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THE UNION High Command

Lord Marshal Kroy — commander-in-chief of his Majesty’s armies in the North.

Colonel Felnigg — his chief of staff, a remarkably chinless man.

Colonel Bremer dan Gorst — royal observer of the Northern War and disgraced master swordsman, formerly the king’s First Guard.

Rurgen and Younger — his faithful servants, one old, one … younger.

Bayaz, the First of the Magi — a bald wizard supposedly hundreds of years old and an influential representative of the Closed Council, the king’s closest advisors.

Yoru Sulfur — his butler, bodyguard and chief bookkeeper.

Denka and Saurizin — two old Adepti of the University of Adua, academics conducting an experiment for Bayaz.

Jalenhorm’s Division

General Jalenhorm — an old friend of the king, fantastically young for his position, described as brave yet prone to blunders.

Retter — his thirteen-year-old bugler.

Colonel Vallimir — ambitious commanding officer of the King’s Own First Regiment.

First Sergeant Forest — chief non-commissioned officer with the staff of the First.

Corporal Tunny — long-serving profiteer, and standard-bearer of the First.

Troopers Yolk, Klige, Worth, and Lederlingen — clueless recruits attached to Tunny as messengers.

Colonel Wetterlant — punctilious commanding officer of the Sixth Regiment.

Major Culfer — his panicky second in command.

Sergeant Gaunt, Private Rose — soldiers with the Sixth.

Major Popol — commanding the first battalion of the Rostod Regiment.

Captain Lasmark — a poor captain with the Rostod Regiment.

Colonel Vinkler — courageous commanding officer of the Thirteenth Regiment.

Mitterick’s Division

General Mitterick — a professional soldier with much chin and little loyalty, described as sharp but reckless.

Colonel Opker — his chief of staff.

Lieutenant Dimbik — an unconfident young officer on Mitterick’s staff.

Meed’s Division

Lord Governor Meed — an amateur soldier with a neck like a turtle, in peacetime the governor of Angland, described as hating Northmen like a pig hates butchers.

Colonel Harod dan Brock — an honest and hard-working member of Meed’s staff, the son of a notorious traitor.

Finree dan Brock — Colonel Brock’s venomously ambitious wife, the daughter of Lord Marshal Kroy.

Colonel Brint — senior on Meed’s staff, an old friend of the king.

Aliz dan Brint — Colonel Brint’s naive young wife.

Captain Hardrick — an officer on Meed’s staff, affecting tight trousers.

The Dogman’s Loyalists

The Dogman — Chief of those Northmen fighting with the Union. An old companion of the Bloody-Nine, once a close friend of Black Dow, now his bitter enemy.

Red-Hat — the Dogman’s Second, who wears a red hood.

Hardbread — a Named Man of long experience, leading a dozen for the Dogman.

Redcrow — one of Hardbread’s Carls.

THE NORTH In and Around Skarling’s Chair

Black Dow — the Protector of the North, or stealer of it, depending on who you ask.

Splitfoot — his Second, meaning chief bodyguard and arse-licker.

Ishri — his advisor, a sorceress from the desert South, and sworn enemy of Bayaz.

Caul Shivers — a scarred Named Man with a metal eye, who some call Black Dow’s dog.

Curnden Craw — a Named Man thought of as a straight edge, once Second to Rudd Threetrees, then close to Bethod, now leading a dozen for Black Dow.

Wonderful — his long-suffering Second.

Whirrun of Bligh — a famous hero from the utmost North, who wields the Father of Swords. Also called Cracknut, on account of his nut being cracked.

Jolly Yon Cumber, Brack-i-Dayn, Scorry Tiptoe, Agrick, Athroc and Drofd — other members of Craw’s dozen.

Scale’s Men

Scale — Bethod’s eldest son, now the least powerful of Dow’s five War Chiefs, strong as a bull, brave as a bull, and with a bull’s brain too.

Pale-as-Snow — once one of Bethod’s War Chiefs, now Scale’s Second.

White-Eye Hansul — a Named Man with a blind eye, once Bethod’s herald.

‘Prince’ Calder — Bethod’s younger son, an infamous coward and schemer, temporarily exiled for suggesting peace.

Seff — his pregnant wife, the daughter of Caul Reachey.

Deep and Shallow — a pair of killers, watching over Calder in the hope of riches.

Caul Reachey’s Men

Caul Reachey — one of Dow’s five War Chiefs, an elderly warrior, famously honourable, father to Seff, father-in-law to Calder.

Brydian Flood — a Named Man formerly a member of Craw’s dozen.

Beck — a young farmer craving glory on the battlefield, the son of Shama Heartless.

Reft, Colving, Stodder and Brait — other young lads pressed into service with Beck.

Glama Golden’s Men

Glama Golden — one of Dow’s five War Chiefs, intolerably vain, locked in a feud with

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