Sharon Lathan 

The Trouble with Mr. Darcy

This novel is dedicated to my children who are a constant delight and inspiration.

My daughter, Emily ~ You have grown into a beautiful, Christian woman whom I am proud to say is my friend. My prayer is for your Mr. Darcy to joyfully enhance your life as your father has mine.

My son, Kyle ~ You are my baby but now a man on the cusp of entering the world away from your parents, yet I have no fears because I know God holds you in the palm of His hand.

Cast of Characters

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Elizabeth Darcy

Alexander Darcy: born November 27, 1817

Michael Darcy: born September 14, 1819

Georgiana Darcy

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam

Lady Simone Fitzwilliam: Colonel Fitzwilliam’s wife; sons Oliver, the Earl of Fotherby, Harry, and Hugh Pomeroy

Earl and Countess of Matlock: Darcy’s uncle and aunt; residence Rivallain in Matlock, Derbyshire

Dr. George Darcy: Darcy’s uncle

Baron and Baroness of Oeggl: Darcy’s Aunt Mary and husband

Charles and Jane Bingley: residence Hasberry Hall in Derbyshire; son Ethan

Joshua and Mary Daniels: residence London; daughters Deborah and Claudia

Katherine (Kitty) Bennet

Major General Randall Artois: Kitty Bennet’s fiance

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet: residence Longbourn in Hertfordshire

George and Lydia Wickham: reside in Devon

Dr. Raul and Anne Penaflor: residence Rosings Park in Kent; daughter Margaret

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Marchioness of Warrow:Dr. Darcy’s aunt and Darcy’s great-aunt

Sebastian Butler: heir to the earldom of Essenton; Lady Warrow’s grandson

Earl and Countess of Blaisdale: the former Caroline Bingley and her husband; son John

Stephen and Amelia Lathrop: residence Stonecrest Hall in Leicestershire; daughter Fiona

Gerald and Harriet Vernor: residence Sanburl Hall in Derbyshire; sons Stuart and Spencer

Albert and Marilyn Hughes: residence Rymas Park in Derbyshire; son Christopher, daughter AbigailGeorge and Alison Fitzherbert: residence Brashinharm in Derbyshire; sons Andrew and Neville

Rory and Julia Sitwell: residence Reniswahl Hall in Derbyshire; four sons

Clifton and Chloe Drury: residence Locknell Hall in Derbyshire; son Clive

William and Charlotte Collins: residence Hunsford in Kent; daughters Rachel and Leah

Mrs. Reynolds: Pemberley housekeeper

Mr. Taylor: Pemberley butler

Mr. Keith: Mr. Darcy’s steward

Samuel Oliver: Mr. Darcy’s valet

Marguerite Oliver: Mrs. Darcy’s maid

Mrs. Annesley: Miss Darcy’s companion

Mrs. Smyth: Darcy House housekeeper

Mr. Travers: Darcy House butler

Mrs. Hanford and Miss Lisa: nannies to Darcy children


After a Time

Elizabeth Darcy walked through the bedchamber doorway and released a heavy sigh as she threw her traveling gloves onto the chair.

“Finally got the baby to sleep. He nursed intermittently, but I do not think hunger was the issue. He definitely does not travel well! I have never seen him so upset, and that is saying something.” She plopped onto the edge of the large bed and gazed around the room as she removed her pelisse. “I know I have said it a few times already, but I am amazed that this house has never been sold. You would think the family weary of maintaining a manor so far away for so many years. What is the point?”

This entire speech, including the unanswered question, was directed toward her husband. Darcy lay spanning the whole width of the generous bed, his long, lean body supine with booted legs dangling over the edge by Lizzy’s knees and hands loosely clasped in the empty air above his head. By all appearances he looked soundly asleep, but Lizzy was not deceived. The simple facts that his mouth was not parted and breathing not deep were a sure giveaway. Therefore, she continued to ramble.

“Whatever the reasoning, it is fortunate for us. Much more comfortable than an inn or trying to cramp into Longbourn.” She sighed again, folded the sable-accented woolen jacket, and absently placed it onto the mattress beside her as her eyes swept over the furnishings and wide windows. “In truth, I will miss this place if they ever sell it. So many memories.” Her voice grew silent. A happy smile adorned her lips as one hand caressed Darcy’s nearest thigh. “Yes, many memories. Remember the time… Oh!”

“No walks down the lane of Netherfield remembrances as yet, my dear. Put your mouth to better use and kiss me.” He had grabbed her elbow and tugged until she lay alongside him, bouncing slightly from the impact.

“William, the door…”

But he turned toward her and engaged her lips before the rejoinder was complete. Nothing improper, they were both fully clothed mind you, but a vigorous kiss ensued for a blissful few minutes.

“Sorry to interrupt the exhibition,” declared a voice that sounded anything but remorseful.

Darcy reflexively released his wife and jerked upward, only then registering the voice and tone of latent laughter. “Uncle! Are you unaware of knocking on doors?”

George’s brows rose, the feigned expression of surprise not hiding his amusement. “On open doors? What an

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