closed the door softly. “Will Tiffany do anything you tell her to do?”

Jack laughed, “When Tiffany gets hot, she will do anything and everything. She knows she will be rewarded with an orgasm if she pleases me.”

Amy looked at Jack, “Can you force her to lick my pussy and drink my juices if I cum in her mouth?”

Jack laughed, he knew Amy to humiliate Tiffany, thinking of that was making Amy horny. Jack had started to fuck his sister when she was younger. He had been her first, the one who took her cherry, the first to go down on her, the first to fuck her in the ass, and the first person she had given a blow job too. “She will eat your pussy, she will do anything you want her to do. Come on in and see if she doesn’t follow all our orders.”

Jack and Amy went in the room, “Tiffany honey, you have company.” Tiffany turned her head to see Amy and Jack standing watching her. Jack untied Tiffany’s hands and feet. “Come to the bathroom, you need to pee.” Amy watched as Tiffany rose and walked into the bathroom. Jack raised the lid and the seat. He told Tiffany to stand and squat on the rim, they wanted to watch her piss.

Tiffany was squatting on the rim with her knees spread, Amy was standing and watching, waiting to see what would happen next. “Tiffany, I want you to piss now, Amy wants to see you piss.” Tiffany strained a bit and her stream began to spurt out to fall in the bowl. Jack turned to Amy, go get ready, we will be in there in a minute. Jack allowed tiffany to wipe her pussy and flushed the toilet. He told Tiffany to bend over, he probed her pussy with his fingers and teased her ass.

Tiffany and Jack left the bathroom; Amy was lying in bed with pillows under her hips, her legs open. Her pussy was already wet, she was excited by having Tiffany forced to eat her pussy. Jack told Tiffany to get on the bed between Amy’s thighs and to raise her ass up higher, and to spread her knees on the bed. Jack stripped off his clothes and got on the bed behind Tiffany, he eased his cock head barely into her pussy.

“ Tiffany, licked Amy’s pussy, she has a horny pussy that needs to cum on your tongue. Make her cum and swallow every drop of juice that runs out her pussy.

Tiffany had never eaten a pussy before or had a woman eat her pussy, but she knew what she like when a man ate her. She licked, sucked, fingered and teased till Amy was screaming and crying in a wild orgasm. Jack had begun to fuck Tiffany, watching his sister getting eaten by Tiffany was making him horny. Jack stopped fucking Tiffany and pushed her over to the side of the bed.

“ Tiffany, watch your Master fuck his sister.” Jack dropped down and into Amy. He fucked her and came in her pussy. Jack stayed in Amy till his balls had quit spurting. Jack pulled his dick out from Amy’s cum filled pussy and told Tiffany to lick her clean. Amy came several times as Tiffany sucked all of Jack’s cum and her pussy juices from Amy’s pussy. Jack had Tiffany lick his cock and balls clean.

“Tiffany, come lay across my lap.” Tiffany laid down over Jack’s lap, she knew she might receive a spanking or he might just tease her. Jack told Amy to sit and watch. Jack showed Amy the 2 vibrators, “Which one do you think Tiffany needs.”

Amy pointed to the big 10” model, “Give her that one up her ass Jack. I want to see her ass that that monster.” Amy didn’t know that Tiffany had taken the big one and the other one at the same time. Tiffany barely moaned as the big vibrator went into her ass. Jack slid it in deep and began to fuck Tiffany who was moaning and hoping Jack would allow her to cum.

Amy was rubbing her pussy as she watched Tiffany get fucked in her ass with the big vibrator. She was beginning to feel a little jealous, she wasn’t sure she could take something that big up her ass, but she was willing to try. Jack surprised Amy when he took the smaller model and began to fuck Tiffany in her pussy.

Amy crawled around on the other side of Tiffany and grabbed her hair. She pulled Tiffany’s head up and pushed her pussy to Tiffany’s face. “I am going to cum, eat me. “

Amy came back Tiffany’s ass after Jack told her to come back and watch. Jack put Amy’s hands on the bases of the 2 vibrator and told her to fuck Tiffany. “Tiffany, you will be allowed to cum soon, do not cum until I give you permission.”

Amy was getting exited again. Hearing her brother commanding Tiffany to wait and not cum was so fucking hot. Amy was jabbing the vibrators in as far as they would go and as fast as she could work them. Tiffany was crying and begging for permission to cum, Jack winked at Amy and smirked, “I told you she will do anything and everything. Tiffany, I will count to 10, when I say 10, you may cum, you may even have a multiple orgasm. 1 2 33 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.”

Tiffany screamed and screamed as she came, Amy had never seen so much juice in her life. She touched Tiffany’s pussy and coated her finger, tasted it, hmmm not bad.

Amy and Jack fucked and teased and used Tiffany until Amy had to go home. Tiffany could barely walk, she was fucked out. Amy wasn’t much better off that Tiffany, she had been able to take the big vibrator in her ass and both of them at the same time just as Tiffany had done. Jack asked Amy when she could come back, she said tomorrow morning. She was smiling when she said that, Jack laughed with her.

Jack left Tiffany tied spread eagled on her back when Amy got there, he needed to run out for a small chore, would Amy mind babysitting Tiffany. Amy laughed, she would love to be alone with Tiffany for a few hours. Jack said he would only be gone an hour.

When Jack returned, he found Amy on top of Tiffany, they were doing a 69. Amy had untied Tiffany’s hands, the girls were eating each other’s pussy and fucking the vibrators in each other’s ass. Looking at their shiny wet faces, Jack knew Amy had given Tiffany permission to cum. As wet as their faces were, Jack knew they had both cum several times each. Amy rolled off Tiffany, they both sat up side by side.

Jack laughed to see such a sight. “I went shopping and ought you a present.” Jacked opened a bag and withdrew a strap on harness with several rubber penises of different sizes, it even had a double dong dildo, one for the ass and one the pussy.

Jack told Tiffany he was proud of her, she had pleasured them both so well he would let her chose what she wanted, she could chose who fucked her in her pussy and who fucked her in the ass, she could even chose which rubber dick went in the strap on. Tiffany was surprised; Jack had never allowed her to make choices before. She chose Jack to fuck her pussy and Amy to fuck her in the ass. She chose the next to largest rubber dick for her ass, it was almost identical to the big vibrator.

Jack lay on his back and Tiffany moved over him, reached down and guided his cock into her pussy, Amy kneeled behind Tiffany and aimed the rubbed dildo up with Tiffany’s ass. “Master, will I be allowed to cum this time? Please Master, you and Amy make me so excited, please,?”

Jack gave permission for Tiffany to cum as many times as she could. Amy pressed the rubber dick inside Tiffany’s ass. Tiffany shuddered and squirmed, She hadn’t ever felt like this before, it was better than Jack’s cock and the big vibrator. Jack didn’t move, he just tried to lie still and let Amy do all the work. Jack could feel every movement of the dildo thru the thin tissue walls that separated Tiffany’s ass and her pussy. Jack felt Tiffany’s pussy squeeze him several times as Amy plowed her ass with the dildo. Tiffany had so many orgasms she could barely ask Amy to stop.

Amy pulled out the dildo and quickly unsnapped the harness, she wanted the same fucking Tiffany had gotten. Jack went in Amy’s pussy and felt Tiffany ease the dildo into Amy’s ass. Amy came much f=faster than Tiffany had, She had to stop after only a few minutes. Jack had Tiffany remove the harness. The three of the took a shower, Tiffany was kneeling sucking and cleaning Jack’s cock, then licked Amy to another orgasm.

They went downstairs and ate a late lunch. Jack sent Tiffany upstairs to bring down the harness and the largest dildo. The girls were slightly nervosa, this was a huge dildo, they were afraid they couldn’t take it and Jack’s cock too.

Jack told Amy to lie on the couch with a cushion under her hips, he pulled her ass to the end of the couch and wedged the cushion between her ass and the couch arm. Tiffany put on the harness with the biggest dildo in place. Jack told tiffany to fuck Amy in her pussy. The girls sighed with relief, they weren’t going to take on Jack and the huge dildo.

Tiffany worked the dildo in Amy’s pussy and fucked her slowly. She was surprised when Jack moved in behind Tiffany and slid his cock up her ass. Jack put his hands around Tiffany and began to play with her nipples. He whispered in her ear it was ok if she came, she had his permission. He told Tiffany to play with Amy’s nipples as h they shared a three way fuck. Amy came first, the biggest dildo had hurt at first, but she knew she just had to take the monster in her pussy. Tiffany came when she heard Amy cum. Jack came because he was excited seeing his little sister take the big rubber dick, plus Tiffany’s ass was as milking his balls. The girls swapped positions.

Tiffany asked her Master is she would be allowed to come again when Amy fucked her. Jack laughed; Tiffany

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