focusing on, 196–99

   looking out for, 97–99

   pleasing, 120–21

   staying true to, 102–10

self-confidence, 12–14, 17, 73, 221–26, 227

self-esteem, 177–78, xv

self-perception, 214–15

self-respect, 20, 23


   booty calls, 33–34

   difference between men and women after, 59–60

   easy 26

   enjoying, 71

   giving mixed messages about, 64, 68

   insecurity about, 69

   keeping passion alive, 160–63

   waiting to have, 54–64

   ways to delay, 65–68

sexual tease, 64–68


   overdoing your, 15–17

   secure, 62–63

spark, magic, 58, 73, 160

   renewing, 196–212

spontaneity, 31–33


trust, 73–74

turn offs, 163–65



   See also bitch; nice girls comparisons with other, 14–15, 68–69, 73


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