Nickel Mann

Plugging Step Mom and Step Sister

“Billy, get in here and pick up your shoes. If I have told you once, I have told you a million times not to leave them laying in the floor where a body could kill themselves tripping over them.” Paula was on the warpath again, Billy didn’t know what had made her mad this time, it seemed she looked for a reason to get mad. He was her favorite target if she needed a reason to get mad.

Billy’s mom had died when he was small. His father had married Paula several years ago. Paula had a daughter of her own who was 5 years older than Billy, he was 14. Paula and Tina both vented on Billy anytime something went wrong, they felt it was Billy’s fault somehow.

Paula fussed at Billy, “You know how much trouble I have sleeping, you stomp thru the house like a herd of elephants. I ask you nicely to pull off your shoes, you take them off and dump them in the floor making enough noise to wake the dead. Then you don’t even put them away where they belong.”

Billy looked down, his sneakers were sitting next to Tina and Paula’s shoes by the coat rack near the front hallway. He would be happy when his Dad got back from overseas. He was an engineer and spent months at a time away from home.

Billy walked upstairs to his room, Tina came out of the bathroom and collided with Billy. She shoved him and said, ”Watch where you are going jerk. You are so clumsy and such a pain in the butt.”

Billy went into his room, he turned on his computer to surf the net and check up on his FB and Twitter pages. He wished he could kick Tina’s butt, then he rethought about that, he wished he could see and touch Tina’s butt. She was such a hottie, had a body to die for, she had given him some wonderful dreams. He thought Tina was a virgin, she acted like she was a princess and all guys were ugly toads.

Billy stumbled across an advertisement for Sleeping Aid CDs. They claimed they played soothing music that helped cause you to fall to sleep faster and easier at night. The ad claimed the gentle sounds were hypnotic, they had added suggestive messages in the sounds to lull you to have a sounder deeper sleep.

Billy searched for other features on getting to sleep better at night, he made some notes. He had a plan. Billy ordered the Sleeping CD on line. He checked his list, they had all the other in the house already.

Billy eagerly checked the mail every day after school. He opened the CD and played it on his computer, he wanted to hear the suggestive messages that were embedded in the CD. He fell asleep instead. He figured out how to Pause the CD, skip ahead, hit the Play button and Pause again. He eventually heard the little messages in the CD, very softly making hints to sleep deeper, feel more rested and refreshed etc. etc.

Tina went out with her friends Friday night leaving Paula alone with Billy. Billy casually mentioned his school class had been required to study poor sleeping and problems related to going to sleep. Paula perked up with this news, finally the boy was saying something worth listening too.

“What did you learn Billy? Was the class educational?” Paula was all ears now.

Billy tried to act nonchalant, “It just mentioned stuff like a hot bath, having warm cocoa with a little bit of rum added. They also handed out this stupid CDs of “Soothing Sounds” that lull you to sleep.” He laughed, “I tried to listen to the CD, I kept falling asleep instead.”

Paula thought about this, “Billy, do you still have the CD? I want to try it, it can’t hurt.”

Billy concealed his glee, yes, this was going to work. “I will have to look, I think it is still in my Health Book.”

Billy had the CD ready to give Paula. “The class said to take a warm bath and soak for 15 minutes quietly, no noise, no books in the tub, just lie back in the warm water for about 15 minutes. You are supposed to drink a cup of warm cocoa with a little bit of rum in it. If you want to try it, I can make you a cup of warm cocoa while you are getting your tub ready.”

Paula said she thought it was worth trying. She would run the bath while Billy got her a cup of Cocoa.

Billy flew down the stairs, he made the Cocoa, then added a nice shot of rum to it. He carried the rum and cocoa up stairs to give to Paula who was waiting outside the bathroom for him. “Sorry Mom, I don’t know how much rum is a “Shot”, you can add what you think is right.”

“Thanks Billy, I hope this works, I hate tossing and turning all night every night.” Paula added some rum to the cup, he noticed she added more than a shot. “Oops. I think I might have added over a shot. Oh well, a little bit can’t hurt.”

Paula drank the cup of warm cocoa, “Oh my, that does taste strong, I think did get too much rum in it.” She drained the cup and hand it to Billy. “Put this in the sink.”

Billy was very careful not to make any noise while Paula soaked in the tub. He knelt at the door and peeked in thru the keyhole, he watched her strip and get in the tub. She looked very good, Billy hadn’t ever thought about Paula naked, only Tina. Billy watched her lie back and just lay in the tub. He watched he raise up later to dry off, he got a much better view now as she bent over and dried her legs and body. He loved how she dried her pussy and breast, it almost seemed as if she was caressing herself.

Billy made sure he was in his room with his door closed when Paula walked out of the bathroom and headed to her bedroom. He heard her turn on the CD player and lower the volume. Billy check the time, he would give her 30 minutes before slipping out to check on her.

Billy nervously surfed the internet and kept checking the time. 30 Minutes seemed to take forever to pass. He eased out of his chair and silently opened his door. He crept down the hall towards Paula’s bedroom door, he put his ear to the crack, he could hear soft snores and the CD still playing. Billy opened the door and slipped into her bedroom.

Paula was sleeping soundly. Billy knelt down near the CD player, he turned the volume down a little bit and began talking is a low soothing tone. “You are sleeping so good Paula, you feel so relaxed and so peaceful. You are all alone on a small beach, no one is around. You hear a light wind blowing thru the tree tops, you hear small waves washing up on the beach. You feel the sunlight warming your body, the sun feels so good on your body. You want to feel the sun all over your body, you want the sun to touch you all over. No one is around, you are all alone. No one ever comes to this beach, you are safe here where it is so private and so peaceful.”

Billy could sense Paula sleeping deeper and breathing quieter, she was well under his spell. “Be very still Paula, a big butterfly is flying over you. It is hovering over your breast, it is going to land on your nipple. Don’t move or you will scare it away.” Billy eased his hand out and used a fingertip to barely touch her nipple. He only moved his finger across the tip and moved his hand away. “The butterfly was on you Paula, did you feel it touch you?”

Paula murmured softly, “the butterfly landed on my breast for a moment, it walked across my nipple.”

“Paula, you want the warm sun to touch you all over. The sun will feel so good on your body. Take your clothes off.”

Paula sat up and pulled her gown, she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Lay back Paula, feel the sun warming your body. You feel so good lying there, so safe so peaceful here on this beach. Be still here comes the butterfly again.

Billy let his finger touch the top of Paula’s breast. He traced a little wavy line down her breast and approached her nipple. “The butterfly is on you Paula, it is walking to your nipple.” Paula’s nipple swelled and harden, the tip stood hard and erect. Billy gently ran his finger around and over Paula’s nipple, she was motionless, but Billy could feel her breathing changing, becoming shorter and faster little gasp as she breathed in and out. Billy lifted his finger off Paula’s nipple “The butterfly flew away Paula, how did it feel on your nipple?”

“Good, the butterfly made my nipples hard; it felt so good on my breast.”

“Paula, the butterfly is returning, open your legs, pull your heels back closer to your bottom and spread your knees. The butterfly is getting closer Paula, it is going between your legs, it is hovering over your pussy.” Billy blew very softly over Paula’s clit, he barely wiggled her pussy hairs. “The butter fly wings are almost touching you, you can feel the wing beats blowing air over your pussy.” Billy puffed air over her clit again. “The butter fly is going to touch you now, don’t move.” Billy reached down and ran a fingertip thru her pussy hairs above her clit, the tickled his finger gently thru her hairs. Billy slipped his fingertip lower, he brushed it over Paula’s clit, he pulled it back up

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