Dean R. Koontz

Cold Fire


'Irresistible. COLD FIRE doesn't disappoint.'

— Newsweek

'A swift, psychospiritual adventure … offers plenty of surging suspense and sentiment.'

— Kirkus Reviews

'[Koontz's] name has come to be recognized as a guarantee of a good, solid read. COLD FIRE is his most enjoyable book to date.'

— London Times

'Unforgettable. A stunning showdown.'

— Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune

'Koontz is an expert at creating believable characters.'

— Detroit News and Free Press

'A master storyteller, sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking, but always riveting. His characters sparkle with life. And his fast-paced plots are wonderfully fiendish, taking unexpected twists and turns, yet in the end they are satisfyingly logical.'

— San Diego Union

'Suspenseful, entertaining … vivid storytelling [that] offers the reader an unsettling insight into deep trauma and the aftereffects of unresolved sorrow.'

— Sunday Cape Cod Times

'A unique, spellbinding novel with depth, sensitivity and personality.'

— Boston Herald

'An exciting, well-conceived story … filled with spectacular descriptive scenes … creative and captivating.'

— Lansing State Journal

'COLD FIRE is a page-turner, and Koontz's prose is as easy to take as lemonade on a hot summer day.'

— Sunday Journal (Flint, Michigan)

'Koontz strikes a chord in COLD FIRE, latest of [his] string of darkly brilliant novels. You'll revel in this adventure tale.'

— Jackson Sun

'Compelling … steadily building suspense that defies any attempt to put it down.'

— Macon Telegraph

'Fresh, hopeful … a charm all its own … that propels you willingly from page to page.'

— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

'A cool sizzler that'll grab you from the start and won't let go until you either finish it or are overcome by exhaustion. I thoroughly enjoyed it.'

— Duncan Times (Duncan, Oklahoma)

'Hard to put down. [Koontz's] ability to breathe life into his characters and to weave a web of suspense has resulted in a book that will cause many sleepless nights.'

— Lexington Herald-Leader

'From its opening line to its thrilling climax, [COLD FIRE] is a mesmerizing tale that grabs the reader and refuses to let go, a breathtaking experience.'

— Orange County Register

'Koontz can write characterization rings around [other popular novelists].'

— Birmingham News

'In COLD FIRE Koontz shows off his style. Unforgettable.'

— Cleveland Plain Dealer

'Koontz's imagination is not only as big as the Ritz, it is also as wild as an unbroken stallion. Gripping.'

— Los Angeles Times

'Koontz does it so well!'

— Baton Rouge Morning Advocate

'The tight, quixotic storyline of COLD FIRE is supported by deep characterization and a most developed sense of place and pace. He is the reader's friend, in that he can always be counted upon to deliver.'

— Fear

'His prose mesmerizes … gut-wrenching clarity. It's in the descriptions of emotional states — from love to despair — that Koontz consistently hits bull's-eyes, evoking reactions of 'Yes! I know exactly how that feels!' '

— Arkansas Democrat

'Likable characters, thrilling plot, and nonstop suspense.'

— Daily Reflector (Greenville, North Carolina)

'A stunner … things are never what they seem … characters of extraordinary depth and sensitivity.'

— Californian

'An exceptional novelist … a top-notch thriller.'

— Lincoln Star-Journal

'Koontz adeptly builds tension, fully fleshing out his characters and establishing a mesmerizing plot. A galloping page-turner.'

— Chattanooga News-Free Press

'Well-written, hard to put down.'

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