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Judge Dredd
Barrett Neal
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It is the Third Millennium, and Planet Earth has become a cesspool of violence and mayhem. The new guardians of society are the Judges, who have the power to dispense both justice and punishment. One of them is feared above all others. In Mega-city One, he is the law… Wrongly accused of murder and sent to the dreaded remote Aspen Prison, Judge Dredd is shocked to discover that he is a clone—the result of a genetic experiment designed to create the perfect lawman. Now, as his sinister twin plots to overthrow system, he will team up with a computer-hacker ex-con and an alluring rookie female judge in an all-out battle for the future of the planet. With the ruthless Judge Hunters tracking him for a crime he didn’t commit, Dredd is in the race of his life—to get back to...
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Judge Dredd :