L. K. Madding

Cherry Busting Brother


Chapter 1

Cathy Jones, walking home from school, felt a secret tingle in her pussy.

She had done something at lunch time she shouldn't have done, and now she was busily trying to hide the knowledge of it from herself.

'Another day, another night of study,' she muttered to herself.

Lost in her thoughts, she wasn't aware of the heads she turned.

She was only fourteen years old, but she was a traffic-stopper.

Her youthful hips swayed in a lilting rhythm from side to side, as she walked. She was everything a man could dream of in the wettest of dreams!

Her body was almost fully developed. Her legs were already well-formed and shapely. Her blonde hair shone in the late afternoon sunlight like molten gold. Her green eyes sparkled with the young enthusiasm and the happiness of childhood, just merging into womanhood.

Her lips were beautifully heart-shaped, and full, sensual.

Her breasts were perfect mounds on a well-shaped chest, and the swelling of her young bosom curved downward into a trim waist, and then burgeoned out again into the delicate swell of her firm, well-rounded hips.

She had thought she wasn't interested in a man. She was too busy studying, trying to get good marks, trying to get ahead. She wanted a scholarship to college.

She tried very hard to think of the homework she had to do that night.

What kept coming to her mind was the boy who had seduced her in the library during lunch hour.

She felt the juices gushing from her young honey pot, staining her panties as she walked. Already, the inner flesh of her thighs was quite dewy from the effluence of her pussy.

Cathy was still a virgin, but she had almost lost it.

She shivered as she remembered the boy's hot hands, as they slipped under her blouse, and cupped her bare breasts. Even as she thought of it, Cathy's nipples puckered.

And then he had put his hand up under her skirt, and snaked his eager fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties. He had pried one of his fingers between her plump white outer lips, dabbled in her pink wet inner flesh.

Cathy trembled again. She felt uncomfortable.

She felt hot and cold at the same time. She also felt scared.

She shouldn't have done it, but she did.

Not only had she let the boy touch her like that, she had let him put her hand on his great, throbbing bulge. Her palm tingled still with the heat she had felt.

On rather shaky knees, Cathy walked up the steps to her house, and let herself in.

'Hello, Cathy,' her father said, as she walked into the house. He was sitting in the living room, as usual, reading the evening newspaper.

'Hi, Daddy. I'm fine.'

Cathy went up to her father and kissed him hello.

'How was your day in school.'

Again Cathy felt that strange shiver course through her body. She had to leave the room. She had to go up and finish what that boy had started.

She shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at her father.

'Oh, Daddy, you know…'

'No, I don't know,' her father said, grinning at her with an adult's amusement at the vagaries of a child. 'Suppose you tell me.'

'Oh, Daddy, nothing!' Cathy gasped. She turned abruptly, leaving her bemused father to wonder what adolescent upheaval had caused this recent aberration.

She went to the kitchen, to greet her mother.

Her home life was excellent, and Cathy appreciated it. Her parents were loving, caring people, and she had learned well the lessons that familial love teaches.

'How was school, dear?' her mother said, accepting her daughter's kiss.

'Oh, you know, Mom,' Cathy said. 'Same old shit.'

'Cathy!' her mother exclaimed in mild rebuke, 'your language, honey.'

'Sorry, Mom,' she responded.

Cathy hurriedly walked out of the kitchen, leaving her mother as bemused as she had left her father.

She ascended the stairs to her room, walked in and closed the door.

Then she could let go. She felt the flush of passion rise on her fair young cheek, felt her chest heaving with her labored breathing.

'Ohhh!' she moaned, bringing her hand down to cup her inflamed muff. A gush of cream poured out of her tight little hole, and made her fingers sticky. Her pants were a soggy mess, had been all day!

Cathy took her clothes off, her hands trembling with the incredible passion which had possessed her. She stared in the mirror, at her incredibly beautiful body.

She reached down with her hand, and covered her lightly-furred muff.

She jumped at the hot contact of her hand with her pussy meat.

Sitting down in front of the full-length mirror, Cathy stared at herself frigging herself. She spread her legs wide, raising her knees slightly.

She saw the pink inner flesh of her twat blossom outward. The tiny little pin-prick of darkness, indicating her virginal tunnel oozed with her creamy white juices.

Watching herself, enamored of herself, she rubbed her hand up and down, covering her twitching pussy meat with her soft white palm. She felt her clitoris jump under the soft pressure of her demanding hand.

'Ooooh!' she gasped, leaning back a little. Her hand was quickly covered with the syrup which flowed lavishly from her cunt.

Her hand started to move up and down, faster and faster. Her breathing got raspy and shallow as the lust built. Cathy thought that her insides were going to melt in the fever of her passion.

She pried one finger into her dripping love hole, and felt her cuntal muscles clutching at the pumping finger. She drove her finger in and out of her twitching pussy faster and faster.

Her breasts swelled, as her whole body became bloated with her passion.

She saw the thin trickle of sweat, which flowed downward in the fleshy valley between her gorgeous jugs.

She rubbed faster and faster. The pussy meat swelled more and more, and it throbbed with a tom-tom rhythm which drove Cathy crazy.

Pretty soon, she watched her hips rippling as her muscles contracted rhythmically with her growing excitement.

'Ohhh!' she moaned. Her body pitched forward slightly, and her hips humped quickly up and down on the floor, as she braced herself by pressing the soles of her feet into the carpet.

She was coming! She had needed this orgasm desperately all day. She had needed it when she woke up. She needed it even more when that boy had breathed on her face in passionate moist breaths, and stuck his fingers into her aching twat.

'Eech!' she squealed, as the orgasm which had rumbled deep in her cunt started to spread outward in hot

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