Flossie in bondage

We entered the Palais D'Coite. It was a most attractive tavern with hotel atmosphere. Roland registered, then we were led to a 'private dining room,' that is, it was called that by the host. In reality it was a sumptuous bedroom with a table elaborately set for dinner. I was awe-struck by the dreamy affect in the appointment of the room.

At the end of this chamber, furthest from the door, was an inviting bed. How I would like to get laid in it, I thought. 9 Apparently this room was carefully made for fuckers only. The ceiling above the bed was mirrored! the foot and the head of the bed were similarly fitted.

Heavy damask drapes hung along side the bed.

They could be drawn and completely hide the bed. I presumed that this arrangement was made for bashful parties-carrees, or else to help muffle the lustful shrieks and cries of passion maddened fuckers.

Dim red lamps cast a sensuous glowing pallor throughout the room. With such atmosphere who would not become passionate? I know my cunt was glwing with the same red pallor of the room.

Evidently the dinner was arranged beforehand.

It was served as soon as I removed my white wrap and tam.

Roland locked and bolted the dors, then he kissed me with the fervor of youth in its wildest stage. I opened my dress so that he could obtain a more complete view of my, until-a-few-minutes-ago, virgin charms. He dashed his lips to my white, plump bubbies and tried to suck them thin. I was already hot enough to receive his bursting dick, but he spoke:

'First well drink a love potion and eat a hearty meal… it feels even better then/' 'Why beloved, could anything feel any better than that we have both indulged in… it was so divinely heavenly,' I looked at him with a hazy lustful expression in my eyes.

'With such alluring atmosphere and you, the zenith of seductiveness, I, in this room expect to reach the highest height of joys… the crowning fuck of my life,' he spoke, poetically and in utmost sincerity.

He gripped me in his arms agai nand carressed me with artistic grace. It touched me as no other kiss ever did. Then we began our meal.

First we drang two delicious cocktails. They reminded me somewhat of my first dring with Don, my former flame; How different everything here was copared ti that dingy little speak-easy, and how different a girl I was then. He tried to put his hand on my knee then. I slapped his face and I cried. Nowt I dared anything! just to cool an itching pussie.

Funny isn't it, how a girl's morals change in so short time?

Never before had I looked at a meal that made me seethe between the legs, but this mal did! What a dinner! I later learned that the dishes were chosen to produce this result. Not only did they cause ones' passions to rise by gazing upon them, but they were of such constituents that they created abronmal secretions of the love juices and imbued the promotion of jazzful feelings.

I assume that every man and woman who fucks knows that the more love syrup a man or woman has the hotter they get and the longer they fuck; even the feeling is greater. This meal was more or less an appetizer for the coming feast of the flesh.

When I had finished about half of my meal, from the affects of the many flavored wines, I was drunk, not from the alcoholic contents of them, but from the strange passion exciting elements that they contained. I was 'rarring' to fuck. I would have disrobed in the middle of a public thoroughfare or park if $ knew that would beget me the big prick that I now so impatiently yearned for.

We both were nibbling on oysters when Roland seized another bottle of champagne, as though some idea suddenly struck his mind. He reached for the glasses, his eyes at the same time gloated over my bared titties. He filled two of them to the brim and spoke:

'Here i sto a fascinating girl, with a ravishingly beautiful form and a betwitching cunt, may she forever be mine and full of spunk, right now she's hot and full of shot!'

We did not drink. I wanted to get a toast out of my mind with even more lust than Roland's. I was continually getting warmer between my legs, my cunnie was burning, itching, and genuinely cockhungry. I picked up my glass, as did he, and through my passion dimmed eyes I dreamily gazed into his and declaimed:

'Here's to my lover,

A king of a shover;

His supply of cream,

Into my cunt it shall stream;

Such floods of delight

I want every night; ^

His cream is like dew,

It will always make me spew;

May he always reign supreme,

Of his prick I will always dream V9 Just fancy a demur girl, with an innocent, babyface of twenty springing a toast like that. I actually blushed at my unprecedented boldness. You should have seen Roland's face when I finished. It had that, baby-I-could-fuck-you-to-death, expression written all ovev rit. The way he rushed around to my side of the table I thought he was going to eat me. He milked both of my titties, first with his hands then with his mouth. We were both the worse from the bubbie stimulating exercise. Then he released me and panted:

'You lovely cock-stimulator, I'll finish my dinner with your cream puffs!'

He again bent and sucked on the stiff red nipples, sending many more shivers of delight through me. I almost wet my chemise, but Roland stopped just as I felt my tube beginning to contract. I really didn't want to come then because I wanted to save every drop of luscious spend for the dessert to this meal … our cunt and prick embrace; besides when I come I always want a big throbbing prick between my legs.

I wanted to surprise Roland with the same kind of attack that he visited upon me. Impulsively I dashed to his side of the table and before he was fully aware of my purpose I had unbuttoned his trousers and bared his bursting cock. I tenderly fondled it with my hands, then I found its eye with the tip of my flaming tongue. Roland squirmed and groaned under the spell of this attack. After swabbing the head lightly with my tongue I put the entire crown in my mouth. I drew my lips very firm and held them in that povlJon for a few minutes. Then slowly I drew my lips, keeping them tight all the time, until they freed his stormy peter. Roland almost came.

'Now Roland, I've repaid you. Now sit down and eat, please! If you show me that big handsome thing of your's again I'll go off in my panties. You know dear when I go off I want every bit of you in me.'

We continued our dinner as my lover gazed at my fat little titties. Those two springy mounds of flesh with their insidious red nipples standing outward perkingly, were reminiscent of two little hard-as-iron peters.

'Gee-whiz, girlie,' Roland said feverishly, 'I could feast on your titties forever! How I would like to fuck you between those two appetizing mounds of meat! And how wonderful it would be to watch my juice flood your immaculate neck and trickle over to put cream on your two ripe strawberry nipples. Baby

I'm cunt crazy! You are the cause! I can hardly wait._.. oh I'm going to fuck you so good!'

These words streamed right through me, starting at the nipplejs of my tits, they sent an electric thrill down to my itching slit between my legs.

Just before we finished our dinner Roland opened another bottle of wine and proposed the following:

'If my little queen will d the belly dance upon the table, then she will be my choice to take across the sea with me… here's to Flossie, the queen of belly dancers!'

I wasn't shocked, but I certainly was surprised… who wouldn't be? A trip to Europe just for a belly dance. I never had seen an actual performance of thisc requested dance, but did I balk? I should say I didn't!

I gave the room a hasty scan to determine whether it was possible for anyone other than Roland to witnes the exhibition. Even the key-hole had a covering.

I trembled as I mounted the table, not for fear of being caught amid this lascivious dance, but I was not confident whether I could perform this fete well enough to merit the promised trip abroad. After all I had only heard

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