My Misery Muse Novella 2.5

By Brei Betzold  

For my readers, without you this wouldn’t be possible. 



I stood outside in the mild Texas winter watching Jaks run around the backyard while holding Cait.  I knew the other girls were in the kitchen finishing up lunch, but I was on kid duty until Seth came back.  Then I would go help, the sooner this was finished the sooner I could head out for my own evening. I looked around for Seth but still didn’t see him.  The guys from the shop were sitting around the table drinking beers.  Finally Seth showed up and I handed him Cait and took off quickly for the kitchen before I was detained by someone else.

I walked into the kitchen to find Mags and Devi finishing up on the food that hadn’t been catered in.  I jumped in, I really wanted to get out of here.

“So how does it feel to be a married woman?” I asked Mags.


Devi laughed and we razzed Mags over her impromptu wedding.  I didn’t even notice Cris had walked into the kitchen until I felt his fingers slide across my ass.  I went beet red and covertly glanced around hoping no one noticed.  Cris and I had been dating or whatever we were doing for seven months now.  We weren’t telling anyone yet, the relationship put us in a weird place.  Me working for Devi and Devi working for Cris, it was just strange.  Until we figured out what we were, I wasn’t interested in the drama it could potentially cause.

I grabbed a stack of wicker plates and headed towards the dining room.  It was decided we would just have lunch buffet style with the food in there, people could eat where they wanted.  Cris and I had plans after lunch, while I was happy for Mags and Drake getting married, I would prefer to have spent the day alone with him.  Though Devi had given me off the rest of the day after lunch and tomorrow.  But I could work with the fact that Devi had given me the rest of the afternoon after lunch and tomorrow off.

Finally after all the food was laid out, I went to corral Jaks so I could get him a plate before everyone else showed up.


I watched Ash nearly run out of the kitchen and smirked.  I watched Mags and Devi walk out giving me a strange look, then I went out back in search of the guys.  I found them on the back deck and sat down beside Max and listened to them bitch about clients.

“Max, how’d that tat with the girl go last night?”  I asked.

He grimaced.  “I tried talking her out of it.”

I threw my head back and laughed.  “No go?”

He shook his head.  “No, and of course once it was finished she was already regretting it.”

“Regretting what?” Seth asked sitting down.

“Eh some chick wanted her boyfriend’s name on her inside thigh,” he snorted.  “As soon as it was done they were arguing.”

“Kiss of death,” I said.

“That it is.”


“What the fuck?” Seth barked before jumping up and running inside.  We were on his heels.

I had to do a double take when I walked into the kitchen—Devi screaming, X bleeding on the floor, Cin crying and Eli pissed off.  I shook my head at the scene and went in search of the food.  They could deal with their own shit. 

Chapter 1


I watched as he rounded the bed to my other arm, gently taking it, running his fingers slowly over my skin before pulling it where he wanted it.  I watched as he oh so carefully pulled the cuff around my wrist, rubbing his thumb across the sensitive skin, before finally buckling the unforgiving leather.  I swallowed back a moan.  I knew what was coming next, and I knew he would tease me with it until I was begging.  I would beg for him eventually; I always ended up begging.

He walked to the end of the bed and ran a finger from my knee to my ankle then slowly back again, I groaned at the sensations it left.  Quick as a viper, he grabbed my ankle stretching it out and securing it with the third cuff, then grabbed the other leg and had it cuffed just as quickly.  So there I lay, stretched out across his bed unable to hide a thing from his slow sweeping gaze, unable to move more than my fingers and toes.  I knew he would never hurt me, but it was still a heady feeling to know that I had no control over the situation and he could do with me what he wanted.

He ran a finger from my ankle up my leg, ghosting it across my skin causing me to break out in goose bumps.  He stopped so close to the place I wanted him and looked up at my face giving me a wicked grin.   Then continued running his finger up my side across my breast circling but never touching my nipple before moving on, stopping to run the back of his fingers across my neck.  I couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped causing him to chuckle quietly before resuming his slow sensuous path up to my bottom lip where he gently rubbed back and forth with his thumb.

I parted my lips and felt his thumb brush against my tongue, and I couldn’t resist on his next pass to swipe my tongue across his finger just for a taste of his skin.  He removed his thumb from my mouth and glared down at me; clicked his tongue and shook his head.  I knew I would pay for that transgression and I knew I would love every minute of it.

He walked back to his chest of toys and started rifling through it for what he needed then turned back around and looked at me; he smirked then turned back around grabbing what he wanted.  I closed my eyes, I couldn’t continue to watch him looking at items he planned to use to tease me to distraction with, knowing he wouldn’t let me cum until he was ready.

I felt his fingers brush against my lips and I parted them. He used his thumb and forefinger against my jaw to force it open further, and then positioned a ball gag in place.  He placed a hand on the back of my neck and I raised my head so he could strap it in place.  I ran my tongue against the ball in my mouth, wetting it, feeling the smooth surface and whimpered.  I opened my eyes to look at him and saw him looking down at me with lust in his eyes, and I felt my pussy clench.  He smirked knowing exactly what he was doing to me. Then he reached down putting the blindfold over my eyes and securing it in place.  He reached over and placed an item in my hand; I knew what it was. It was a riding crop, the one he always used when he took speech away from me. I also knew that all I had to do to stop everything that was happening was let go of it, and he would halt everything.

I gasped when I felt something brush against my skin, then I heard footsteps and knew he was walking away.  I heard the clank of his belt the soft zzzzzr sound of his zipper and whimpered around the gag.  The thump of his shoes hitting the floor caused a tremor to run down my spine that sound shortly followed by clothes hitting the ground.  I knew my senses were on overdrive now that I couldn’t see him, and I knew it would make all of this that much sweeter.  The whispering sound of fabric indicated his shirt was now off as well and I could picture him standing there slowly stroking his large cock watching me, knowing he was driving me mad with anticipation.

I heard footsteps again this time coming closer and I couldn’t wait for what he had planned.  I didn’t have to

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