over her clit.

Paula’s clit had swollen and grown, it was standing up, peeking out between her lips. “Paula, the butterfly touched you, it touched your pussy, it made you so excited, you are wet, you are horny, spread your pussy lips open, it wants to touch your slit, it wants to taste your juices, it wants to feel your pussy.”

Paula’s legs opened wider, she reached down and spread her pussy lips. Billy could see how moist she was, her juices were shiny in the light of the room. “be still Paula, the sun is rising, it is getting a little brighter.” Billy turned on some lamps but not the main overhead light. He could see up inside Paula’s pussy now, she was very wet, she had a small line of juice oozing out of her pussy and running down over her bottom.

“The butterfly is back, it wants to feel you and taste you. Don’t move” Billy slid his finger down Paula’ pussy, he went over her hard clit and down to her hole. Billy circled his finger tip around and around her pussy hole. Paula was shaking and breathing hard. Billy slid his finger in Paula’s hole, he pumped her in and out slowly. Her juices were flowing, his finger was soaked by her juices.

Billy pulled his finger out of Paula’s pussy. “The butterfly has gone away. You are so horny, you want to be fucked so bad, you need to be fucked. You are hurting, your pussy aches and hurts, you feel pain. Only a cock can help you, only a cock in your pussy can relieve your pain.”

“You hear someone coming, you can’t move, they might see you if you move. You have to be still. You hear the person drawing near, you recognize his voice. It is Billy. Billy has cock, if he fucks you, he can save you. You need Billy’s cock, you want Billy’s cock. You want Billy to fuck you and fuck you. Only Billy can save you. You will do anything Billy tells you, you can’t deny him anything. You need Billy’s cock, you have to have Billy’s cock.”

Billy was rock hard, he wanted to fuck her then and there on her bed, but it would be much better if she came to him and fucked him in his bed.

“Billy is in his room, you can go to him and fuck him. You want Billy, you need Billy. You will do anything Billy tells you to do. If Billy tells you “Rock a bye Baby”, you will fall asleep and be back on this beach waiting for him. Only Billy saying “Rock a bye Baby” can put you in this deep wonderful sleep. Your pussy is on fire, your nipples hurt so bad. You have to come, you want Billy, you need Billy, you will do whatever Billy tells you to do. You can’t cum unless you can get Billy to fuck you.”

Billy stood up and turned off the lamps, he made sure the room was exactly as it was when he entered it. “Paula, put on your gown, count to 100. When you reach 100, you will awaken.”

Billy slipped out of her room and left the door just barely cracked as she had left it. He went to his room and stripped down to his shorts and got in bed. He pretended to be asleep.

Billy had to wait almost 10 minutes before Paula came into his room. Evidently, she had played her pussy but couldn’t cum. She was hurting so bad, she had been forced to go to Billy for help.

“Billy, Billy, wake up please. I have this problem and I need your help.” Billy turned his head over to face Paula. Billy rubbed his eyes like he was just waking, he made sure to stay lying on his stomach, she didn’t need to see he already had a hard on.

“What’s wrong Mom?” Billy faked a yawn as he asked Paula this question.

“Billy, I have an emergency medical problem that is killing me, you have to help me.”

Billy said he would do whatever he could to help, “Did she want him to call 911 or go with her to the ER?”

“Billy, I am so embarrassed, but I need you to scratch and rub me down “there” in a special way to help me.” Paula was twisting and fidgeting, her pussy was burning up, her nipples felt like they were being chewed off.

Billy pretended to think slowly, like it took him time to figure out what “Down There” really meant. “Mom, that is, uh, you really mean “Down There”, and he pointed to her pussy as he asked the question.

Paula was hurting worse, “Yes Billy, I need your to touch my pussy, you got to help me, please, please, please.”

“But Mom, that is incest, it is wrong. I can’t do that, sorry.”

Paula rolled Billy over on his back, she stripped off her gown as she stood and reached down to remove his shorts. “You are right Billy, it is usually wrong, but this is an emergency, we have to do this to save me.” Paula straddled Billy, took his cock in her hand and guided him into her pussy. She began to feel immediate relief.

Billy laid on his back and acted like he was trying to pull his cock out of Paula. Paula was moving up and down, trying her best to keep him trapped inside her pussy. “Oh Billy, lie still, don’t fight me please. Let Mommy do all the work. You just lie there please.”

“Mommy, oh mommy, what are you doing to me? It feels so good.”

Billy couldn’t just lie there anymore, it felt too good going in and out of Paula. He began to stroke up and down inside her wet hot pussy. Paula noticed Billy moving with her now, “Oh yes Billy, just like that, harder, faster, oh Billy, oh Billy.” She was just about to cum when Billy asked her to roll over, he thought it would be better for her if he got on top.

Paula was just about to cum, she couldn’t stop now, “In just a minute Billy, wait a minute more, you can get on top then.” Paula squealed as she started to come, her pussy was soaking Billy. Billy shoved his hips up hard and flipped her off. Paula immediately rolled onto her back and spread wide for Billy. She still wanted and needed him, she felt better, but she needed more.

Billy entered Paula and began to fuck her, he soon found his rhythm mess with Paula’s rocking hips. “Mommy, oh oh, it feels so good, I feel funny, I think I am going to ahhhhhhh.” Paula felt Billy spurting cum in her pussy, she came again. Billy stayed in between her legs till his cock grew soft and flop out of her pussy. His cum gushed out her pussy and ran down her ass. His cum felt so good and soothing to Paula, she needed more fucking, but she knew it would take time for Billy to get hard again.

“Mom, I want to see it, I don’t know what it looks like, show me.” Paula was unable to resist Billy’s request for some reason. She felt like she had to do as he asked.

Billy turned on all the lights in his room. He hadn’t gotten a good look at Paula’s pussy earlier that night. Paula opened her legs wide, Billy got down close between them, he opened her pussy lips, spread open the little folds that guarded her clit. Billy slipped 2 fingers in Paula’s wet hot pussy, he ran his thumb up her slit and rubbed her clit in hard circles. Paula was rocking her hips, she was enjoying Billy’s examination of her pussy. She could come like this if he kept it up.

Billy mashed down on her clit and let go, “what is this round thing Mom. It feels rubbery but it is getting harder.” Paula was panting, she was so close to coming again. Billy pulled out his fingers and stopped touching her clit. Paula was still rocking her hips, she want to cum again. Billy had gotten hard again, he was ready to fuck Paula, but she needed to ask him for it. “Look Mom, my thing is all big and hard again. It feels good when it gets this way. It felt really good while ago when I spurted in you. You felt so warm and so wet, so smooth, I loved how your thingy was rubbing me and squeezing me.”

Paula was whimpering now, she was so hot, Billy’s chatter turning her on, she was still so horny. “Billy, get back on Mommy. I will make it feel good again. Hurry, yes, put it in just like that, oh, so good, oh, Billy, oh Billy, yes yes yes, ahhhh.” Paula came again, Billy kept pumping in and out till he spurted in her pussy again.

Billy rolled off Paula and lay down beside her, both were staring up at the ceiling. “Mom, did we just do incest? Did we fuck? Should we tell Tina when she comes home tonight?”

Paula about had a heart attack, “Billy, We did do Incest, I fucked you. NO, we can’t tell Tina, she can’t ever find out about this. Promise me you won’t ever mention this to Tina.”

Billy smiled, “Of course I won’t ever tell Tina we did incest and that you fucked me tonight. If I was hard, I would let you fuck me again. I have heard some women suck on the man’s penis to make them hard. Would you suck my penis Mom?”

Paula felt a strong urge to suck Billy’s dick. She rolled over to take it in her hand. It was still all wet with his cum and her juices. Paula sucked till Billy was hard, then let him fuck her from behind doggie fashion. Billy had saved her, her nipples and her pussy wasn’t hurting or burning like fire. While Paula was lying there on her stomach, Billy still behind her and plugged into her pussy, Billy leaned in by her ear “Rock a bye Baby.” Paula was in a sound sleep in seconds.

“Paula, you would love to have Billy fuck your ass. You would feel so good if Billy shoved his cock in your ass over and over fucking you. You want to be Billy’s cum slut. Billy makes you so hot, you need him to fuck you everywhere; in your mouth, your pussy, your ass. You will sleep in your own bed. You will remember going to Billy’s room and raping him. You will remember having to force him to fuck you, you will remember how good Billy made you cum over and over and over. You will beg Billy to fuck you anytime he wants. Go to bed.”

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