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“Every time we got together, Mr. Harvey and me, he would ask me if I wanted to go over to his house to have our fun. For a while I wouldn’t go; I just couldn’t bring myself to do those things with him while his wife was looking on. Finally he convinced me by showing me some pictures someone had made. He was lying on a bed and some really gorgeous blonde chick was going own on him.

Right next to him was his wife-I knew her when I saw her-and she had her mouth full of cock! After that I believed him when he said that they weren’t hung up about doing things like that and so I said that I’d go along with him. We set it up for the next Saturday and that was that.

When I got there, Amy herself met me at the door. She was wearing a negligee that really showed off her body like the movies do, and she had a hell of a body to show off, and you could see that she was really turned on by it all.

“Come on in,” she told me, holding the door open. “We’re back in the bedroom getting ready. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. You mustn’t feel self-conscious or anything. Just relax, make yourself comfortable and enjoy it.”

“What can you say to that? I mean, I’d come there to ball her husband and she rolls out the red carpet! Jeez, that’s some kind of hospitality! I headed off in the direction she pointed out and she said she’d be along in a minute. I went on down the hallway and turned into the bedroom she’d mentioned. He was there, lying on top of the covers with his cock spread out across his tummy like a gigantic snake. I stepped into the room and, just seeing him like that, it made me queasy all over.

“Come on in,” he told me. “Amy will be back in a few minutes. Why don’t you take your clothes off and join me?”

“I couldn’t have done anything but take off my clothes, once he’d asked me to.

It was like I was some kind of robot, programmed to do everything he suggested.

If someone had said to me beforehand that I’d be undressing in front of a man when his wife was somewhere in the-house, about to come into the same room with us, I’d have said he was — out of his gourd. But here: I was doing it! I peeled and.when I was absolutely bare I was already so hot I could barely stand.

“You’re really beautiful!” I heard Amy say.

She’d slipped into the room and I hadn’t even heard her! “Yes, you’re really something!”

“If that wasn’t something, standing there stark naked and both of them looking me over! I know, I’ve got a pretty good body and my breasts, especially, are good-they really stand out, you know, and when I get turned on they’re just as firm as can be-so I knew they weren’t putting me on, they really meant what they said.

“Go over to him,” Amy said to me. “Take his cock in your mouth-he likes to be sucked.”

“I knew that and I also knew that I liked going down on him. His cock was so big I could hardly get it in my mouth and I could never get more than halfway down on it, it’s so long. But I just love trying. She watched me eat him for a minute and then she said for me to get over him so he could lick my pussy too.

I turned around and did it. She moved so that she could see my pussy and she really, raved about It. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was fingering her own twat while she was watching. She’s the sort who just loves rubbing the lips of her pussy together while she’s watching something really sexy.

“He sucked me off and it was just fine! I was so steamed up, of course, that I popped off nearly as soon as he touched me with his tongue. All it took was Just a couple of little flicks up and down the slit and I was gone, just creaming like I’d never done it before. That was part of their plan, I later figured out: to make me have a real quick one so I’d get over being uptight while they were both on the bed with me. It worked. As soon as I’d recovered a little from that come, I felt a lot more at ease with them, and I didn’t feel so ashamed any more.

“There’s nothing like a good climax to take away a person’s self consciousness,” Amy told me. “When you’ve come like that in front of your friends, there’s no reason to hold back anything any longer!”

“You’re right,” I had to admit. “You’ve seen me come, and that really breaks the ice, I guess.”

“She was still fingering herself, slow and easy, and I could see that she was really turned on by it all. Her fingers were dripping wet from the pussy drip she’d turned out and the lips- great, thick flaps of meat that looked like they’d really be sensitive-were just covered with that clear oil a woman produces when she’s really up for screwing or something.

“Could I ask you something personal?” she said, getting up on her knees, but still keeping that one hand in place. “I’ve never felt a cherry. Would you mind if I felt yours? Please?”

“If you want to,” I said.

“He was still under me, of course, and he opened me up with his hands, pulling the lips of my pussy apart and making it easier for her to run a finger into the mouth of my cunt. She felt around and — when she was satisfied she pulled her finger out, and then she licked it off! Man that was really something, looking ‘at her lick her own finger after she’d had it in my cunt! That really got to me! Then she wanted me to turn around and get over him so I could rub the head of his dick over my pussy.

“You don’t have to worry about him coming,” she said. “But I guess you already know that be holds off his come as long as he wants to. Why don’t you try getting over him and running just the head of his cock into the mouth of your cunt? Not enough to burst that precious cherry, of course, just enough to give yourself a good feeling? I love seeing his prick nosing into a sweet, hot pussy!”

“What a weird idea! I got turned on just hearing her say it. I didn’t want to do it, because I was afraid that, once I’d gotten that far, I’d lose control and let myself go down on him too far, and then I’d pop my own cherry! They had an answer for that, though. They got me on my back and be got over me. He knew he wasn’t likely to ram it in thoughtlessly and split me. Besides, they had me hold my legs way up high, almost up beside my head, and, once I’d gotten into that position I could hardly move at all. Re got over me and let me tell you, that was — great! Feeling him touch that big, hard, hot cock to my pussy was just wonderful! And when he opened my cunt up with it, running it down just far enough to touch the cherry, I was out of my head, it was so flicking good! I got another come, of course, and they seemed to enjoy it a lot, being there and helping me get those climaxes, one after the other. He was getting horny too and he said he was going to have to let go with a come himself.

“Give it to me!” she said, scooting around so she could get her head in between his tummy and mine. “Fuck her till you’re almost there and then jack off in my mouth!”

“Jeez, what a wild pair they were! You know, seeing him at school you’d never think he was such a cunt hound. And Amy, she usually seemed pretty mild too.

But let me tell you, once they got into the bedroom they were totally different! Can you imagine, a wife making her husband do a thing like that? I know some pretty hat chicks at school and some of the guys bad a reputation for being far out, though I didn’t really believe that, but this pair was just out of sight! I’m damned if they didn’t do just what she said-he worked his prick around in the mouth of my cunt till I was almost coming again and then, when he’d gotten it thoroughly soaked in my pussy drip, he jerked it out and started fucking himself with his fist! Amy leaned right in there and I guess she got her ‘lips over the head of his dick. I couldn’t see because her head was in the way. I could see, though, that she was doing it to herself again with her hand.

Finally he let out a groan and started to come.

“Suck! Suck that come out of my cock!” he told her. “Eat my prick! Drain my balls! I’ll fill you full of come!”

“She didn’t say anything, of course. How could she, with a mouthful of bard, spewing prick? I could tell that she was digging it, though, and her hand was really working on her pussy. She groaned out loud and I guess she

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