Tina laughed, she was going to enjoy teaching Billy as much as she was going to enjoy Billy’s touches and having him licking her. She stood and took Billy’s hand, “Come with me, I will show you what to do.”

She led Billy to her bedroom and closed the door. “I have to take my clothes off Billy. You can take your shoes off, it will be more comfortable that way.” Tina stripped naked and stood in front of Billy, she enjoyed watching his eyes grow so big as he stared at her standing nude in front of him.

Billy swallowed and gasped, “Oh gosh, you are so beautiful Tina, you are so wow, everything. I have never seen a naked girl before. Can I touch that hard bumpy looking thing there?” Billy had pointed his finger at her nipple, Tina figured that was a good place to start training Billy. She walked closer and nodded it was ok to touch her breast.

Billy ran his fingers lightly over her breast, he teased the nipple until it was hard, he squeezed the nipple till Tina was moaning. “Tina, is that what babies suck on, if I sucked it, would I taste milk? Can I try it?”

Tina was getting very excited by now, Billy was a better “student” than she could have wished for. She told him, “That is a nipple that my babies will nurse on someday. You can suck on it, but I won’t have milk, only mothers with young babies have milk.”

Billy sucked and licked on her nipples till Tina was dripping pussy juice down her legs, she was so ready to cum, Billy had her on fire and didn’t even know what he was doing. “Uh Billy, let’s stop now, it is time to teach you so more stuff, We can do this again later, we can do it lots and lots of times.”

Tina laid back on her bed and opened her legs wide, her pussy was so ready to feel what Billy would do down there with his tongue. She spread her legs and drew her knees up, she reached down to spread her pussy open. “This is my pussy Billy. It is very sensitive and excited, lean in close, I want to teach you the different parts, what you can and what you can’t do. See the little bump up on the top?”

Billy touched it and made Tina shudder, god did that feel good. Billy rubbed her clit around in circles, “Is this the thing you are talking around Tina, It is rubbery feeling, but it has gotten bigger since you laid down I began touching it.”

“Yes, that is the spot Billy, that is my clit. I would love to have you touch it and do other things to it. Just below that down in my slit is a small hole. That is my vagina, you can’t ever put your finger or anything inside it except your tongue.”

Billy acted confused, “Why would I stick my tongue down there for, that sounds silly, I don’t know about this part.”

Tina told Billy to touch her pussy, run his fingers over her clit and up and down her slit. He did as she asked and Tina was seeing stars. He was spreading her flowing juices all up and down her slit. He pulled his finger to his nose and sniffed.

“Hey Tina, you smell good down there.” He licked his finger to taste her juices. Tina thought she would cum just from watching Billy suck her juices off his fingers, she had never ever been this excited before. “Ooo, you taste good Tina, can I have a little lick just to see what you feel like?”

“Oh yes Billy, I want you to lick me there a lot and to push your tongue in the hole into the center of my slit, ok?”

“Ok Tina, you promise not to tell Mom about this right?”

Tina was so pleased, this was getting better and better all the time. “I promise Billy, lick me now please.”

Billy used his tongue like just as Paula had taught him to do. Tina had several orgasms that almost killed her before she had Billy stop. The boy was a natural born pussy eater, he was rocking her world big time. “Billy, if you look lower, you will see a small puckered hole. That is my bottom and also very sensitive. You can touch it and rub your finger around it if you like.”

Billy’s balls were killing him, he had to have some relief quick. He whispered “Rock a bye Baby” in Tina’s ear and put her asleep. He raced across the hall to Paula’s room and fucked her hard. He came in her twice before he went back to see Tina.

“Tina, you have never seen or touched a cock, you should make Billy strip so you can see his cock and touch it. He has been so good to you tonight, so helpful, and he made you cum so good so many times. It might be like a reward to touch him and feel him. You might even teach him to cum. You would love to see him cum, it would excite you, to watch him spurt. You want to see and touch Billy. You even want to taste his cum, you want to feel his cock in your mouth ”

“Tina, wake up.”

Tina woke, she smiled at Billy, “Wow, you mad me cum so many times, I guess I went to sleep for a moment.”

Billy said that was ok, he had enjoyed looking at her while she slept. He loved looking at her pussy. He asked if he could lick her there again, he really like the way she tasted and felt down there. Tina was in heaven, she agreed to let him lick her all he wanted. Billy soon had Tina cumming over and over.

Tina suggested they take a short break, why didn’t Billy get naked, he might feel better if he was nude. Billy pretended to be too shy to do that, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be seen naked, Tina might laugh at him or something. Tina hugged Billy, she promised she wouldn’t laugh at him if he got naked just for her, pretty please.

Billy stripped off naked. Fucking Paula twice a bit ago had his cock down to normal size, he didn’t want Tina to see him with a raging hard on the first time.

Tina asked if she could touch his cock, she didn’t know anything about them, maybe Billy could teach her something, even if he was just a virgin kid. Tina liked how smooth and soft the skin on Billy’s cock was. She watched as he skinned back and bared the head of the cock. The head was so round, yet so soft. She felt Billy’s balls and squeezed them, Billy squirmed, Easy Tina, they are tender, that hurt. Tina rubbed Billy’s balls, his cock was slowly growing and becoming harder. Tina got excited watching it swell and grow. Something like this would fill her pussy and thinking of it made her all the more excited. She allowed Billy to lick her pussy as she played with his cock. Billy was very excited now, he began to rock his hips gently into Tina’ hands. Billy sucked and licked Tina hard, he even wet his finger tip with her juices and teased her ass. Tina was extremely horny and wet now, she was pumping her hips, noting how Billy was pumping his hips too. It dawned on her to begin moving her hand up and down on his cock. Billy pressed his finger deep in Tina’s ass and they both exploded at the same time. Tina was splattered in the face by Billy’s cum.

They lay on the bed for a spell. Both were almost exhausted, Tina had come as never before. She had wanted to feel Billy touch her ass, but she hadn’t dreamed he would have shoved his finger in her so deep nor caused her to have the most intense orgasm of her life. Some of Billy’s cum ran down her face, she unthinking licked it off, His cum tasted good; she want to suck it from his cock and feel his cock in her mouth. ”Billy, lie on your back, you made me feel good, now I want to make you feel good.”

Billy rolled over on his back and Tina kneeled over him. She too his cock in her hand, the head was so smooth and soft, the long shaft was hard and firm. She saw a little drop of his cum still in the little hole on the end of his cock. Tina ran her tongue out and licked the little drop, she opened her mouth and took his cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the head. Tina felt Billy’s cock getting bigger as she played with it his balls, cupping and lifting them. Tina raised his ball sack up and sucked on his balls till he began to moan.

Billy pulled Tina’s head and lips so she was sucking on his cock, “That feels so good Tina, I am about to cum, drink my cum.” Billy forced the head of his cock deep in Tina’s mouth and shot off hard, spurting his cum down her throat. Tina licked his cock clean, he tasted so good and she loved feeling him in her mouth.

Billy put Tina to sleep for the night, he told her she would sleep soundly and feel wonderful when he woke her in the morning. Billy went across the hall and got in bed with Paula, he rolled her over on her stomach and pulled her nightgown up over her hips. He got over her and settled between her legs. “Wake up Paula” Billy was kissing Paula on the back of her neck and sucking her ear lobes. “I am sorry Mom, you are just so sexy and so exciting, I had to sneak in here and make love to you.” Billy pressed his cock into Paula’s ass, she pushed back up to take him in deep. Billy fucked her a long time before he came, all the earlier fucking and Tina sucking on his cock had drained his balls. Paula had several orgasms before Billy came in her ass. She felt so lucky to have a son like Billy. After Billy had cum in Paula’s ass, he whispered “Rock a bye Baby.” Billy slept with Paula the rest of the night, he was too tired to go back to his own bed.

Billy woke up and said, “Wake up Paula.” She awoke to a naked Billy in her bed, she remembered him fucking her through several orgasms during the night, she was happy about that but afraid Tina might catch them in bed

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