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The Jaguar Prince
Kelley Karen
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Easy, Big Fella... Zoo worker Callie Jordan knows something primal when she sees it: take, for instance, the naked man sitting at the foot of her bed. He's the same (naked) guy she saw after hours at the zoo. But now he's in her apartment, and just happens to have turned into a black-as-night jaguar. The average person would be in a blind panic; Callie certainly intends to be—once she finishes processing what this incredibly hot lunatic is telling her... It seems Callie's visitor, the one who prefers skins to shirts, is Prince Rogar—from a place far, far away. Oh, and Callie is from the same place, has the same nifty shapeshifting powers, and is destined to be Rogar's lifemate! It figures the first hot guy ever to show a bit of interest turns out to be certifiable. Then...
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The Jaguar Prince :