Roy Glenn


Book One and Book Two combined

Chapter One

I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me.

The words of Tupac Shakur pounded from the stereo of the 1999 Chevrolet. The car’s system wasn’t all that, just the regular factory Delco that came with the car, but at least it had a CD player.

Mr. Blue sat in the back seat and stared down the street at the objective. He always took this time to focus on the task at hand, to see the entire job unfold, executed to perfection in his mind. There would be no mistakes, no hesitation, and no slip-ups. But there never were, so why should today be any different?

Mr. Green and Mr. White sat in the front seat. Mr. Green nodded his head to the beat of the music while Mr. White tapped nervously on the steering wheel. Each was dressed in black-floor length trench coats over black jumpsuits, gloves, and wool hats. All sat in complete silence, mentally preparing for what they were about to do.

“Time check,” Mr. Blue said as he looked at his watch.

“Ten-forty,” Mr. White replied as both she and Mr. Green checked their watches.

“Ten-forty, check,” Mr. Green said. “They’re late.” He slumped down in his seat and nodded his head to the beat as Tupac continued to put it down. He hated waiting and was becoming restless.

“Never mind that, Mr. Green. Weapons check,” Mr. Blue said, trying to keep them focused and on task. He checked the 12-gauge pump shotgun in his lap and then the two 9 millimeter pistols that were holstered under his coat. Mr. White and Mr. Green checked their nines and verified that they each had six extra clips.

“We’re ready! These muthafuckas just need to get here,” Mr. Green spit out as he placed one of his weapons back in its holster.

“Patience, Mr. Green,” Mr. White said. “You’ll get to bust that baby soon enough.”

“Patience is your thing, Mr. White. You know what an adrenaline junky I am,” Mr. Green said, brandishing the other nine before returning it to its holster.

“Maintain operational silence,” Mr. Blue said.

At that moment the target vehicle turned onto the street. “Mr. Blue,” Mr. White said. “Late model Lincoln Continental limousine approaching on your nine.”

“Acknowledged,” Mr. Blue replied as he put on his headset and turned on the monitor.

“About time. Here we go,” Mr. Green said, smiling as he and Mr. White put on their headsets.

“Sound check,” Mr. Blue barked. “Mr. White?”

“Check one, check two.”

“Acknowledged. Mr. Green?”

“Sound check, one, two.”

“Acknowledged,” Mr. Blue said as the Lincoln pulled up in front of Victoria jewelry store. The driver got out and opened the rear passenger door on his side. “Mr. Green.”

With that, Mr. Green exited the Chevy and walked quickly down the street toward the store. One very large black male exited the Lincoln and looked around before he walked around to the other side of the limo. While the driver approached the door of the shop, the black male opened the rear door on the car’s passenger side.

“Mr. White,” Mr. Blue said.

Mr. White started up the Chevy and maneuvered into position directly in front of the Lincoln. Mr. Blue and Mr. White exited the vehicle. The big man had opened the back door and was holding it open while his employer got out. He was a mousy little man in an expensive suit, clutching close to his chest the briefcase that was handcuffed to his waist.

Mr. Blue and Mr. White fell in behind them and pulled down their masks as they approached the door of the jewelry store.

Mr. Green had followed the driver into the store and pulled down his mask. He immediately removed a can of black paint from his pocket and sprayed the security camera. He stepped inside and pressed the barrel of his gun into the security guard’s back. The guard started to reach for his.45. “Don’t do it,” Mr. Green whispered in his ear. “You don’t make enough money to die for somebody else’s shit.” Realizing that an excellent point had been made, the security guard moved his hand away from his gun as Mr. Green pulled out his other gun and stood ready.

As big boy and his boss entered the store, Mr. Blue and Mr. White entered behind them. Mr. White locked the door and pulled down the shades. Mr. Blue put his foot in big boy’s back and kicked him to the floor.

“Everybody down!” Mr. Blue yelled, standing with arms spread eagle and a gun in each hand. The customers and the store employees looked at the three masked bandits and began to scream as they did as they were told and lowered themselves to the floor.

Mr. Green took the gun from the security guard and quickly removed the shells from the clip. Then he went to each of the three remaining security cameras and applied black spray paint to the lenses. With that task complete, he went into the back office and disabled the display case sensors, so when the glass was shattered no alarm would be activated.

Mr. Blue put his foot on big boy’s neck. “Mr. White,” he said into the mike.

Mr. White moved quickly to disarm and handcuff the big man. With the cameras, big boy and security disabled, Mr. Blue holstered one weapon and pulled out a stopwatch. “Two minutes.”

Mr. White and Mr. Green immediately took out large cloth bags. Mr. White took out a small but sturdy set of bolt cutters and cut the handcuff chain, freeing the briefcase from the mousy little man. She opened the case and examined the contents. As expected, the case contained un-mounted and uncut diamonds. Mr. White put the briefcase in her bag.

Mr. Green moved to the first targeted case, which was filled with gold and diamond-studded bracelets. Mr. Blue had briefed them thoroughly on which pieces they were interested in obtaining. With the butt of his gun, Mr. Green broke the glass. He picked up the designated pieces and placed them in the bag before moving on to the next case.

“Ninety seconds,” Mr. Blue said into the mike.

Mr. White moved to the necklace case. Once the glass was broken, she to removed the designated pieces and put them in her bag. The watches were next.

“One minute,” Mr. Blue announced.

Mr. White broke the display glass and quickly removed Rolexes and other expensive watches then placed them in the bag.

Mr. Green lit a cigar and moved to the display case that contained diamond rings. This case was different from the rest. Unlike the other alarm sensors, which were triggered by the sound of glass shattering, this case was armed with sensor beams that were invisible to the naked eye. If the beams broken in any way, they would set off an alarm. Entering a code, which they did not have, was the only way to disable this device.

Mr. Green removed a glasscutter and a suction cup from his pocket. He placed the suction cup on the glass and with the glasscutter, made four even cuts. He carefully lifted the glass from the case and placed it on the floor at his feet.

“Thirty seconds.”

Mr. Green blew smoke from the cigar into the display case. Once in contact with the beams, the smoke made them visible and minimized the risk. Cautiously, Mr. Green reached in and began to remove the designated rings, dropping them in the bag. Out the corner of his eye, Mr. Green could see the store manager reaching for something. “Movement, Mr. Blue. On my three.”

Mr. Blue moved toward the manager and pointed his gun at the store manager’s head. “I don’t want to kill

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