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Gretna Greene
Quinn Julia
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Julia Quinn’s “Gretna Green” is the most amusing story in the book. Margaret Pennypacker has traveled to Scotland to prevent her younger brother from making a disastrous marriage. Her trip itself is disastrous, and she is rescued from an attack by Angus Greene just in the nick of time. Angus has come to Gretna Green to stop his sister who intends to go to London for a Season. The two of them end up sharing a room and a haggis at an inn where Angus informs the innkeeper that they are married and that Margaret is expecting.Angus is a thoroughly satisfactory hero – bold, principled, funny. Margaret is a loving woman, devoted to her family (although she does seem to have hied herself off to Scotland with a definite lack of preparation) who is a good match for him. Readers will find...
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Gretna Greene :