took off all his clothes, then climbed between Tiffany’s legs, took his cock and pushed it in her pussy. He began to fuck her, he was taking his pleasure on her, not trying to please her or let her enjoy the act. Her pussy was still sore and burning from the big vibrator and repeatedly having it forced in her. Jack groaned and swelled, then jammed himself in her as deep as he could and came. His cum did feel soothing to her sore pussy.

Jack pulled his cock out and told Tiffany, “Go to sleep and rest, you have a long hard week ahead of you. Your training has just begun.” Jack reached down and got a set of ankle cuffs, he fastened one to her ankle and was preparing to snap the other cuff to the bed post knob.

“Jack, wait a minute please, I need to use the bathroom.” Jack slapped her breast harder and pinched her nipples. Tiffany screamed and begged him to stop hurting her.

“You just called me Jack. You will learn to listen to me and to obey any commands I give you.” Jack was slapping her breast, turning them a bright red.

“Master please stop hitting my breast, please stop hurting me. Please let me use the bathroom.”

Jack escorted Tiffany to the bathroom, he led her to the commode and told her to piss.

Tiffany was stunned, he expected to pee while he stood next to her and watched, he really was crazy. Tiffany sat on the commode; it was hard to get her urine to start flowing, knowing he would hear her piss splashing in the bowl She finally peed, wiped herself and flushed the commode.

Jack said he needed to pee too, he told her to hold his cock and aim his stream at the bowl. Tiffany refused to do this, he could hold his own damned cock if he had to piss. Jack grabbed her nipple between his thumb and index finger, he squeezed and dug his thumb nail into her nipple. Tiffany screamed and tried to twist free.

“Tiffany, take my cock, aim my piss in the commode. If I have to tell you again, you will be punished severely. I am your master and expect to be obeyed, you will learn to any and all my commands.” He squeezed harder, her nipple was about to burst open. She held his cock until he was done pissing. “Shake the end to make all the drops come out.” Jack released her nipple.

“Come with me to the kitchen, I brought in a large pizza.” They ate half of the pizza, he allowed her to have a glass of water. Jack took her back upstairs and told her to lie on the bed spread eagle on her stomach. Jack tied her ankles and wrist to the bedpost.

Jack pushed her pillows under her lower stomach pushing her hips up. “Tiffany, as I fucked you earlier, you just laid under me, you didn’t move and try to please me. You have to learn your only function is to please and serve me.”

Jack lay between Tiffany’s legs and pushed his cock into her pussy. “I am going to hold my cock in you, you are to fuck your hips up and back, you will move and fuck me with your pussy or you will be punished.”

Tiffany began to push and rock her hips back, she felt Jack’s cock going in and out only when she moved. He was supporting his weight on his knees and elbows, she was having to do all the work. Jack pulled his cock out of Tiffany’s pussy. “You aren’t trying to please me Tiffany, you are only doing the bare minimum to move your hips. You aren’t moving to make my cock slide in and out in long strokes, you have to concentrate on giving me maximum pleasure. Try again, make me cum hard in you.”

Jack put his cock head over her asshole and began to push. Tiffany screamed as his thick head forced her ass to open wide, she felt her anal ring stretch as he pressed in and in. He was splitting her ass open, she was being ripped apart. Her ass was on fire and burning terribly as Jack went deeper and deeper into her bowels.

Jack was still supporting himself on his knees and elbows, he was giving her room to move under him. “Relax your ass Tiffany, stop clenching your asshole so tight. You will find it easier on you if you quit squeezing me and push your ass up.” Tiffany had nothing to lose, she was hurting so bad, maybe if she tried what he said, the pain wouldn’t be so bad.

Tiffany stopped trying to push her hips down on the bed, as she lifted her bottom up, she felt her asshole relax and stop squeezing down so hard on his cock. While her pain was greater reduced, she was still hurting bad. She knew he wouldn’t remove his cock until he had cum in her, the faster he came, the sooner he would remove his large cock from her poor ass.

Tiffany pushed up and moved her hips back down. She learned it didn’t hurt as much if she moved her ass in small circles when pushing up onto his cock or dragging his cock out on her downward movements. Her ass was still burning, but she felt another heat building in her pussy. She wished he would reach under her and rub her clit, she thought she could cum and ignore the pain in her ass.

“That is better Tiffany, you are learning to please me. Move your hips faster, try to take me deeper on when your hips are pushing up.” Jack’s cock was longer and bigger than his finger, it was rubbing her deeper, filling her and allowing her to feel more pleasure now than his finger had given her.

Jack felt her change the way she was fucking his cock, she was arching back hard, slamming his cock hard and deep up her ass. His balls were drawing up tight, he was going to cum. Jack squeezed down on his cock, trying to hold back and delay his shooting off in her ass. The longer he could wait, the more intense his feelings would be. Tiffany felt drops of sweat falling on her back, she knew Jack was ready to cum, so was she.

Jack pushed down hard into Tiffany, he drove her ass down till she was lying on the pillows under him. Jack felt his balls pulse and contract as they spurted cum deep inn her ass. His hot cum flooded her bowels, she felt his heat filling her. She squeezed her ass, trying to milk him of every drop when Jack pulled his cock out of her ass.

Tiffany was so close, her asshole was still gaped open, she knew her hole was still spread. “Oh Master, please, I am so close to cumming. Put it back in and let me cum.” Jack was pleased, she had done better pleasing him this time. He liked how she called him Master, how she had begged him to put his cock back in her ass and allow her to cum. Jack slid his cock back in he ass, his cum and her open ass easily allowed him to sink in. Jack began to pump his cock in her, Tiffany screamed when she came.

Jack pulled his wet slimy dick from her ass. He hole was open, he could see his white sperm bubble and ooze from her ass. He reached down into her ass and dipped his fingers in her hole. Jack pulled out some cum from her ass and massaged it around her open hole. “You have a lot to learn Tiffany, that was much better. I allowed you to cum because you pleased me. I am in control, I will tell you when you can cum, I will allow when you please me, I will deny you pleasure when it please me.”

Jack got up and left the bedroom. He went down to the basement and screwed in some large hooks into the floor joist beams. The was a large heavy table along one wall, his father had used it for some of his wood working projects. Jack screwed hooks on the legs near the floor, he screwed more hooks into the wall over the table. He was preparing for the next step in training Tiffany.

Jack went back upstairs to where Tiffany was still tied down. She asked him to let her use the bathroom again. His cum had lubricated her bowels, she needed use the commode. Jack untied her followed her to the bathroom. She sat down and felt a rush of liquid shit gush from her ass. Her face turned red, she knew Jack could her bowels empty. She wiped herself clean and flushed the coomode.

Jack told Tiffany they needed to shower, they both stank and her pussy smelled funky from his spent cum. He adjusted the shower and made her stand in front of him. He played with her tits and fingered her pussy from behind. Jack told Tiffany to turn facing him and to kneel at his feet. Jack placed his cock to her lips, “Suck it, make me cum and don’t spill a drop of my cum, swallow all of it.”

Tiffany had no choice, she thought of biting him, then thought of what he would do to her if she did that. She opened her mouth and took his head in her mouth. Tiffany kept her mouth opened and bob her head back and forth on his cock, this had been the way she had done this before when she had to. Jack told Tiffany she had to do better, her blow job skills were terrible. He made her licked his head and shaft, he had her curl her tongue and lick the little hole in the end of his dick. When he felt ready to cum, he had her take him in her mouth and rub his balls. Jack wrapped his hands around the back of her head and pushed his cock as far as it would go, he felt his cock slip over her tongue and slide down her throat, He came in her throat, spurting his cum directly to her stomach. Jack pulled his cock out, she was choking and gasping, she hadn’t been able to breath with him blocking her throat.

Jack took Tiffany back and tied her to the bed again. He lay beside her and the both slept. The next morning he took her to the bathroom. He didn’t allow her to piss but had her get in the tub on her hands and knees. Jack had the shower temp adjusted to his liking. He got in the tub behind her and showed his cock in her pussy. Jack fucked Tiffany hard and came in her. He stayed on his knees behind her with his cock still buried in her pussy. Jack waited till his cock softened up, then began to piss in her pussy. His hot stream of piss washed her pussy aand made her begin to piss. Tiffany was amazed how good it felt, it was filthy and disgusting, but it did feel good. Jack pulled out before she could cum. They stood and he made her wash, then soap and wash him.

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