was dancing with.

Billy stopped them, hugged them both, “You two looked so good dancing together like that. You are both so hot to watch, it just makes me want to eat you both up.” Billy was killing them softly, he had them so excited it hurt.

“Mom, would you come in the kitchen please? Stay here Tina, I have a little surprise for you.” He dragged Paula in the kitchen, once they were out of Tina’s sight, he turned and kissed Paula very passionately. Oh Mom, we saw Tina playing with her pussy last night, remember how wet and horny she was? You should confess to her, she needs to know, think of how it would bind us together as a family, how close it would make us feel to each other. You want to tell her everything, you need to tell her everything. Billy had a small Hostess Twinkie hidden under a huge silver serving dish with a covered lid. He had Paula carry it to the den where Tina was sitting and waiting on them.

Billy bowed to Tina, “This little token is a gift to you for making doing so well on your test, and for being such a wonderful Sister.” He made a big production out of lifting the lid where she saw 2 Twinkies lying in the dish. Tina laughed, jumped up to hug Billy, she kissed him full on the lips and thanked him for her wonderful gift that she would cherish and save forever. Then she promptly ate both Twinkies and smiled at him.

They all laughed and laughed. They was having such a good time together. Billy turned to Paula, “Now if the lovely Mother would please sit on the couch here and wait, I have a special gift for her. Tina, would you please come with me to the kitchen.”

Tina followed Billy into the kitchen, he pulled he out of Paula’s sight, kissed her deeply, reached up under her dress and rubbed her wet soaking pussy. “Oh Tina, you are so wet, you must be so horny now. Remember how we spied on Mom playing with her pussy last night? Think of how horny and wet she must have been. You want to taste her pussy and to feel her licking your pussy. You need to confess to her, you want to confess to her. If you confess, we can have a much closer happier family. Think how good it would be to share everything with her.”

Billy pulled out a small gift wrapped box and handed it to Tina, this is for Mom.”

Billy led Tina back into the den to stand in front of Paula. Billy bowed low before Paula, “My lady, this jewel was mined from deep in the earth where it has lain for millions of years just to be worn by a special lady as lovely as you are.” Tina handed the package to Paula. Paula ripped the wrapping paper off and opened the box. Inside was a small plastic egg shaped bubble with a fake Ruby ring in the bubble. Paula laughed as she twisted the egg open and pulled out the plastic “Jewel” Billy told her it had taken him 3 whole quarters to grab the jewel with the claw.

Tina and Paula laughed and laughed, they were feeling so good, the wine had loosened them up, they joking and dancing had them feeling very good.

Paula looked at her daughter, she needed to talk to her, Tina saw her mom looking at her, she felt so bad, she really needed to talk to her mom. Both girls stood up and moved to hug each other, they both started to talk at the same time.

“Billy, would you please excuse us for a bit, wait here.” Billy sat on the couch and his Step Mom and Step sister went into the kitchen holding hands. Billy sat and waited and waited, he didn’t hear any scream, shrieks or crying. He hoped things turned out well.

Billy finally heard Paula call him, Tina and she needed to talk to Billy. Billy got up and walked to the kitchen, he didn’t know what to expect, he hoped things would turn out ok.

When Billy turned the corner to enter the kitchen, he saw Tina lying over the top of Paula, they were both naked. Tina’s head was over Paula’s pussy, Paula was lying on her back under Tina with her head under Tina’s pussy. They was busy licking each other’s pussy.

Billy set a record for stripping off all his clothes. He knelt behind Tina’s ass, looked down at Paula who was busy tonguing Tina’s pussy. Billy pulled Paula’s head away from Tina long enough to kiss her lips. “Thanks Mom, you are terrific.”

Billy fucked them both in the ass that night while they had their pussies licked and sucked. Tina had watched and listened as Billy fucked Paula’s pussy. The squishy sounds of Billy’s cock driving in and out of the wet pussy made Tina cream. Tina sucked Billy’s cum from her mom’s pussy. Tina to surrender her cherry to Billy, Paula watched as her daughter lost her cherry then sucked Billy’s cum from Tina’s pussy. Tina though having her pussy fucked was even better than being fucked in the ass.

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