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The Big Dirt Nap
Harris Rosemary
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Welcome back to Springfield, Connecticut, where weary suburbanites can rest in peace...New York media exec-turned-gardener Paula Holliday is thrilled when her friend Lucy asks her to tag along on an all-expenses-paid junket to the Titans Hotel. On display is the rare 'titan arum,' a notoriously pungent plant known as the 'corpse flower.' Unfortunately, the flower isn't blooming--and the only thing Paula smells is a real corpse... 'A heroine who isn't afraid to get down in the dirt.'--'Seattle'' Post-Intelligencer' Lucy's would-be suitor has been found dead--with a hole in his head--and Lucy has mysteriously disappeared. Now Paula has to start digging up clues before the police's worst suspicions take root. Even if the odious flower finally blooms, Paula has more important...
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The Big Dirt Nap :