Billy slept soundly that night, he didn’t even hear Tina come home. He did peek in her door, she was looking very sexy all spread out over her bed in her little skimpy nightgown. Billy smiled and went to Paula’s room. Billy leaned over to her ear, “Time to wake up Paula, I am hungry.”

Billy was waiting in the kitchen for Paula, she had her robe on and looked very refreshing this morning. Billy asked her how she slept. “Oh Billy, that CD was wonderful, I haven’t slept so good in all my life. I had so many wonderful dreams, or what I thought was dreams. My pussy is a little sore this morning, I had dried cum all down my legs, and my pussy is still leaking cum. Would you happened to know anything about that young man?” her eyes were twinkling as she smiled at him. She walked around the counter to hug and kiss Billy. “You saved me last night, I am so thankful to have you for a son, you are so good to me.”

Billy asked her to cook them both a big hearty breakfast. While waiting for stuff to cook, Billy suggested she sit on the stool, show him her pussy and to finger herself. Billy had her stop when they heard Tina get up.

Tina wandered in the kitchen got a cup of coffee and sat down to drink it. She looked bad, she had stayed out late drinking and partying with her girlfriends. Tina did note and remark how good her mom looked this morning. Paula smiled over at Billy, “Your wonderful sweet brother gave me this sleeping aid CD, it has such soothing sounds, I slept like a baby last night. I feel wonderful today.”

Tina looked over at Billy, frowned and said it was about time he did something good for a change. Paula scolded Tina and told her not to be so negative. Billy was a wonderful boy and she was lucky to have him as a brother.

Tina rolled her eyes, drank her coffee and ate a roll. She went back to bed and slept till 10. Billy had Paula drive him to the mall, he suggested she go to the Victoria’s Secret and buy some sexy revealing lingerie, especially a pair of crotch less panties, one of those bras with holes in the nipples, clingy revealing see thru stuff, he wanted her to wear them for him tonight. He got some money from Paula and visited a pharmacy, he bought some KY jelly and a packet of “No Doze” pills.

When they got back in the car, he told Paula to take off her panties. He had her raise her dress and show him her pussy, he stuck 2 fingers in and wiggled them, he listened as she moaned and grew wet on his finger. “You want me to fuck you don’t you, you want to feel my cock going in and out, pumping cum in your pussy don’t you?”

Paula drove home as fast as she legally could. She sighed with relief when they saw Tina’s car gone. They went in the door, Billy had Paula lean and bend over the couch as he fucked her and came in her. He pulled his cock out, had her kneel and lick him clean. Her pussy had leaked cum on the floor while she was sucking him clean. He had her lick up all his cum, then rub her pussy and suck up any cum left on her fingers. They heard Tina’s car door slam after she drove up. Billy sent Paula upstairs to her room.

Tina came in and went up to her room, she was still sleepy. Billy went to his room and kept making noise so Tina couldn’t sleep. He knew she went out on Saturday nights too. Paula fixed dinner, Billy ground up a couple of No Doze pills and slipped them in Tina’s soup. Tina was complaining how noisy Billy was, she didn’t get a good nap in and she felt like crap. She had promised to go out with her friends that night and couldn’t back out though.

After Tina left, Billy had Paula go up and put on her new outfits. Billy retrieved his tube of KY jelly and went up to see what she was wearing. Billy would touch and caress Paula but not let her cum. She was feeling extremely horny by the time she had model all her outfits. Billy had sucked her nipples and fingered her good when she wore the crotch less panties and open bra with her nipples sticking out the holes. Billy reached under Paula far back between her legs, “You have such a nice ass. Your ass feels tight, I love touching you there.”

“That feels so good Billy, I like when you touch and tease my ass. I have never been touched there before, but I want you to fuck my ass. I want to feel you cock spurting hot globs of cum deep in my ass.”

Billy told Paula lay on her back, he pulled her hips right up to the edge of the bed. He bent her knees and folded her so they was almost touching her shoulders. Billy moved in and slipped his cock in her pussy. She was so wet she started to cum with only a few strokes. Billy slipped his cock out and picked up the tube of KY jelly. He squirted a dab of jelly on his fingers and worked it all around her ass. He used another dab and placed it dead center over her ass, he used his fingers to press it in her ass, he fucked her like that till she was thoroughly lubed and aroused. Billy smeared some on his cock.

“Mom, you want me in your ass, feel how my head is touching your virgin ass. You can feel the tip pushing, feel how it aligns to your opening, feel how good it is sliding thru your entrance. It is spreading your ass ring wider and wider, I can feel how tight you are, I feel my head going in past your ass ring. Oh Mom it is so tight and so good. I am going in deeper and deeper. Your ass is so tight, so hot, it squeezes me and holds me as I have to push harder and harder to get it inside your ass. I feel my balls smack your ass cheeks, oh, I am all the way in now.”

Paula was about to cum, Billy’s verbal description had her seeing stars, her ass felt so full. She could feel how huge he was how he filled her. Billy began slow gentle motions in and out to give Paula time to accept his cock in her ass. She was starting to cum by the time Billy began fucking her hard and fast. She came and came, she couldn’t stop, and when she felt Billy’s cock swell and pulse, she knew he was cumming in her. She felt his hot cream rush out filling her bowels. She came till she thought she was going to pass out.

Billy fucked Paula a few more times, he had her suck him till he cum in her throat and had her swallow his cum. He found out she owned a vibrator. He had her use that and masturbate herself to orgasm as he watched. He put her on her back, fucked her ass hard and deep as he jammed her vibe in and out her pussy till she screamed for him to stop, she just couldn’t take anymore fucking and cumming that night. Billy sent her to her bed, leaned in to whisper “Rock a bye Baby” in her ear.

Tina came home early that night, she was tired and had to go to bed. Billy suggested some warm milk for her before bed time, sometimes that helped. He slipped a couple of No Doze in her milk.

Tina looked worse the next day, she was tired and felt awful, but she just couldn’t sleep. Billy said maybe she had the flu or something. Paula mentioned how Billy’s CD had helped her sleep, maybe it would help Tina. Tina said she had a big test Monday, she would try the CD, it couldn’t hurt anything. Billy was very happy.

Billy fixed the warm Cocoa, add a big shot of rum to it, then carried the bottle and cocoa to Paula, “Sorry Mom, I still don’t know what a shot is or how much to put in it.’ Paula poured in a healthy slug of rum, it smelled pretty strong even across the room where Billy was standing. Tina took her bath and soaked after drinking the cocoa/rum mixture. She had to choke down the drink, it was so strong. Billy watched the clock after Tina left for her bedroom. Billy had led Paula down stairs while Tina was soaking in the tub. Billy fucked Paula twice. He was pretty sure Tina was still a virgin and he didn’t want to rush things with her. Fucking Paula had taken the edge off his passion and he should have an easier time dealing with Tina.

Billy put Paula to bed, wished her a “Rock a bye Baby” and she was asleep. No worries about her interfering with Billy’s plans for Tina. Billy allowed Tina more time than he had given Paula before he slipped into her room. She was lying on her stomach sleeping. Billy lowered the CD volume a bit, he knelt down next to the CD player.

“You are all alone on a beach Tina. You can feel the sun on your back, the wind is softly blowing thru the palms. You hear small gentle waves on the beach, you feel so good on the beach, it is so peaceful and so nice. You are feeling sleepier and sleepier.”

Soon Billy had Tina feeling the butterfly crawling over her bottom and up her back. She had removed her top, Billy had tickled her lightly along her spine. Her nipples were all swollen when he had her roll over on her back. Her nipples swelled hard like little bullets when the Butter fly touched them. Billy noticed how she was rubbing her legs together when the butter fly walked down her stomach.

Billy soon had her legs bent up, knees spread wide apart. She couldn’t lie still when the butter fly landed on her clit, she was rocking and gently thrusting her hips up and down. Billy removed the “Butterfly” and told her to wait.

Billy rushed in to Paula’s room and fucked her hard. He had to cum again, working with Tina had his so hard, he just had to have some relief.

Billy went back in to Tina, she was still lying with her knees dawn up and legs spread. “Tina, you are so wet, since you are all alone on the beach, there is no one around to watch you, what would you do?” Her hand reached down and began to rub her clit. “Stop, you can’t cum yet, you have to wait. Has anyone every touched you pussy before?”

“Christine used to come over and spend the night with me before they moved away. She touched me and kissed me there. She taught me how to do it to myself to make me come.” That surprised Billy, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

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