Jack led Tiffany downstairs and had her cook breakfast while standing naked. He admired her figure, she was so sexy standing in front of the stove with her womanly hips and ass showing. Jack ate and made her clean the table off. He told her to lie on her back on the table.

“I am going to eat your pussy and suck your juices. I may finger your ass and pussy, but you will not cum unless I give you permission.” Jack sat down in the chair, raised her legs up and placed them over his shoulders. Jack pulled her to the edge of the table and began to lick her and tease her.

Tiffany felt Jack’s tongue roll and stab in her pussy, he began to fuck her with his tongue. He used a finger to tease her between her pussy and her ass, then began to rub her juices around and over her asshole. Tiffany was feeling so good, Jack was pushing her into an orgasm, she knew she wasn’t supposed to cum, but the feeling was just too strong. She came and came.

Jack stood and pulled Tiffany off the table, dropping her to the floor. “I told you not to cum unless I gave you permission. You didn’t even ask me to allow you to come.” Jack reach down, grabbed Tiffany by hr arms and lifted her to her feet.

Jack pushed Tiffany in front of him toward the basement door. He made her walk down the steps to face the large work table. Jack pushed Tiffany into the table and reached for one of the ropes he had tied to the wall screws over the table. Jack drew her arms up high until she was standing on her toes and tied her hands to the wall.

Jack spread her feet out and wider than her shoulders and tied them to the table legs. Jacks father had some wooden dowel rods he had used on one of his projects. Jack chose one of the smaller dowels and slapped Tiffany across her ass cheeks. Tiffany screamed, the dowel rod had left a red streak across her bottom, but it had broken on the first lick.

Jack went upstairs to her room, het removed the leather belt from his pants. Jack walked back to the basement. Tiffany was crying, she was hurt, but she knew she would be whipped and hurting before she left this room. Jack stood behind Tiffany and chose where he wanted to mark her ass. He swung the belt, it’s smack was followed by a scream from Tiffany, the belt hurt much worse than the dowel rod did. Jack aimed and made the next lick land at an angle from the first lash of the belt. Tiffany’s ass a red X across her cheeks.

Tiffany screamed, the belt was leaving red raised welt on her ass. Tiffany heard Jack talking to her, “Repeat that after each blow; I can only cum if my Master allows it. I will not cum without my Master’s permission.”

Jack drew back the belt and gave her a whack on her upper legs just under her ass checks. Tiffany screamed and sobbed out ”I can only cum if my Master allows it. I will not cum without my Master’s permission.” Jack reached in between her ass cheeks and drew a finger up her slit. Jack’s next lick was just lower than the last, Tiffany was crying and trying to speak as commanded by her master. After each lick, Jack would listen to her repeating his command and stick his finger in her pussy. By the 8 ^ th lick, Tiffany was getting wet, by her 10 ^ th lick, she was dripping.

Jack began to finger her pussy and rub her clit, “Would you like to cum Tiffany?”

“Please Master, allow me to cum, give me permission to cum.” Jack rubbed her pussy, he loved how her juices was now dripping on his hand. Jack pulled his fingers out and moved them to her lips, “Suck your pussy juices from my fingers. Taste your leaking cunt.” Tiffany was a bit hesitant, then remembered hw the belt had burned on her ass and legs. She sucked her pussy juice from his fingers. Jack pumped her a few more times and offered her his fingers, she sucked them clean with no hesitation.

“You are learning to obey and that pleases me. I will allow you to cum on my cock.” Jack stepped in closer to Tiffany; she arched her back and thrust her hips back. Jack pushed into her wet pussy and allowed her to fuck him till she came. He warned her not to stop, he hadn’t cum yet. Tiffany kept fucking back hard, waiting for Jack to cum. She had other orgasms, the pain and the fucking was overloading her brain. Jack pulled his cock from her ass, shoved it in Tiffany’ ass and came.

Jack untied Tiffany and took her to the bedroom. Jack re-tied her on her back spread eagled. Jack left her and went down to get her cell phone. He scrolled her contact’s list and found the number to the gym. Jack called the gym and told them Tiffany needed to cancel her appointment with her PT, she had been called out of town on an emergency. She would contact them when she got back next week.

Jack spent Thursday and Friday training Tiffany, he rewarded her with an orgasm when she pleased him and punished her when she hesitated to follow his commands. Her biggest whipping had come when he ordered her to lick his asshole. She refused to do this; Jack whipped her on her bare pussy while she was spread eagled on her back. After a few lashes with his belt on her clit, she licked his ass.

Jack soon learned Tiffany would deliberately break a minor rule to get a spanking. He would have her lie over his lap and use his hand to paddle her bare bottom, most of the time he teased and played with her pussy, she was always wet after the spankings. She would then call him Master and offer to please him. She had figured out that pleasing him allowed her to cum

Jack was only handcuffing her ankle to the bed post now, she lay however he ordered her to do, if he told her to spread eagle on her back, she would drop down in the center of the bed with her arms and legs spread wide.

Jack fucked her Saturday morning before allowing her to go to go pee. He made her cup her hand over her pussy and catch all her juice and cum in her hand. Tiffany licked her hand clean when he told her too. He allowed her to pee, she wouldn’t hesitate to hold his dick when he pissed. She even licked and suck the few drops of piss from his cock when ordered too.

Jack had Tiffany fix a big breakfast for both of them. After eating, Jack had Tiffany lie over his lap with her legs spread. He used both vibrators from behind, switching and swapping them until she had soaked his lap. Jack told her she could cum, Tiffany thanked her Master for giving her permission to cum.

Jack had Tiffany lie spread eagled on her stomach. He tied her all stretched out and turned on the big vibrator. Jack placed the vibrator under her, trapping it between the bed and her mound. He knew if she pressed down with her pelvis, she would be feeling the vibrator mashing her clit. Jack told Tiffany he had to go run some errands, he would return in a couple of hours. Jack told Tiffany she could cum as often as she wanted, she had his permission.

Jack left the house driving her car. He called his sister Amy to be quiet and listen, don’t speak till he told her something, do not let her mother know he was on the phone. Jack asked Amy if she could meet him at Starbucks, near the mall?

Amy was curious to find out what was going on, she had assumed Jack was out west hiking. She said she would be there in 25 to 30 minutes. Jack had ordered a regular coffee for him and a French Vanilla Latte for Amy. Amy came in while he was getting the cups over the counter.

They sat in a corner, she knew Jack had something he wanted to share in private. As soon as they had sat down, Amy asked Jack what was going on? She was dying of curiosity.

Jack smiled at Amy, “I have a slave.” Amy’s face twisted in confusion, was this a joke? Was her brother a pervert or a sex fiend?

Amy pushed back from the, she was about to walk out. “Jack, I don’t want to know any details about your kinky sex life. I am not into freaky far out sex.” She rose and turned to walk out the door.

“Amy, wait a second please. I forgot to tell you my slave’s name is Tiffany.” Amy froze, turned and sat down facing Jack. She leaned and looked into his eyes. She saw the smug grin on his face. She did not have to ask “Tiffany who?”

Amy did want details, she learned about Tiffany calling their mother a big lumpy cow. She learned how Jack had watched Tiffany and planned his “Project”. Amy was leaning over the table closer to Jack as he spoke, she was very interested in everything he was speaking of now. Starbucks was getting to crowded to talk about such a sensitive subject. Jack suggested they drive to Tiffany’s house and he would give her all the details.

Amy followed Jack back to their father’s house. She followed Jack to the kitchen, he had done some minor food shopping on the way to Starbucks. Amy made Jack tell her everything, how he had covered Tiffany with the duffle bag, how he stripped an broke her, the toys, pissing on her, making her tongue his ass, whipping her on the pussy, everything. Amy asked where Tiffany was now.

Jack told Amy to follow him upstairs, but not to make any noise. Jack opened the bedroom door, Amy saw Tiffany tied face down, she was moaning and wiggling her hips over the big vibrator, she had 2 orgasms while Jack was gone and close to having another one.

Amy walked to the foot of the bed and looked at Tiffany’s ass and pussy. Amy saw the wet sheets under Tiffany’s hips, she knew Tiffany had been having an orgasm. Amy motioned for Jack to follow her to the hall, she

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