In 1984 he was ‘badged’ as a member of 22 SAS Regiment.

Over the course of the next nine years he was at the centre of covert operations on five continents.

During the first Gulf War he commanded Bravo Two Zero, a patrol that, in the words of his commanding officer, ‘will remain in regimental history for ever’.

Awarded both the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) and Military Medal (MM) during his military career.

McNab was the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he finally left the SAS in February 1993.

He is now the author of ten bestselling thrillers.


In January 1991 , eight members of the SAS regiment, under the command of Sergeant Andy McNab, embarked upon a top secret mission in Iraq to infiltrate them deep behind enemy lines. Their call sign: ‘Bravo Two Zero’. Within days, their location was compromised. In the fire-fight that followed four men were captured. Three died. Only one escaped. For the survivors the worst was to come when they were tortured with a savagery for which not even their intensive SAS training had prepared them.

‘One of the most extraordinary examples of human courage and survival in modern warfare’

The Times

‘The best account of the SAS in action’

Sunday Times


The no–holds–barred account of an extraordinary life, from the day McNab as a baby was found in a carrier bag on the steps of Guy’s Hospital to the day he went to fight in the Gulf War. As a delinquent youth he kicked against society. As a young soldier he waged war against the IRA in the streets and fields of South Armagh.

‘A richly detailed picture of life in the SAS’

Sunday Telegraph

‘The real thing . . . The strength of Immediate Action lies in its detail’

The Times

Nick Stone , ex–SAS trooper, now gun–for–hire working on deniable ops for the British government, is the perfect man for the dirtiest of jobs, doing whatever it takes by whatever means necessary . . .


Dateline: Washington DC, USA

Stone is drawn into the bloody killing of an ex–SAS officer and his family and soon finds himself on the run with the one survivor who can identify the killer – a nine-year-old girl.

‘Proceeds with a testosterone surge’

Daily Telegraph


Dateline: North Carolina, USA

In the backwoods of the American South, Stone has to keep alive the beautiful young woman who holds the key to unlock a chilling conspiracy that will threaten world peace.

‘When it comes to thrills, he’s Forsyth class’

Mail on Sunday


Dateline: Finland

The kidnapping of a Russian Mafia warlord takes Stone into the heart of the global espionage world and into conflict with some of the most dangerous killers around.

‘Other thriller writers do their research, but McNab has actually been there’

Sunday Times


Dateline: Panama

Stone finds himself at the centre of a lethal conspiracy involving ruthless Columbian mercenaries, the US government and Chinese big business. It’s an uncomfortable place to be . . .

‘A heart thumping read’

Mail on Sunday


Dateline: Cannes, France

Behind its glamorous exterior, the city’s seething underworld is the battleground for a very dirty drugs war and Stone must reach deep within himself to fight it on their terms.

‘McNab’s great asset is that the heart of his fiction is non–fiction’

Sunday Times


Dateline: Malaysia

A straightforward action on behalf of the War on Terror turns into a race to escape his past for Stone if he is to save himself and those closest to him.

‘Addictive . . . Packed with wild action and revealing tradecraft’

Daily Telegraph


Dateline: Bosnia

All too late Stone realizes that he is being used as bait to lure into the open a man whom the darker forces of the West will stop at nothing to destroy.

‘One of the UK’s top thriller writers’

Daily Express


Dateline: Georgia, former Soviet Union

A longstanding debt of friendship to an SAS comrade takes Stone on a journey where he will have to risk everything to repay what he owes, even his life . . .

‘A terrific novelist’

Mail on Sunday

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