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'Hey, Sis-wanna watch me jerk off?' Bonny Watson looked up and grinned. Bonny was cute with bouncy tits and a luscious ass. Her teenaged brother, Jimmy, had just been admiring the girl's sexy body, and the sight had given the horny booming hard-on. He had stood up, intending to go up to his bedroom and beat his meat off in privacy, but then a sudden impulse had taken him and he asked his sister that question.

Seeing that Bonny was not shocked or angry, but that she was smiling and looked interested, Jimmy shoved his pelvis out, thrusting his groin toward her. The front of his tight-fitting jeans bulged out with his stiff prick.

Grinning lasciviously, Jimmy cupped his hand over the fat ridge and rubbed his cock through his, jeans.

'You're naughty,' Bonny giggled.

'Naw-ain't nothing wrong with jacking off, Sis,' Jimmy said. He leered at her. 'I bet you play with your own pussy a lot, right?' he added, starting to breathe hard as his hand massaged the huge lump of his swollen prick.

Bonny blushed demurely and lowered her eyes. But then she looked up at her brother again, fascinated by his hard-on, gazing at him through the web of her lowered lashes.

'Maybe I do,' she admitted.

Jimmy grunted and his cock surged in his palm. He grasped the clasp of his zipper.

'Well? Wanna see my cock?' he asked, wanting her permission so that he wouldn't get in trouble later if she blabbed to their parents about what he did.

'Okay,' said the blonde nymphet,

obviously intrigued by the prospect of watching her brother pound his prick. Her blue eyes were glued to his pain.

Jimmy drew his zipper down slowly, jamming his hips out towards the girl. She leaned forward in her chair. As his fly opened, Jimmy's stiff prick lurched out.

'Oooooh!' Bonny squealed, when she saw how massive his cock was. The naughty teenager had played with a few pricks in her time, but she had never encountered one nearly as huge as Jimmy's.

The horny boy reached into his fly and hauled his swollen balls out, then moved his hand away and left his exposed cock open to the girl's fascinated attention.

'Golly,' she gulped. 'Your prick is so big!' Jimmy shoved it toward her. His purple cockhead was a mushroom- shaped slab of throbbing meat at the top of his long, thick cock stalk. A fat, dark vein pulsed up the underside of his shaft and his pisshole was gaping open. His balls looked as big as apricots.

'Like it, Sis?' he rasped.

'Oh, yes!' she enthused.

A blob of slimy cum oozed from his pisshole

and trickled down his cockhead like whipped cream. Bonny gave a little moan at the sight.

Jimmy jerked his loins in and out in a fucking motion, shoving his naked cock towards her. His balls swung out like the clappers of a meaty bell and his prick was so taut that it was humming like a tuning fork. Another glob of jism squeezed from his cleft, all frothy on the meat of his cockhead. Bonny moaned again, getting turned on by the sight. Her nipples shot out in twin peaks against her tight tee shirt and her pussy felt like a glowing ember between her legs.

She had never been so hot in her life. Bonny was still a virgin, and the most she had ever done was to jerk a few guys off and let them fingerfuck her, but she knew that if she had ever been this horny with a guy before, she would most certainly have lost her cherry. If only Jimmy wasn't her brother, she thought. She certainly couldn't get screwed by her own brother-could she?

'Do it, Jimmy!' she cried, longing to see all his steaming hot fuckjuice squirt out of his prick.

Jimmy took a step closer to the girl.

'Can I shoot on your tits?' he asked, his

voice trembling and husky with depraved desire. Bonny hesitated for a moment, wondering if it would be an act of incest to let her brother cream her tits. But she guessed it wouldn't be, as long as they didn't go any further than that-and the thought of having her tits hosed by his jism was wildly exciting.

'Yeah-milk your cum off on me, Jimmy,' she whimpered.

She grasped her teeshirt and drew it up over her fat tits. Jimmy groaned at the sight of those plump tit- globes. Her pert, rosy nipples were standing out like rockets ready to be launched, and her mounds rolled together into a line of deep cleavage.

Bonny yanked the teeshirt off over her head, her blonde hair cascading over her cheeks. She arched her slender back and pushed her tits out towards her brother as he hovered over her. Her tit tips seemed to be straining toward his cock, while his prick, in turn, jerked out toward her like a heat-seeking missile.

Jimmy cupped his balls in his left hand mid folded his right hand around his cock. He squeezed and groaned as his fat prick throbbed savagely in his fist.

'Jeez-I'm so fucking hot!' Bonny wailed.

The girl cupped her tits in her hands, lifting the fat mounds and deepening her cleavage. With a double handful of fat tit, she brushed her thumbs against the tips.

Jimmy gave his cock a slow stroke. As his fist drew upwards, his foreskin rolled over the ledge of his prick knob, and as he stroked back toward the root of his cock, his cockhead flared out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike.

'Oooooh,' Bonny whimpered, gazing longingly at the naked slab of his massive cock crown. His pisshole was weeping steadily now, and his knob was frothy with preliminary jism.

She trembled at the thought that a load of that precious slime would soon be hosing her tits.

Jimmy pumped his prick again, grimacing, his face contorted by raging lust. Bonny's face was contorted too, her pretty features twisted into a mask of pure passion.

'Wait,' she whispered. 'Don't cum yet-' Jimmy stopped pumping his prick and held it by the hilt, like some weapon poised to strike.

He wondered why she had asked him to wait.

He sure hoped that slit hadn't changed her mind. But far from it. Grinning impishly, the naughty girl drew her short skirt up above her waist. She arched her back and parted her thighs, giving her brother a look at her crotch. Jimmy gasped. Her bikini panties were soaking wet. The crotchband had been sucked up into her pussy and he could see a hairy cuntlip on either side. He staggered slightly, as so much blood rushed into his hard-on that it left him lightheaded.

'Oh, shit, Sis,' he groaned. 'Take your fucking panties off? I wanna see your cunt!'

Bonny smiled at her brother's arousal. She wanted to feel his eyes on her as much as he wanted to look at her-but not as much as she longed to feel his fuckjuice hose her down.

She hooked her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties and slowly tugged them down over her curvy hips. She hiked her pert ass up and squirmed from the soaking bikinis, kicking them from her feet. They fluttered to the floor like a butterfly with wet wings, steaming with her hot cuntjuice.

Parting her thighs wide, Bonny tilted her crotch up. Jimmy gulped at the sight of her

pussy. Her cuntlips were unfurled like the petals of a fleshy flower, and her cuntslit was flooded with pussy cream. Her fuck button stood out like a log in a swamp. Frothy pussy nectar ran down her crotch and seeped into the crack of her ass. The sight made the horny boy's tongue as stiff as his prick.

He sure wished that Bonny wasn't his sister. Like Bonny, Jimmy wasn't ready for incest- quite yet. But he was certainly ready to empty his swollen balls onto her. He stroked up and down his cock. Bonny jerked her crotch up higher, poised under his prick like a target under a howitzer. She slid her hands down her belly and into her groin. Using the tips of her fingers, she spread her cuntlips open wider, exposing the dark inner folds, all streaked with

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