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The Jane Whitefield Novels by Thomas Perry

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Nobody writes thrillers like Thomas Perry.... His books are unpredictable, action-packed, and fueled by a cynical wit and observant eye for detail.... In Jane Whitefield, Perry has created a unique heroine, an ultracompetent woman attuned to the ancient ways of her ancestors and to the harsh realities of the modern, bureaucratic world.'

— San Francisco Chronicle

'[Thomas Perry’s] novels are all clever and original... [with] appealing characters ... VANISHING ACT is very much in this tradition.... A large part of the book’s appeal is the Whitefield character. She’s clever.... The action is nonstop.'

—Detroit News

'On one level VANISHING ACT is a typical classy and quirky Perry thriller, full of the sort of syllogistic logic in which things snap into place like so many Lego blocks. But it is also a very rational book about the limits of rationality ... it is more than merely entertaining: It is brave.'

— The Boston Sunday Globe

'Thomas Perry has written a tightly woven, action-packed thriller, and Jane Whitefield definitely warrants another appearance.'

— The Denver Post


Perry showed me something new and wonderful with this book. Not content to write another garden variety thriller, he has produced a masterpiece that goes far beyond the ’novel of suspense’ designation on its cover. All an awestruck reader can do is sit back and wait to see what he comes up with next.'

— Wichita Eagle

'Thomas Perry has fashioned a unique and fascinating heroine for this, his sixth novel.... Original and intriguing ... There’s plenty of thrills and taut suspense.... [A] compelling adventure-thriller with a fiercely savvy heroine equally capable amid dark city streets or a primordial forest.'

—Blade-Citizen Preview

'Laced with icy humor, VANISHING ACT offers a rich look into the mores and philosophy of the Seneca Nation—and beats Tony Hillerman at his own game.'

— The Hartford Courant

'With a strong heroine and ... [an] engaging story line, VANISHING ACT deserves to be read.'

—South Bend Tribune

'Gratifying ... Jane knows an impressive amount about a lot of things and is entertainingly resourceful.'

— The New York Times


The best thing about Thomas Perry’s thrillers are the devilishly ingenious schemes his protagonists devise to outwit their pursuers.... Perry keeps readers engrossed with wickedly smart protagonists.... Perry can really write.'

— San Francisco Examiner

'Perry has done what seems to be almost the unthinkable these days—written a suspense novel that can be read without first taking a weight-lifting course. The ending, set amidst the stunning scenery of the Adirondack Mountains, is a true heart-stopper. It’s no wonder the film rights to VANISHING ACT already have been snapped up.'

— Orlando Sentinel

'Thomas Perry ... has created a new suspense novel so breathtaking you may need to keep oxygen handy. VANISHING ACT moves at such a pulse-pounding pace that readers may have to force themselves to slow down to appreciate the grace and intelligence of the writing.'

—Albuquerque Sunday Journal

'Toying with conventions, Tonawanda native Perry has shaken up a venerable plot device in crime fiction. Not only are the tough-guy assignments performed by a woman, but she’s in the private detective business to hide, not find, persons who’ve gone missing.'

— Buffalo News


Perry outdoes himself.... Jane Whitefield is the most exciting and welcome female character to appear in a long time. There is not a more completely realized woman protagonist in all of today’s crime fiction.... VANISHING ACT has the intelligent and thoughtfully developed exploration of being and becoming, using ancestry and survival as the vehicle.'

— Mostly Murder

'Edgar winner Thomas Perry is a character-driven writer.... Perry knows New York State well, and his descriptions resonate with that knowledge.... Moreover, his blending of the natural and the spirit worlds within the mind of his unusual heroine make VANISHING ACT a memorable novel.'

—Nashville Book Page

'The most intriguing aspect is the lead character, Jane. She is an original and truly fascinating because the author weaves her mixed heritage so well, making her a woman of character and highly distinctive. This novel is not just a character study... [it] moves swiftly along, taking the reader with it.'

— The Ellenville Press

'A unique novel of suspense and thrills ... This is a novel of love, betrayal, mystery, and vengeance.... Perry’s historical background is fascinating, his characters are originals, his dialogue is sharp; and VANISHING ACT is an engrossing thriller.'

— New Smyrna Beach Observer


[VANISHING ACT] is so good that the cliches that normally appear in reviews—and on book covers—can’t do it justice. It’s that good because Perry is an excellent writer. It’s that good because he introduces the reader to an unusual, and highly likable, heroine who’s a mix of modern womanhood and ancient Native American spirituality.

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