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How to Seduce a Texan
Kelley Karen
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Reporter Nikki 'The Barracuda' Scott will sink her teeth into anything. So when her editor sends her to get the lowdown on bad boy football star Cal Braxton, Nikki's game to rough it on his family ranch. She just isn't prepared for exactly how rough. Still, the nasty outhouse, noisy animals, and resident ghost won't put Nikki off…especially once she sets eyes (and hands, and mouth) on her subject. If there's a juicy story here, Nikki intends to devour it…So, the lady thinks she's gonna get the scoop on him? Cal's had his fill of scheming females – hell, his conniving ex-fiancee is the very reason he's hiding out. Then again, if all journalists were as hot as Nikki, he might consider being more open with the press. Too bad she won't be around for long. If the chores and 'rustic'...
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