“Has one of your boyfriend’s touched you there before?”


“Have you ever touched a man before, or sucked his cock?”


Billy thought a moment, “But you love to touch yourself when you are all alone, it makes you feel so good. Who do you think of when you do that to yourself?”

Tina was rocking her hips very slowly and gently. “I think of my future husband, how excited he will be to have a virgin bride. And I think how excited I will be to lose my virginity, to be held and loved, to be filled, to be made a woman. I think of him giving me babies, how he will feel when he enters me and fills me with his sperm. I get so hot, my pussy gets so wet it drips and I just have to cum.”

Billy said, “That is good Tina, you want to feel a cock enter and fill you. You want to feel the man covering you and going deep in your body, to feel him pulse and fill you with his cum, to feel his hot juices flooding you. He would probably feel something like this as he enters you and takes you for the first time.”

Billy slipped his middle finger barely into Tina’s pussy, he used his thumb over her clit. “Tina, imagine him opening you up for his cock, he would use a finger like this and his thumb could rub your clit like that.” Billy sunk his finger in Tina’s pussy and fucked her gently with it. His thumb was pressing down and making her clit shot fire all through her body.

“Tina, there is a way you can be happy and keep your virginity. Billy could help you, you could teach him how to please you. Billy could help you cum any time you wanted, think how you could get Billy to touch you, to rub you and help you cum over and over. Billy could go down and suck you like Christine did. You could go to his room every night after your Mom goes to sleep and have Billy make you cum over and over and over. Think of his tongue pushing into you, feeling his hand son your breast. Touch your breast like you think Billy would. Think how excited you would be having him lick your nipples. You are rubbing your clit, think of Billy doing it for you.”

“You will dream about Billy touching and licking you all night. You will cum and cum dreaming of him.”

Billy rose a little bit, he was so hard he was hurting “ You will always go into a deep sound sleep here on the beach when you hear Billy say “Rock a bye Baby.” Only Billy saying this will put you back here on the beach. You trust Billy, you need his help. You will sleep soundly all night and feel terrific tomorrow. You will not wake up till Billy comes in to wake you in the morning.”

Billy went back to Paula’s room and fucked her again. He went to his own room and slept soundly. He got up the next morning and used the bathroom. Paula’s legs and crotch was covered with his dried cum, he had really hosed he down last night. Billy checked on Tina, she was still sleeping nude on her back. She looked even sexier and hotter than ever lying there with daylight showing her body off. Billy walked over and lightly fingered her clit until she was rocking her hips up and down. “You need Billy, ask for his help, he can help you.” Billy covered Tina with her sheet. “Wake up Tina.” Tina woke and looked around.

“Good morning Billy, thanks so much for your sleeping CD. I feel so much better this morning, I slept so good last night. I even had some wonderful dreams.” She giggled as Billy walked back out to wake up Paula.

Billy woke Paula and fingered her to a quick orgasm. Paula smiled, hugged, and kissed Billy Good Morning. He was such a good boy, she didn’t know why she hadn’t noticed it till recently. She showered, it seemed Billy had cum all over and in her last night, she got so excited by that that she had to finger herself while taking a shower.

Tina was all bright eyed and bubbly this morning, she even hugged Billy after hugging her mother good morning. “Billy wished her good luck on her big test.”

“Mom, I want you to teach me something, I want you to teach me how to eat your pussy.” Paula had absolutely no problem with that, she was an eager teacher. Billy was almost late for school. Billy got another couple of lessons from Paula as soon as he came home from school. She gave him a fantastic blow job later for being such a good student.

Tina came home from college, she was happy because she had done well on her test. She kept giving Billy some strange looks during dinner, she even blushed when Paula asked her what was she thinking about. As soon as the kitchen was cleaned up, Billy took Paula to her bedroom. She figured he wanted more lessons or to fuck her again. Billy leaned and whispered in her ear, “Rock a bye baby.” She was out of the way for tonight.

Billy went back downstairs where Tina was sitting watching TV. Billy leaned over by her and whispered, “Rock a bye Baby.” He laid Tina over on the couch and sat down next to her. “You are back on the beach, it is much warmer than yesterday. You should pull your clothes off and soak up the sun, it will feel so good on your body.” “Did you think of Billy going down between your legs and licking you till you cum?”

“Yes, I did and I came so hard.”

“You are getting wet, you are thinking of Billy kneeling between your legs. You want him to open your pussy lips, to smell you juices, to touch you. You want to feel his tongue teasing you, you need to feel his hands under your bottom, lifting and pulling your to meet his tongue. It would feel so good wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, he would make me feel so good, he would make me cum over and over.”

“Tina, think of Billy sucking out your juices, think of his tongue, it can enter you and never be a danger to your virginity. He could lick you for hours and hours, you would cum all over his face. If you kissed him, you would taste your own juices on his lips. Think how hot that would make you. There are other things you could get Billy to do. He could touch your ass. He could probe it with his fingers while licking you. You have no hymen in your ass. It would feel good. You would cum so hard if Billy fucked you in the ass, you would be safe from pregnancy or losing your virginity, safe from anyone finding out, safe in all ways. You need Billy to help you don’t you?”

“Yes, I need Billy to help me.”

“You want Billy to lick your pussy and to touch your ass. Would you like for him to suck your pussy and finger your ass?”

“Yes, I want and need him to touch my ass, to suck my pussy, to make me cum.”

“Open your legs, imagine him licking your pussy.” Billy ran his tongue up and down the center of Tina’s slit. He speared his tongue in deep, then sucked on her clit the way Paula had taught him. “Tina, can you imagine him doing that to you?”

“Yes, I can feel him doing that. I am so wet dreaming of him licking my pussy and touching my ass.”

“You need to ask Billy to help you. You can trust Billy to help you. You should get dressed, the sun might burn you. Put your clothes back on.”

Tina dressed herself, Billy shook Tina, wake up. Tina shook her head, she had fallen asleep on the couch and had another one of those exciting dreams. She could feel how wet she was. Her dreams were so realistic, she almost thought of them as real.

Billy stretched and yawned. “Watching you cat nap has me sleepy now. I will go to bed unless you need me to help you or something.’

Tina blushed, “Billy. I do need your help, I have this problem and I think you are the only one who can help me deal with it.”

“Aw Sis, you know I would do anything to help you.” He hugged Tina who hugged him back, she felt much better already and she hadn’t even told him what she needed help with.

Tina asked, “Where is Mom?”

Billy told Tina that Mom had gone to bed while she was napping, she was out for the night. Tina felt relieved, she needed to get this off her chest, but she couldn’t have risked that with her Mom still up and about the house.

Tina sat next to Billy and took both his hands. “Billy, I have this problem I need you to help me with. I am a virgin, I intend to stay a virgin till I am married, ok?”

Billy played along, “OK, but what does this have to do with me?”

Tina blushed, “Well, I get horny, I need some help controlling my feelings and I don’t trust anyone else enough to help me but you. I have had these dreams that you can do things to help me and protect me and my virginity. I trust you to keep this a secret and not ever let anyone know I had to have your help.”

Billy acted confused, “Uh Tina, I will do whatever you want, I don’t understand what it is you really want me to do. You may have to teach me some stuff. I am still a virgin too. Do you mind having to teach me and show me what to do?”

Tina flung her arms around Billy, “You are a little saint. Of course I will be happy to teach you and show you what to do. Oh I am so happy I asked you to help me, I was so afraid you would reject me or tell Mom.”

“Tina what are we going to do anyways? I am still in the dark here you know.”

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