Fred Sparkrock

Burning Desires


Chapter 1

Chad Ponkert studied the pale, golden clearness of the Chablis. Letting the aroma of the wine drift to his nostrils, he raised the glass to his lips and savoured its full fruity flavour. Satisfied, he let his eyes rise to the field of jonquils to equally drink in the form of the girl moving through the yellow blossoms.

No, he mused, girl was the wrong word. Karin was a woman! He personally had provided the physical transformation almost a month ago. The change was visibly apparent. Karin seemed to radiate life.

'Karin!' he called to his companion.

Brushing long strands of frosty blonde hair from her eyes, the woman looked up and smiled. He raised the glass of wine as a summons. Her smile widened in acknowledgment. Half running, her bare feet seemed to float among the deep yellow blooms as she made her way to the towering oak that shaded Ponkert from the warm June sun overhead. Her movements mesmerized him. She was some free-spirited meadow nymph out to capture his heart.

A light summer's breeze gathered the flowing folds of Karin's caftan, pressing the diaphanous fabric against her body. The effect was just the opposite of the veiling design of the garment. The delicate cloth enhanced the well-formed and well-proportioned curves of her body.

Ponkert's eyes relished her every step and he delighted as she lowered herself to the ground beside him.

'Hungry?' she smiled, tilting her head so that her yellow hair cascaded over her shoulder like a billowing cloud of golden threads.

'I could eat a horse,' Ponkert answered, knowing he was lying, but willing to allow Karin to play out her picnic game. He was anxious to be in her. But rushing what would ultimately come would only destroy the day.

'A horse?' she puzzled at his archaic expression. Then she chuckled, realizing he referred to a mammal she had once read about in a natural history class. The animal was now extinct. On a totally urban planet like Earth, there was no room for animals that didn't provide enough food to justify their existence.

'Don't make fun of me, wench!' Ponkert chided as he landed a sharp, stinging swat to her temptingly protruding bottom.

'Ouch! Stop it, you brute!' she laughed, obviously enjoying his playful punishment. 'Stop being silly, Chad. You're only twenty-four. Remember, I've seen your personal-film. Horses haven't been around for at least a century. You couldn't have seen one!'

'Correct-and wrong,' he mused, leaning back against the tree, sipping at the Chablis. 'I'm twenty-four and you may have been peeking at my bio-films, but you seem to have forgotten I've been a Voyager since I was eighteen. And I've seen at least thirty different planets. Some of which still have horses!'

Karin ignored his remark and spread a white disposacloth picnic mat at his feet. She knew he was a Voyager. She realized his life was that of a rocket-jockey, searching the galaxies for new inhabitable planets. And she was more than aware of the long flights to other star systems taken by star sailors such as Ponkert. She knew all this, but didn't like to be reminded of it.

As Karin bent over the picnic basket to unpack their food, Ponkert's eyes delved below the loose hanging neckline of her dress to the tight-pressed valley between her breasts. His groin tightened at the sight of the half- veiled, cream-coloured globes.

'Well, Mister Horse Eater,' Karin said as she placed the final touches on the food arrangement, 'do you think this repast will suffice?'

He quietly surveyed the meal-cold chicken, potato salad, baked beans and apple pie. Simple, but real. No synthetics. The monetary advantages of being a Voyager were evident. This once plain snack would have cost the average Earth worker a month's wages. Supply and demand, a hard reality in an over-populated world. Thus the majority of Earth's peoples lived and died never tasting real meat, or fruit, or vegetables.

Flavoured bulk, spiked with vitamins and protein were their staple diet.

But for Ponkert, the exorbitant cost of food, real food, was nothing.

Time-Shift Universal had paid him a cool million for five voyages; the accrued interest had purchased the land they were on now. Space had changed him; Earth's crowded cities were more than he could take anymore. This small plot of undeveloped land was his shelter from a strange world he didn't understand. This strangeness almost made him eager for tomorrow's flight. Almost!

Now there was Karin.

'Eat up, star gazer,' Karin ordered, holding a plate of food to him.

'And enjoy it! I know what all this cost!'

He smiled, taking the offering. His eyes once more settled on her breasts. The no-bra look was the fashion trend when he left Earth for the first time. Now, once again, bras were most definitely fashionable.

The reversal pleased him. Bras were sexy. And even more so as they were removed.

Suddenly he was overwhelmed by his appetite and followed Karin's orders, although he paid little attention to the taste. He was fully occupied in filling his mind with his companion.

She had chosen her attire well for the occasion. The tent-like caftan was perfect. It completely covered and hid her body from the knees up.

The only hints of the comely figure beneath were the long shapely sweep of her calves and the twin peaks that pushed out from her chest, straining against the fabric.

The dress stirred the imagination, setting the mind afire with fantasies of what lay beneath, which was the only purpose for clothing, since man now controlled his weather. But the dress suited Ponkert's taste. He liked his women fully clothed in the best-styled fashions. Or naked! The in-betweens, the half-nude styles, seemed at the most, cheap.

When his eyes grew tired of probing the folds of Karin's clothes for some hint of the figure they hid, he traced and retraced the goddess-like features of her face. Naturally red lips and blushed cheeks. Her beauty was enhanced by emerald green eyes, not blue.

'Chad,' she said softly, 'I… '

'Don't say it,' he interrupted. 'Not now at least!'

Her eyes lowered. 'All right, but I can show it!'

Without another word, Karin moved to his side. Her hands reached out and caressed his cheeks. Momentarily, she gazed into his dark eyes. Then she moved forward and her lips possessed his, gently and lovingly, the kiss transformed to urgency.

Ponkert's arms encircled the trim waist and pulled the lithe body to him as he sank back to the lush carpet of grass. His testicles tightened familiarly and life stirred in his groin as Karin's breasts crushed into his chest. Their tongues and lips worked in unison. His hand searched over the back of the caftan, releasing the adhesive strips that held it together. Beneath the cloth, his fingertips met soft, warm, smooth skin.

Karin moaned at his exploring touch, pulling away from his lips. Her eyes flickered open and flashed with delight. 'You work fast, Chadwick Ponkert the Third!'

'Don't call me Chadwick!' he ordered in mock anger, his hand once more delivering a hearty swat to her firm buttocks.

She squealed once and her lips covered his again. Her tongue darted into his mouth, teasing and drawing his tongue into the warm shelter of her mouth. Ponkert obliged, probing and toying with her twisting oral digit.

Suddenly, her teeth clamped down lightly and she sucked. He groaned in protest under the oral pain-pleasure and jerked his tongue free from her grasp. A slight salty taste was left in her mouth.

Ponkert's mouth and teeth now worked their way from her ear lobe down the gentle arch of her creamy neck. His bands drifted along her spine, over the base of her satiny back, slipping under the elastic band of her panties.

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