One of the Best Books of 2007 … Top Christian suspense of the year.

Library Journal, for Crimson Eve

The excitement starts on page one and doesn’t stop until the shocking end … [Crimson Eve] is fast-paced and thrilling.

Romantic Times

The action starts with a bang … and the pace doesn’t let up until this fabulous racehorse of a story crosses the finish line.

Christian Retailing, for Crimson Eve

Collins crafts an unparalleled cat and mouse game wrought with mystery and surprise., for crimson eve

A chilling mystery. Not one to be read alone at night.

RT BOOKclub, for Coral Moon

Thrilling … one of those rare books you hurry through, almost breathlessly, to find out what happens.

Spokane Living, for Coral Moon

… a fascinating tale laced with supernatural chills and gut wrenching suspense.

Christian Library Journal, for Coral Moon

… fast-paced … interesting details of police procedure and crime scene investigation … beautifully developed [characters] …

Publishers Weekly, for Violet Dawn

A sympathetic heroine … effective flashbacks … Collins knows how to weave faith into a rich tale.

Library Journal, for Violet Dawn

Collins expertly melds flashbacks with present-day events to provide a smooth yet deliciously intense flow … quirky townsfolk will help drive the next books in the series.

RT BOOKclub, for Violet Dawn

Skillfully written … Imaginative style and exquisite suspense., for Violet Dawn

A master storyteller … Collins deftly finesses the accelerator on this knuckle-chomping ride.

RT BOOKclub, for Web of Lies

… fast-paced … mentally challenging and genuinely entertaining. Christian Book Previews, for Web of Lies

Christian Book Previews, for Web of Lies

Collins’ polished plotting sparkles … unique word twists on the psychotic serial killer mentality. Lock your doors, pull your shades—and read this book at noon.

RT BOOKclub, Top Pick for Dead of Night

This one is up there in the stratosphere … Collins has it in her to give an author like Patricia Cornwell a run for her money., for Dead of Night

… spine-tingling, hair-raising, edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Wordsmith Review, for Dead of Night

A page-turner I couldn’t put down, except to check the locks on my doors.

Authors Choice Reviews

Collins keeps the reader gasping and guessing … artistic prose paints vivid pictures … High marks for original plotting and superb pacing.

RT BOOKclub, for Stain of Guilt

… a sinister, tense story with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Wordsmith Shoppe, for Stain of Guilt

… an abundance of real-life faith as well as real-life fear, betrayal and evil. This one kept me gripped from beginning to end.

Contemporary Christian Music magazine, for Brink of Death

Collins’ deft hand for suspense brings on the shivers.

RT BOOKclub, for Brink of Death

This gripping murder mystery thrills from page one., for Brink of Death

Compelling … plenty of intrigue and false trails.

Publishers Weekly, for Dread Champion

Finely-crafted … vivid … another masterpiece that keeps the reader utterly engrossed.

RT BOOKclub, for Dread Champion

… riveting mystery and courtroom drama.

Library Journal, for Dread Champion

The cleverly complex plot, realistic courtroom drama, well-sketched secondary characters, and strong pacing make this book a fascinating read., for Dread Champion

Chilling … a confusing, twisting trail that keeps pages turning.

Publishers Weekly, for Eyes of Elisha

A thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the end.

Library Journal, for Eyes of Elisha

Unique and intriguing … filled with more turns than a winding mountain highway.

RT BOOKclub, for Eyes of Elisha

One of the top ten Christian novels of 2001., for Eyes of Elisha

Captivating … An imaginative plot, rounded characters, and workmanlikeprose.

Moody magazine, for Eyes of Elisha

For Tony Lamanna,

for all your help

with the law enforcement aspects

in my Kanner Lake novels.

Insightful questions about the story and how it applies

to your life can be found on my website at:

Dear Reader:

In this first book after my Kanner Lake Series I take you on a new and somewhat different rollercoaster ride. In these hills and plunges, rocketing through the blackened tunnels, you will meet new characters upon whose beleaguered heads I’ve wreaked my never-ending havoc.(Poor things—that they should end up in one of my

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