Valerie Gray

Little miss Naughty or: My Forbidden Summer of Sin

Dear Diary,

So today is my 12th birthday. Yesterday was the strangest day of my life. It started out with my first “wet dream” and then I learned about some of the secrets to becoming a woman. I will attempt to write down exactly what happened, but after this, I will definitely have to make sure this diary is hidden from here on out.

I mean, if my mom or dad were ever to find this! Yikes!

To begin, I'll start with the dream and how I woke up this morning.

Terry, my brother, sat on the bed, with his back to the door.

Until a few minutes ago he had been resting quite comfortably.

He wiped the sleep from his eyes and rose from the bed, strolling over to the dresser and retrieved a clean set of shorts and headed off to the bathroom.

I, being just one year younger, heard movement from inside his room and rushed to gather my clothes together. As I crossed out of my room, I was just in time to see the bathroom door ajar and heard the water begin to flow from the shower. Damn, just once I'd like to be able to beat him. Nothing I try to do has ever phased him in the least. My brother must be the most arrogant butthole in the universe.

The boat shuddered, as if hitting one of the speedbumps found at the entrance to their old apartment in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sometimes I wished my parents hadn't taken their vacation out on the ocean. Why couldn't they have just gone to Disneyland like other families?

Glancing at my calendar above the desk, I noticed it was Friday the 13th. Since this was also my birthday, I recalled how my parents told me of my being born into this world during the bombing of Berlin. Now that I am twelve years of age, did they actually think I believed I had been dropped by a stork? I probably knew more about sex then they did. I'd heard their sounds of lovemaking. Did they think I was deaf to the banging of the bed against my bedroom wall? Did it really only take about four minutes to satisfy each other? Like, for real. that I would believe that the stork brought me, why did they insist on treating me like a child? Many is the time I wish that I had a friend that I could absolutely trust to tell any and all of my secrets. I wish there was someone who treated me with respect. Who treated me as an equal.

I have only one brother. He is like a mirror image of me, only he is one year older. Many people mistake us for being twins.

If it wasn't for finally my maturing enough to having a bit of a chest, and my long hair black hair, we could be mistaken as identical brothers. I blame him for being older. He is always teasing and picking on me. It is few and far between that I am able to get back at him. Just last week he had stolen one of my new training bras and was using it as a slingshot in the back yard with some of the neighborhood boys. I got even with him by taking his adult magazines, hidden under his bedroom, mattress. I'll bet he is still worried that it was mom who had found them.

Leaving my bedroom, I have decided I am tired of having to wait for my brother to finish in the bathroom for my turn. So I stormed into the bathroom and pulled my panties down, sat on the toilet and glared at his wet form through the shower's glass door.

Terry heard the door open, but it didn't register until a few moments later that someone was with him. Continuing to shampoo his hair, and then rinsing it, he noticed my staring at him.

Since he was only thirteen, and his masculinity was just kicking in, the fact that his sister was in the bathroom was just a bit too much for his juvenile pride to handle. He shut the water off and slid the shower door open. Acting like it didn't bother him in the least, he grabbed a towel and dried his hair, and began working his way down his body. As he reached his penis, he emphasized the fact that he had just reached puberty and the light tuft of curls were given extreme attention with his towel.

He enjoyed the amazed look on my face as I watched him exhibit himself in this manner. Just to add the icing on the cake, he wrapped the towel around the penis of his penis and stroked it a few times to cause it to become semi-erect. Its normal size of two inches, grew to just over three, as he excited himself to an semi-erection. A small drop of moisture formed at the eye of his hardening penis. He must have noticed I was intently watching the jerking movements and pulses his penis, made as he moved his towel again up and down the length of his penis.

I didn't blink an eye. If it was a battle of the body as well as the mind, I would do my best to keep with him. I leaned back on the toilet and allowed him to watch me urinate into the water below. Normally that might make most males a bit apprehensive and turned off, but he had never seen a girl perform this private bodily function. Males just usually strolled up to a john, whipped it out and aimed for the water below. His erection grew slightly as he observed me. Terry could see the spray flow from my mound and splash below. He watched the golden fluid as it left my body to shower upon the water. I then took a few sheets of toilet paper and wiping myself, I made sure that my fingers caused my vagina to spread apart and expose its virginal entrance.

We hadn't seen each others bodies since we had stopped taking baths together, around five years ago. This open viewing was really the most that either of us had seen of the opposite sex naked. I calmly bent over to pull my panties up, and while doing so, brought my face purposely to within inches of his penis. My breath had to have been felt by him as I stood upright. Strolling over to the door, I left the bathroom without so much as a backwards glance. I thought, silently to myself, that I had definitely finally bested him. Maybe now he would treat me more like an adult, instead of a brat baby sister!

Closing the door behind me, I placed an ear against it to listen for any comments Terry might make under his breath. All I could hear was a continuous smacking sound. Lowering my eyes to the keyhole, I observed my brother stroking his penis furiously. His balls swinging, as he pummeled his fist from the tip, to the base, in a heated fashion. Suddenly his knees started buckling and I wished that I could see his face, but could only note that he was pumping his fist almost faster than I could follow. With a moan from inside the bathroom, I watched as he spurted his hot white semen. At his young age, he shot so hard, that it seemed he might never end. When he finished I saw him wiping his hand with the towel and attempting to clean the floor of his sticky substance. He then pulled on his under shorts, so off I ran to my room.

Hearing his bedroom door close, I knew that he had left and now could go in and take a shower. Upon entering the bathroom, I turned and placed the catch that served as a lock on the inside the door and stripped myself of my night shirt and panties. I saw in the mirror how erect my nipple had become and they seemed to be at least twice as large. I was really proud of the way my body had matured over the last few months. My gaze fell to the sink, where I had noticed Terry had been facing. I saw about three splotches of gooey white stuff on the edge. Remembering how his penis had erupted, I reached down and for the first time in my life touched semen. I noticed, almost in a scientific manner, that it was indeed sticky, as some of the other more experienced girls in my class had bragged to me. I could still feel the heat from its moisture. Bringing my fingers up to my face, I could actually smell the scent of him. Disappointed, but curious, I couldn't bring herself to taste something found in a bathroom. Rubbing the semen between my fingers, I imagined two people having sex. I mean real sex. The man plunging deep inside of the woman, bringing them both to new heights of passion. I wondered what the explosion of it deep inside myself would feel like. My other hand naturally found the cleft between my legs and I began to slide my index finger gently between the moist lips. With my other hand, I placed the sticky material on my nipples and pinching them ever so slightly, felt electric jolts throughout my body. I had never revealed feelings such as those that were overbearing my body now. I thrust my pelvis out as I tore at the sheets that confined me.

Dear Diary,

This ends my dream and I will attempt to tell you of what happened during that following morning. It had seemed so real.

I couldn't believe that I had thought about Terry that way, but my father never let me go around other boys. He is really the only male close to my age I have contact with. But as the morning began, I soon learned more about becoming a woman.

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