slipped inside her anal ring, it glided right in her ass. Tiffany’s hips had lifted from the bed, she had tried to clench her butt to prevent the vibrator from entering her, the tighter she squeezed her butt, the more it hurt, she relaxed as much as she could and felt the burning searing pain recede somewhat.

Tiffany’s pussy had gotten used to the big vibrator by, her body had begun to respond to the intrusion and had started to get moist. She felt even fuller with the other vibrator in her ass. Her ass wasn’t hurting near as bad as when the vibrator had been forced in at first. She had heard some of her friends talking about anal sex, how it could hurt and yet feel good. She was beginning to understand the “Feel Good” part.

Jack took the knife and slit the duffle bag open up to where he had tape wrapped around her neck. He cut her blouse open, lifted her bra in the center between her breast. He cut her bra apart there and cut the straps going over her shoulders. Jack pulled the blouse and bra out from under her body.

Jack leaned over and began to very gently lick around her big breast. He didn’t touch her nipples or the pink flesh around her nipples. He did stop to blow very gently over the nipples, he saw little goose bumps build on her flesh and her nipples began to pucker. Jack had one hand laying over her mound, he slipped a finger down into her slit, located her clit and began to stroke his finger tip over her clit.

Jack looked between her legs, she was beginning to ooze a little moisture out around the big vibrator. Jack began to lick around her areolas. He felt small tremors as she was responding to all the forced stimulations. Jacked rubbed a little bit faster, still not pressing down on her clit at this time. He blew over her nipple and barely touched it with his tongue.

Jack made small circles over the tip of her swelling nipple, both nipples were becoming erect and standing up. Jack had to admit to himself, she had a fantastic body.

Jack finally lowered his head and sucked on her nipple, he didn’t bite or tug on it, he just sucked easy on the hard nub, he ran his tongue around the protruding tip.

Jack moved and shifted his body till he was lying between her legs. he began to suck and lick on her clit. Jack started to move the big vibrator out and back in. Tiffany was beginning to move her hips, tilting her pelvis up to lift and open her pussy.

Jack sucked harder and faster on her clit, he began to tug it with his lips and lashed it with his tongue. His hand was working the vibrator faster now, almost pulling it free, and then driving it back in deep.

Tiffany had moaned lightly at first, now she was beginning to pant and gasp, she felt a gathering of muscles deep inside vagina tighten up, heat was building rapidly inside her blood. Her clit had swollen from the thumping earlier and seemed more sensitive to the tongue and lips that was licking and sucking on it.

Jack managed to get his other hand down under ass, he gripped the Slim line and began to pump it in and out of her ass in tempo with the vibrator in her pussy. Tiffany moaned loudly now, she was getting so close, her pulse was pounding, her breathing was more huffing and puffing as she tried to suck air in.

Jack pulled both vibrators out and turned them off. He got off the bed and backed away from Tiffany. Jack stood still and watched her; he was also highly excited but he had to force himself to maintain control right now.

Tiffany was in a quandary, she had been so close to having an orgasm, now she felt empty and was wondering what would happen next. She hadn’t wanted him to stop at this point, she was too close and she was so horny. If he touched her a little more, she knew she would cum. She hated getting this excited and so close to cumming; even though it had been forced on her, only to have the orgasm delayed.

“Tiffany, how does it feel now?”

Tiffany tried to analyze the question and the voice. She wasn’t sure how to figure out the question, but she thought she recognized the voice. He had sounded familiar, someone from her past? She wanted him to say something else, she couldn’t comprehend the question. She hoped she could identify the person by his voice if he spoke some more.

“Who are you? What do you mean, “How does it feel now? Talk to me, explain the question.”

“How does it feel to almost cum, to be feeling so close to orgasm; only to have the stimulation and good feelings taken away so sudden?”

Tiffany searched her mind; she knew that voice from somewhere. Hopefully a name or face would come to her. “It isn’t nice to get someone this close and just stop. That is a form of torture. I assume you realize that and are doing this on purpose.”

Jack turned on the vibrators again and reinserted both. He had no problem getting them both in this time, she was still very wet; her pussy was open and her ass had learned to accept the vibrator. Jack worked both vibrators in and out and began to suck her clit again.

Tiffany knew what to expect this time. She tried to fight off the orgasm that was building inside her. Jack was working them harder and faster than he had before, he was forcing her to respond to the toys. She had no choice in accepting or rejecting what her body was feeling. Tiffany was getting more aroused regardless how much she tried to fight off her responsive feelings.

Jack pulled out the slim line form her ass and sank his middle finger in deep. He massaged her ass deep inside with his finger tip. Tiffany’s hips began to buck, this was far more stimulating than the little vibrator. Fire was beginning to race thru her, she hoped she came before he stopped this time.

Jack had felt her sphincter clamp and squeeze on his finger, he knew how close she was. He pulled his finger out and withdrew the big vibrator at the same time.

Tiffany wanted to scream, it just wasn’t fair, she was hurting a little bit now from this form of torture. “How does it feel now Tiffany?”

Tiffany was mad at herself, she knew that voice but still couldn’t place and name or face to the voice. “It hurts, is that what you want to hear me say? It hurts to get so close then have you stop all of a sudden like you are doing. Does that make you happy?”

Jack repeated the sequence 2 more times, building her up to almost having an orgasm, then stopping and to repeat his question. Tiffany had started to cry now. She was in pain from being brought so close to release only to have her orgasm stolen away.

“This time, I will allow you to cum. I won’t stop till you beg me to stop.” Jack inserted the big vibrator and his finger. Her ass was much more accepting caresses from his probing middle finger than the small plastic vibrator. Jack was true to his words, he let Tiffany cum this time. Her juices were running out of her pussy with every stroke of the big vibrator. Her ass was going crazy squeezing and trying to milk his buried finger. Jack continued to suck and pull on her clit, he kept on pumping the big vibrator in and out, his middle finger was crooking and massaging her ass as deep ass as his finger could reach.

Tiffany had multiple orgasms; she came over and over for 4 or 5 minutes with only ripples of rest between them. Her pussy and ass was beginning to burn now, her mouth was very dry from all the huffing and puffing she had done. “You can stop now.” Jack kept on pumping, licking, sucking, and fingering her ass. Tiffany had another orgasm, this time it hurt, her inner muscles felt sprained from all the contractions and quivering, her pussy and ass was beginning to feel raw. “Please stop, I am begging ok, please stop, please.”

Jack stopped and pulled out the big vibrator and turned it off. “How does it feel now Tiffany?”

Tiffany was crying again, “It felt great at first; I never came so much or came so hard in my entire life. Then I began to hurt from cumming over and over. I feel sore, my pussy and ass feels raw, I am burning all over down there. Why are you, why are you doing this to me?”

“I am your new master Jack.” Jack cut the tape holding her hood in place and removed the duffle bag. Tiffany lay there staring at Jack, was this some kind of horrible joke? What was he thinking, had he gone crazy?

Jack sat down where Tiffany could see his face. “I am doing this for several reasons Tiffany. You stole my father from my mother and sister. You hurt my family and me, I am hurting you in return.”

Tiffany looked at Jack, he looked sane, didn’t appear to be on drunk or on drugs. “Why are you doing this to me, why have you stripped me and molested me? This is rape, even if you haven’t fucked me.”

“Tiffany, you used your looks and your body to steal my father. You have used your beauty and your sex to get what you want. I am claiming you because you need to learn how to serve rather than to be served. As to what you just said a moment ago, I haven’t fucked you, but now I will. You will learn how to serve me, to do whatever I tell you to do. You will learn how to suck my cock, how to fuck me with your tits, pussy and ass. You will call me Master from now on.”

“Oh my God, you are crazy Jack, you have lost your fucking mind,” Tiffany was scared, he was crazy.

Jack slapped Tiffany across her breast until they turned red, “I told you to call me Master.” Jack stood and

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