizens of Franken or Franconia which is part of Bavaria in the area around Nuremberg French -> language spoken in France, Canada, and the provinces of Luxembourg, Namur, Liege, Hainault, and Brabant Walloon(Brabant of the Walloons), Belgium Friesian -> language spoken in northern Holland, northern Germany, and in some parts of Denmark (mainly west coast) Gaelic -> language spoken in Ireland Galician -> Galicians live in the four Spanish provinces located along the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula, but their language zone shades into neighboring areas of Spain and Portugal as well. The four provinces are A Corun~a, Lugo, Ourense, and Pontevedra. Georgian -> language spoken in Georgia Gilbertese -> properly Kiribati, spoken by the Micronesians of the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific on the equator Gronings -> Dutch dialect Guarani' -> one of the two official languages in Paraguay Gujrati -> language spoken in the state of Gujrat, India, and Pakistan Hakka -> Chinese dialect from Manchuria Hausa - > language spoken in Nigeria Hebrew -> language spoken in Israel and by Jewish people Hindi -> language spoken in the northern states of India Hopi -> North American Indian tribe (southwest, Arizona) Ibaloi -> dialect spoken in the Philippines by the Igorot natives, specifically the Ibaloi's Ilocano -> dialect spoken in the Philippines Interglossa -> An 'artificial' language invented by Lancelot Hogben, circa 1940. Kankana -> dialect spoken in the Philippines by the Igorot natives, specifically the Kankana-ey's Kannada -> language spoken in the state of Karnataka, southern India Kapampangang -> Filipino dialect (or Pampangang) Kekchi - > language spoken by 380,000 Mayans in Guatemala, Belize, and El Salvador Kikongo -> language spoken in Zaire, Africa Klingon -> Spoken in Star Trek. Proper term for the language is 'tlhIngan Hol'. The Klingon homeworld is Qo'noS, in English it's Kronos. Kpele -> language spoken in Africa Lao -> language spoken in Laos and by the Laotian people living in northern Thailand Luo -> language spoken in Kenya Luxembourgish - > language spoken in Luxembourg and in the border areas in Belgium (Arlon), France (Thionville), and Germany. A mixture of French and German, with the emphasis on German. Maa -> language spoken in Africa Malayalam -> language spoken in the state of Kerala, India Maltese -> language spoken on Malta, a small independent island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy with around 400,000 inhabitants. Maltese is a mixture of Arabic and Italian mostly. Mandarin/ -> The official language of China

Putunghua Marathi -> language spoken in the state of Maharastra, India (Bombay is the capital city) Marshallese -> language spoken on the Marshall Islands Mikmaq -> an Indigenous people of north-eastern North America Mohawk -> North American Indian tribe (New England, maybe one of the Seven Nations/Iriquois?) Mokilese -> language spoken on Mokil and Ponape (Pohnpei) Moroccan -> language spoken in Morocco, North Africa Morse Code -> A code using series of dots and dashes to represent letters, numbers, and other characters. Originally developed by Samuel Morse for use on the telegraph. Navaho -> North American Indian tribe (southwest) Ndebele -> language spoken in Zimbabwe Nyanja -> language spoken in Africa Oriya -> language spoken by people of Orissa, India Papiamento -> language spoken on the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire Portuguese -> The official and regular language spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Macau, Guinea-Bissau, Goa(India), and Galicia (Spain). Also spoken in but not the official language of East Timor, Damao(India), and Diu(India). It is the sixth most spoken language in the world. Pulaar -> dialect spoken in Senegal by the Fulani people Punjabi -> language spoken in the state of Punjab, northern India Quechua -> language spoken by Incan Indians (South America) Quenya -> Elvish language invented by J. R. R. Tolkien for his books. Notably, 'The Lord of the Rings'. Rotuman -> language of a Polynesian people originating from the island of Rotuma, politically a part of Fiji, but quite different Saami -> Language of an indigenous people living in the Northern Scandinavian region of Lapland. Formerly known as Laplanders or Lapps. They have several dialects, but this is the main one, Northern Saami. Their language is related to Finnish. Sesotho -> language spoken in South Africa

(Southern Sotho) Shona -> language spoken in Zimbabwe Sinhala -> Language of the non-Tamil (majority) people of Sri Lanka. Also spoken in Ceylon. Sioux -> North American Indian tribe (upper midwest) Solresol -> An artificial musical language composed of sequences of notes on the diatonic scale (do, re, mi,...) sung by name for comprehensibility to the tone deaf. The 7 notes could also be mapped into colors so that writing would be a series of colored squares. South Africa -> There are several official languages listed in the Constitution of South Africa. They are: Afrikanns, English, Ndebele(Sindebele, isiNdebele), saLeboa, Sesotho, Swazi(Siswathi, siSwati), Tsonga(Xitsonga), Setswana, Tshivenda, Venda(Tshivenda), Xhosa(isiXhosa), Zulu (isiZulu), Sepedi. Spanish -> Language spoken in Spain and Latin America(Mexico, Central and South America) except Brazil. It is the third most spoken language in the world. Swabian -> One of the German dialects. The literal word 'love' (Schwa'bisch) does not exist in this language. Swahili -> language spoken by some indigenous tribes of East Africa Tagalog -> dialect spoken in the Philippines Tamil -> language spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, and in Sri Lanka(by a low percentage of the people), Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritus Telugu -> language spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India (eleventh most spoken language in the world) Tetum -> language spoken in East Timor Timerio -> An artificial language using only numbers. The idea was that each language has a different word for each concept, so if the concepts were numbered, automatic translation would be possible. Tswana -> language spoken in Africa Twi/Akan -> language spoken in Ghana. See also Ashanti. Urdu -> language spoken in Pakistan and India Vai -> language spoken in Africa Vdrmldndska -> language spoken in the Vdrmland(Vaermland), Sweden, region north of Lake Vdnern.The real Vdrmldndska language is spoken to the northwest of Lake Vdnern up to the border of Norway and in northern Vdrmland around the town of Torsby by about 270,000 people, 90,000 of which consider it to be their mother language. It is a mixture of Swedish and Norwegian with some borrowed words from the many Valloonian people who went there to work as engineers in the mining industry during the 17th century. Volapu'k -> An 'artificial' language invented by August Scheyler, circa 1880. Vulcan -> Spoken in Star Trek by Mr. Spock and others from the planet Vulcan Walloon -> literally Welsh(not English Welsh), a little used French dialect with certain German influences spoken in the provinces of Luxembourg, Namur, Liege, Hainault, and Brabant-Walloon(Brabant of the Walloons), Belgium Wolof -> dialect spoken in Senegal by the Wolof people Yoruba -> language spoken in West Africa, specifically in Nigeria and bordering countries Yucatec Maya -> language spoken by indigenous people of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico Zazi -> Kurdic dialect Zuni -> North American Indian tribe

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