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Nightlife: A Novel
Perry Thomas
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Serial killer Charlene Buckner—aka Tanya Starling, Rachel Sturbridge, Nancy Mills, and several other monikers—changes her identity each time she commits a murder. By the end of Perry's mesmerizing novel (_Pursuit_;The Butcher's Boy), Charlene has racked up an impressive body count and her own personal Rolodex of bogus names. Yes, as a child she had a slutty mom, and yes, she was abandoned in her late teens, but her life story is hardly the horror show of most fictional serial killers. Perry patiently shows that it doesn't necessarily take child molestation and brutality to create a murderer. 'She was just a regular person who had always wanted what everybody else wanted—to be happy.' Portland police detective Sgt. Catherine Hobbes investigates Charlene's first kill, Dennis Poole,...
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