Stephen Cannell

The Plan


Thanksgiving Weekend

Saddleback, New Jersey


'Damn near nailed Tina last summer. Dry humped the shit out of her. I would a' got in but her dad came home,' Mickey bragged. 'I'm telling you, Ryan, I was two inches from the goal line.' Mickey's black eyes and round cheeks were shining like polished fruit. He ran a chubby hand through his oily curls and grinned at his prep school roommate.

They were sitting in Mickey's upstairs bedroom under a huge brown plastic B-25 that hung from the ceiling by a thread. Two fifteen-year-olds on a hormonal bombing run, engines roaring, diving out of boyhood, bomb racks full, searching for targets of opportunity.

It was Thanksgiving vacation, and Mickey Alo had invited Ryan Bolt to his parents' huge house in Saddleback, New Jersey, for the weekend. Ryan who lived in California, would otherwise have been stuck at boarding school.

The boys were at opposite ends of the physical scale. While Mickey was short, dark, and round, Ryan was tall, blond, and angular. He was handsome in a way that most teenagers could only dream of. But Mickey was the leader. What he lacked in looks he more than made up for with charisma and energy. He was always at full throttle, balls to the wall on everything. . a chubby adolescent kamikaze leading a charmed life.

'So what do I do, stand around and take pictures while you and Tina do it?' Ryan asked.

'Fuck no. Her sister Gina, she's a year older, tits out to here. My mom and dad are picking up guests at Levit Field. They're gonna be gone for at least three hours. We steal the Olds and zip over there, take the girls out to Frazier Lake, peel them and feel them.'

'We're gonna take your dad's car? We don't have licenses. What if we get stowed?'

'We can't ride over there on bikes like fucking Beaver Cleaver and hope to get laid. Come on, I'll call her.'

'You got rubbers?' Ryan was trying to act as if he knew what he was doing.

'You pull out before you come. Ain't you ever done this before?'

Mickey jumped off the bed and moved to the hall phone. Ryan trailed along, scared of the adventure yet drawn to it. If anybody could get them both laid, it was Mickey. Mickey could make stuff happen.

He was on the phone now, talking to the girl he had almost scored with last summer. 'Hey, Tina … it's me. Yeah, I'm home. For only four days. I was thinking I'd drive over and we could get toether.'

He was so confident, talking with no hesitation. 'Listen, is your sister home too?'

While Tina was talking, Ryan held his breath and crossed his fingers.

'Great, 'cause I brought my roommate with me. He's a surfer from California. Blond guy, good enough looking to be on American Bandstand.'

There was a pause.

Mickey cupped the receiver and turned to Ryan. 'Can you be seventeen? Gina won't go out with a fifteen- yearold.'

'Shit, seventeen. She's not gonna believe that.'

'Lie to her, man. That's the secret with women. Tell 'em what they want to hear.' He was back on the phone without waiting for an answer. 'He's almost eighteen. Are your parents around?' He listened to her, while Ryan bit his fingernails. 'Well, look, just tell the maid you're gonna go to the store. I'll pick you up in a few minutes.' He hung up and grinned at Ryan. 'Let's get outta here.'

They ran down the stairs into the marble entry hall with its statues of Roman figures on Doric columns, white marble muscles flexed and shining. They moved out into the porte cochere. A light snow had fallen that morning, and patches of it still remained. Mickey's seven-year-old sister was throwing snowballs at the garden wall.

Ryan thought Lucinda was the prettiest little girl he'd ever seen, with her olive skin and perfect features. She looked at him with the most remarkable green eyes, almost the color of emeralds.

'Listen, Lu. . Ryan and I are gonna take off for a while. Don't tell Mom and Dad.'

'It's Marta's day off, and I'm not supposed to stay home alone,' she said softly.

'Come on, Lu, me an' Ryan got an important errand to tun. '

'You're not supposed to take the car,' she said, reading the mischief in his eyes.

'If you tell Dad, I'm tellin' him you're giving kitchen scraps to Rex. And you know how Dad feels about feedin' bird dogs from the table.'

She nodded but said nothing.

'You go inside and lock the door,' he commanded as she moved toward the house.

Mickey backed the red and white Olds two-door out of the garage and floored it, spewing gravel like bird shot.

Gina and Tina were stamping their feet to stay warm when Mickey pulled up. Tina got into the front seat with Mickey, Gina in the back with Ryan. Tina leaned over and kissed Mickey, who grabbed her around the neck and pulled her close.

'Come over here you,' he said playfully.

'Mickey,' she protested as he drew her roughly to him. 'Ryan, meet Gina and Tina,' Mickey said.

Tina and Gina were more than Ryan had even dreamed of. Both had dark hair and dark eyes. They were well fed but not fat, with large breasts.

Gina was sixteen, and Ryan thought she looked hot to trot. 'Where in California are you from, Ryan?' Gina asked.

'Santa Monica.' Ryan's adrenal glands were wide open, jolting his senses, hardening his erection. He put his arm around Gina's shoulder and pulled her closer. She laid her head on Ryan's shoulder, without even being coaxed.

I'm gonna get laid, Ryan thought.

They parked out at the lake. Neither of the girls had worn bras, and within minutes all were locked in deep embraces. In the front seat, Mickey and Tina were rolling savagely on the leather. In the back, Ryan fumbled awkwardly with the buttons on Gina's shirt.

'Let me,' she whispered, quickly shrugging off her blouse. Stripped to the waist, she pulled him to her. . In the dim glow from the dome light he could see her nipples were erect.

Ryan had never encountered a girl like this one. He'd just met her and she was half-naked, dry humping like a bunny. They rolled on the back seat, fighting for better embraces. The windows dripped with steam. He reached down for her panties, but she grabbed his hand.

'Not yet,' she whispered.

They pushed their hips at one another, and then he felt himself ejaculate. His erection went down like summer wheat. 'I love you,' he said to the girl he had just met and prayed that his hard-on would come back. Ryan had fumbled on the one. In the front seat, Mickey streaked into the end zone, the score was celebrated as Tina let out a squeal.

They got home two hours later. Lucinda was watching television, and they sneaked upstairs without disturbing her.

An hour later, Penny and Joseph Alo arrived from the airport with Paul Arquette and Meyer Lansky. Penny checked on the boys, who were lying on the twin beds in Mickey's room reliving their adventure. 'Lucinda was supposed to be in bed at eight-thirty,' Penny said.

'Sorry, Mom. Forgot.'

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