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The ministers_s daughter



It was the summer of her eighteenth year when Midge decided she was not happy with herself, her family, or her life. All around her she saw the evidence of success, wealth and the good life. She wasn't exactly sure of what it was she did want, but she knew it wasn't what she had or what posed in the future for her.

The good Reverend Sommers, her father, an itinerant minister without a church, called her schoolmates 'Sons and daughters of the devil', and the multitude of material things they owned 'playthings of Satan'.

He had turned his wife, Midge's mother, into a babbling workhorse who provided most of the family's meager income while resigning herself to the fact that some day she would die and all would be better on the other side.

Midge didn't agree with this but she didn't know why. She also couldn't understand her father and her sister's attitude toward her. Her father would berate her and, sometimes, beat her when he caught her in clothes that he said made her look like a whore. Her sister would always side with her father on these occasions. It didn't dawn on Midge that the stares she received from her brother-in-law, Bill, could be the reason her sister seemed to hate her so much. They were just like the stares from the boys at school, the men on the street, and sometimes from her father.

Midge failed to recognize the difference between herself and other girls. She also paid no attention to the narrow hips, flat chest or sunken buttocks of her sister, as opposed to her own body. But a difference there was. She was matured, a full-titted, wide-hipped, sensual female animal.

She sensed the uncomfortable stirrings in her body when people, particularly men, touched her. But her mind had been so trained by her father's rantings about the sins of the body and sex in general that each time they occurred it frightened her rather than excited her.

It was an unbearable day. Another hot day in a long line of days during a sweltering summer. Since her mother, father, and sister, Beverly, had gone to a tent meeting that Sunday afternoon, Midge lounged around the house in only her panties.

She was upstairs reading and listening to music when she heard the back door open. 'Who is it?' she said, reaching for her robe.

'It's Bill, Midge. Just wanted to borrow some ice. Our fridge is broken.'

'Sure. Go ahead!' she said, dropping her robe and returning to her book. She smiled to herself, thinking that Bill probably wanted the ice for a drink. Since Beverly was gone Bill could sneak a drink and watch a Sunday afternoon baseball game. Midge liked her brother-in-law, and was sorry that he was shackled to such a shrew as Beverly.

She thought she heard the door slam downstairs. Listlessly, she moved around on the bed. Perspiration lay in a glistening sheen on her nearly nude body. Droplets weaved their way downward through the deep valley between her bare tits.

Suddenly, the sight of her own breasts intrigued her. With her thumb and forefinger she made a large 0, and circled the aureole of one tit with it. The nipple hardened. She smiled, her curiosity piqued further. She lifted the huge bulb of her tit until the nipple was near her lips. She tongued it. She watched as it got even harder. She opened her mouth and sucked at it. The result heightened the storm of sexual tension that had lain dormant in her body. There seemed to be a direct line from her tits right down to the dark cleft between her legs. She reached inside her panties. She was wet there, soaking wet. Much the same as she remembered when she would wake up after her strange dreams.

She often dreamed about a faceless person coming to her bed in the middle of the night. She didn't know if it was a man or a woman. It was almost always the same. This person would whisper that she would be taken away to some far-off place and given anything and everything she could ever possibly want. Then the person would climb on her body and fuck and suck her in every way possible. Midge would grind her thighs together, knead her breasts, and in the midst of the dream she would come.

Thinking about her beautiful dreams Midge began probing the crack between the hairy lips of her cunt with her finger. It felt good, as it always did when she touched her body.

At the same time she seemed to hear her father's voice, screaming from somewhere in the back of her brain. 'As in! Lust in the body is as in!'

Frightened, she grabbed her robe and started toward the downstairs bathroom for a cooling shower. On the stairs, between the heat and her haste, she dropped the robe to the floor.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the bathroom. In front of the commode stood Bill. He had just finished urinating and he was rapidly shaking his cock.

In surprise he turned to her, his hand still holding his prick. Her face, framed by her blonde, cascading hair, and the ripe, nearly naked woman's body, mesmerized him.

Midge was equally mesmerized. The bulbous knob at the end of the limp cock made her completely forget that she was naked, save for a pair of scanty panties.

'I… ah,' he stammered, '.. Johns aren't working right over at our place… we called the plumber… I thought…'

Unconsciously he began to move his hand back and forth on his prick. Quickly it grew rigid until the head was throbbing with pent-up passion. He couldn't help it. In all his life he had never seen or been so close to such a beautiful naked body.

Midge couldn't think of anything to reply. 'I was going to take a shower,' she blurted. 'I'm hot.' His cock utterly fascinated her, the way it throbbed and bounced in his hand.

'I am too… now,' he said, throwing all caution to the winds and pumping harder and harder on his pulsing cock, making it appear to leap at her in the process.

'What are you doing to it?' she asked, her eyes like two glinting silver pieces as she watched his cockhead appear and disappear under the driving foreskin. The head got redder and redder as it grew.

'I'm jacking it… off,' he said, his breath coming in short gasps between the words.

All the nights she had sneaked into the room next to her parents and watched them make love she had never had a good look at her father's cock. It had always been buried deeply in her mother's cunt, and the lights, at her father's insistence, were always off or very dim. When she had been able to see it through the bathroom keyhole it had always been limp and tiny.

Bill's long, rigid cock was the exact opposite, and the first hard-on she had ever seen. It excited her, overwhelmed her. She could feel the juices from her virgin pussy squeezing through her cunt lips and sliding, in softly flowing streams, down the insides of her thighs.

'Why are you doing that?' she asked, her hands unconsciously moving across her own body, her fingers plying in her cunt hair and the soft folds of her pussy.

'Because,' he said, his voice almost a whisper of sexy huskiness, 'looking at you like that turns me on so much. Your body is beautiful, Midge. It's the most beautiful body I've ever seen. I've watched you take sun baths on the back porch when the folks weren't home and then I would run upstairs and fuck Beverly without even taking all her clothes off most of the time.'

'Can you do that to me?' she asked.


'Fuck me?'

'No,' he said, his hand now moving so fast on his throbbing cock that it was almost a blur.

'Why not?' she said, bending a little so she could shove two fingers up her cunt. The juices from her pussy poured out across her fingers and the back of her hand as she shoved into herself.

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