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The Satan Bug
MacLean Alistair
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Set in a remote corner of Wiltshire, Mordon research centre is not a pretty place. From the surrounding road you come to double fences of barbed wire. They are 15 feet high, sloping at the top, and patrolled at night by armed guards with Dobermann Pinschers. - Beyond them, past the five strands of high-voltage wire and the 200 yards of bare ground, you can see the squat outlines of the laboratories… The only way in, even for a killer, is by the main gate. Yet behind the locked doors of 'E' block a scientist is lying alone and dead, and a new toxin of frightening virulence has disappeared. This story of hidden danger and hidden fear for Pierre Cavell and his lovely wife moves swiftly to a chase upon a lonely road at night and a terrifying climax high over...
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The Satan Bug :