Gladys Mitchell

Dame Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley 38


CHAPTER ONE: The Special Sub-Committee Meets

CHAPTER TWO: So Does an Inner Circle

CHAPTER THREE: Town Hall Rehearsal

CHAPTER FOUR: The Day of the Pageant

CHAPTER FIVE: Doings at Squire’s Acre and the Town Hall

CHAPTER SIX: The Reclamation of Falstaff

CHAPTER SEVEN: Exit a Poor Player

CHAPTER EIGHT: Councillor Perse Takes a Hand

CHAPTER NINE: The Death of Henry VIII

CHAPTER TEN: Mistress Ford and Mistress Page

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Environs of Brayne

CHAPTER TWELVE: Head Tucked Underneath His Arm

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Second Pageant, Part One

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Second Pageant, Part Two

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Death of Edward III

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Some Questions Answered

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Dame Beatrice Puts In Her Oar

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: The Sunday School Point of View

CHAPTER NINETEEN: Droit de Seigneur

CHAPTER TWENTY: On the Trail of a Youthful Councillor

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: The Batty-Faudrey Angle

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: The Special Sub-Committee Disbands

The dull but important little town of Brayne, situated somewhere between London and Windsor, is celebrating its new status as a borough. Among other festivities, the Council have decided to stage an historical pageant. Along with other celebrities are figured Shakespeare’s Falstaff and two English Kings—Henry VIII and Edward III.

The persons taking these parts are apparently innocent and harmless, and yet, in turn, all three are murdered, not, it seems, so much for their own sins as for the long-ago short-comings of the characters they represent in the pageant.

Dame Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley and her secretary, Laura Gavin, succeed in unravelling the mystery, Laura by making a somewhat gruesome discovery in the little river on which Brayne stands, and Dame Beatrice by applying to the case what the immortal Jeeves would call “the psychology of the individual.”

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