Victoria Lawson, Monica Austin, Emma Bishop, Kim Wilkerson, Evelyn Hunt, Lois Hodges, Nellie Cross, Lori Dixon, Carla Burke, Bonnie Robles

The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 17

The Appointments

by Victoria Lawson

“Your appointment is set for Wednesday from 12 Noon to 4 p.m. You’ll need to make sure that either you or someone 18 years or older is present alright?” said the customer service operator.

“Okay great, thanks. I’m glad to finally be getting television back.” Lena sat down at her computer desk writing down the appointment date on a sticky note.

“Well, we look forward to providing your service Ms. Carlisle.” The cable representative hung up.

Lena sighed in frustration. Now all she had to do was set up internet and finish cleaning her house. Lena had just moved into her new house outside the city. All of her furniture had been set up. The country life appealed more to her than the city. Boxes were everywhere and since she was such a stickler for a clean place she started unpacking immediately. As the hours passed Lena couldn’t take it anymore. It was Monday night and she was beyond tired.

The first few things she made sure to do was to stock her refrigerator, wash her bedsheets, and clean her bathroom. Surprisingly Lena got a lot more than that done. Not only did she make her other calls to get internet set up, but she was lucky enough to get the appointment date for Wednesday as well from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon. So she’d have both her internet and TV hooked up.

Her cell phone provided optimal signal so she wasn’t concerned with a home phone. Lena was able to fix up her bedroom, the second bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Only a few boxes remained of personal affects she had yet to find room for. Tuesday, she’d rest and put what little she had left boxed away.

It was Wednesday and she felt well rested. She still had errands to run but she’d wait until her cable appointment was through. That morning the internet technician came and set her house up with wireless internet. She was ecstatic. She had been staying with her friend for over a month while the house was being renovated and all the internet she had was her cell phone. When the cable guy came she was stunned.

Lena knew an employee who worked for the cable company she was having installed therefore she was able to get VIP installation. When the man knocked at her door, she wondered then if she was getting VIP treatment for sure because the installer was drop dead gorgeous. He was physically fit from what she could see through his uniform. When he smiled to greet her, she shook his hand and let him in. His hair was black and his eyes were bright blue. Talk about beautiful.

“Hi.” Lena answered the door. She was blown away by the man standing in her doorway. He was tall, dark, and handsome to say the least. His caramel skin and his hazel eyes were seductive. This was the man putting in her internet?

“I’m Tony. I have a work order in to put in your wireless internet?”

“Right, come in.” Lena showed the man her computer in her bedroom. He asked about additional devices and she explained she had a tablet and a laptop. He explained to her when he was done that she would be able to access the internet on all her devices. While he was talking she noticed his lips and how his top lip curved into a heart.

She thought about what it would be like to suck and lick his lips while straddling him. The man had to be in his early thirties. Over the past few months she had been hornier than she could fathom. She hadn’t had sex in over six months and was trying to maintain but her body had been aching to feel a man inside her.

Tony was instantly in lust when he met the lady on his work order. Lena Carlisle. Many women tend to come onto him whenever he came to do installs but no woman had ever made him want to take them up on their offer of afternoon sex for a job well done. But if this girl even made a bit of a pass at him, he would take her up on it and fuck her senseless. He covered with her what would be included in her installation and began his work.

After about forty-five minutes of work, he had come back to tell her that her work was complete. As he went over what her new passwords and connection presets were he felt a finger trail down his back. He stopped talking and turned to look at her. The finger turned into her hand running down his back and over his ass. He put his pen down and grabbed Lena by her waist and sat her on top of the kitchen counter. The look in her eyes was savage. Her pupils seemed slightly dilated and her body was warm. Tony kissed her while stroking her breasts over her shirt.

Lena kissed back roughly and pulled Tony into her. His body felt good against her. Even better when she felt his rough hands tear her button down shirt open and roughly grab and pinch at her nipples. Lena leaned back and Tony licked and sucked her neck marking his territory. He pulled her closer to him with her legs on either side of him. Pressing his rock hard cock against her covered mound he knew in an instant he wanted to take her right there on the kitchen counter. He rushed to pull down her pants thankful that she was wearing yoga pants.

She fumbled with his belt and zipper and pulled down his boxers along with his pants. Tony put two of his fingers in his mouth and then inside of Lena. She was already wet but the penetration of his fingers was needed. It had been a while since she’d had sex so she was extremely tight. Lena had even gone all too far as too avoid her vibrator. As Tony fingered her, he bent his head down to suck one breast while he fondled another. Rolling her nipples between his fingers he used his tongue to stimulate her other nipple.

Tony moaned into her breasts as he felt her warm soft hand stroking his cock. Her hand couldn’t even wrap around his thickness. When she gasped at his size he decided to take her. He pulled her by her thighs closer so that her ass rested right on the edge of the counter. Tony grabbed the head of his cock and guided the thick member inside her. She felt so tight around him that he didn’t know if he could hold out for long. Pumping in and out of her the walls of her pussy tightened around him.

Lena reached for her breasts and pushed them both together while he fucked her. Sliding in and out of her pussy his strokes went from fast and hard to slow and hard. He angled himself inside her to reach her g-spot. When he found it and Lena’s face relaxed completely he sped up again fucking her harder and faster.

The sensation of her pussy walls gripping him with each stroke became too much. When she came on his cock Tony fucked her faster each stroke bringing him to his orgasm. Quickly pulling out of her Tony came all over Lena’s thigh. Jets of warm come spread across her leg. Both of them were spent from their sex session.

Tony pulled away from her, pulled up his pants, and straightened his clothes. He smiled at Lena and she smirked back. “So if you need anything, have any questions about the service, or run into any technical issues you can call the customer service number listed on your paperwork. Tony handed her his card. If it’s very important and you need a technician, sometimes they take a few days to come out, so if you call my cell number I can fix any issue you have.

Lena pulled her pants up and fixed her bra. While guiding him to the door, she took his card. “Thank you for setting everything up.” A wide grin splayed across her face. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. It was no matter. She felt amazing. Her body felt relaxed, and she felt extremely satisfied. Not an ounce of regret. She went to shower before the cable technician came.

“Hey, I’m Noah. I’ll be doing your cable install today. I’ve got an order for a two room install?” Noah asked. This was his last job of the day and with VIP installs, the customer is afforded a 3 hour window. It was 2:00 p.m. and he was ready to go home.

“Awesome, I’m excited. I’ll show you the rooms I want them in.” She showed Noah the living room area and the master bedroom area. Since she was single and living alone, it didn’t make sense to have more than the two rooms hooked up. When Noah walked behind her towards the bedroom she could feel his eyes on her body, probably centered on her ass. This man was fine. Like most men who looked that good she was sure he was married, or had a girlfriend at least. Besides Lena was way too shy to say anything. Being rejected wasn’t something she was fond of so she rarely pursued a man.

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